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I am a NSP Partner in South Wales and an Independent Consultant, as well as the IoP Network Coordinator in Gloucestershire. I was born and lived in Italy for 23 year. Then, I came to Cardiff on a year exchange in Cardiff University and ended up staying and becoming a teacher of Physics. I have been really blessed in my career and had wonderful experiences, from winning an Award at the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Education Forum in 2007 to working with NGfL Cymru on a one year secondment as Field Officer in 2010-11, as well as being the tes Science Adviser from Jan 2012 and Oct 2013. I have a passion for innovative use of new technologies in Education, which I share with a large Personal Learning Network through Twitter as @asober
Member since 08/04/2008 Location Wales Subjects Physics, Science Workplace CfBT (NSP Partner) Current workplace NSP Partner Since 2013
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  • Solids, liquids and gases (Outstanding Lesson) by alessio

    Most Popular

    Lesson plan, Test, Worksheet, Activity

    Solids, liquids and gases (Outstanding Lesson). This lesson was rated outstanding by ESTYN inspectors and it has a wide range of resources and activities to support you in teaching Solids, Liquids and Gases. The intro activity works best i…

  • Setting Success Criteria in Science by alessio

    Lesson plan

    Setting Success Criteria in Science. This lesson plan is very detailed and gives some really useful ideas to develop understanding of the difference between Success Criteria and Predictions. It is an essential part of our KS3 SoW within Ho…

  • When Graphs Become Alive by alessio

    Lesson plan, Activity

    When Graphs Become Alive. This activity give the opportunity to learn about graphs in a very interactive and kinaesthetic way. It is an adaptation of Anne Goldsworthy's great work on graphs from her book Getting to grips with graphs. When …

  • The Chemistry and Physics of the Crown Jewels by alessio

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    The Chemistry and Physics of the Crown Jewels. This really engaging game is a tribute to the Queen's Jubilee. Play guards and thieves in a race against time. Will you be the thief, or the guard? A fast paced quiz that allows you to play tw…

  • Writing a method for your scientific enquiry by alessio

    Lesson plan, Activity

    Writing a method for your scientific enquiry. This is a great lesson on how to write a good method for scientific enquiries. The lesson plan is really detailed and there are various ways to run this activity. If you have the use of network…

  • Stopping Distance Role Play by alessio

    Worksheet, Activity

    Stopping Distance Role Play. This is a really engaging resource that develops learners' thinking and team work skills. The pupils work in groups to solve the insurance case of a man who hit and killed a cow with his car. Was the man drunk,…

  • Energy Crisis by alessio

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Energy Crisis. This is a really engaging series of lessons on Energy Resources and Energy Transfers that is set as a role play where learners have to solve a real Energy Problem. There is also a very engaging and interactive game on energy…

  • Graphs Tell Stories by alessio

    Activity, Revision aid

    Graphs Tell Stories. This video shows how graphs can be used to tell stories! The graph in the video is about two 100m runners who run the final race. Their Distance - Time graphs are told as a moving and exciting story. The PPT is the gra…

  • The Smuggling of the Queen's Diamonds by alessio

    Lesson plan, Activity

    The Smuggling of the Queen's Diamonds. This resource is an investigation on Separating Mixtures in the context of an hypothetical theft of the Queen's Diamonds. It was created to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee! The smuggling of the queen’s …

  • Skitch the Force by alessio

    Lesson plan

    Skitch the Force. This lesson plan outlines a really engaging activity you can run with your learners using Android Tablets and Smartphones. I tried it on an ASUS Eee Pad and it works really well. The Skitch App lets your learners take and…

  • What is sound car race quiz by alessio

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    What is sound car race quiz. This is a very addictive and highly interactive game where two cars need to race to the correct answer before the other car to score the point. This game was designed to go with the Royal Albert Hall show 'What…

  • EM Spectrum 5Ws by alessio

    Worksheet, Activity

    EM Spectrum 5Ws. This is a really nice thinking skills resource that your learners can use independently, or in groups. The idea is to get each group to work through an area of the EM Spectrum and then bring all the content together to com…

  • May the Force be with you! by alessio

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    May the Force be with you!. This fun game uses a Star Wars theme to revise Forces. The game is really simple. You split in four groups and each group is a character. Then roll the dice. The numbers corresponds to each character, or to the …

  • The Periodic Table Remote Game by alessio

    Guide, Game, puzzle, quiz

    The Periodic Table Remote Game. This is an interactive PowerPoint on the Periodic Table of Elements. I used an ASUS Eee Pad Tablet to control the mouse of my laptop remotly with the app Unified Remote, so I could pass the tablet to differe…

  • Matter: Particle Physics Resource Collection by alessio


    Matter: Particle Physics Resource Collection. This set of resources covers many aspects of Particle Physics for A-Level Physics students. Including: classification of particles, hadrons, quarks, leptons, Rutherford experiment, matter and a…

  • Virtual Heart by alessio


    Virtual Heart. This guide shows you how to get this free app on the structure and workings of the heart and provides a few teaching ideas on how to use it. Virtual Heart Discover the structure of the heart About the app Download Virtual He…