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Unit 4 Edexcel A2 Drama and Theatre Studies

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Last updated 14 January 2014, created 03 January 2010, viewed 19,399

Brief outline of a proposed scheme of work to cover Unit 4 of the new Edexcel A2 Drama and Theatre Studies- Woyzeck. I have not taught this scheme yet but it is based on my approach to the old Unit 6 Trojan Women. First few lessons have worked well and I am confident it should be effective in preparing the students for the exam. Hope it's useful!

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Hey, this looks great! I am eternally grateful.

from Elfinew, 09 June 2013
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I have just come across this SOW. I am an NQT that has just started a new post halfway through this unit. This SOW is fantastic and will definitely be using it ne year when I take my new year 12 class through to year 13. However, I have picked up my current year 13 class halfway through this nit and am worried about prepping them for their exam when I don't know what explorative/interpretation work they have yet done. Over the next 2 weeks they will be leading individual workshops...directing others in a scene/leading their interpretation, but after that I need to go straight in and go through the papers and how to structure/answer etc. This is the first time I have taught edexcel and I am also worried about going in when I am unsure as to what explorative work they have done. I would appreciate any help/advice you could offer. Thank you!!! : )

from hollyworrall, 16 April 2012
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In my NQT year and the only Drama teacher, so first time I've taught Unit 4. I'm doing Lysistrata but this SOW is very adaptable, the aspects covered and structure is brilliant. You've saved hours of sitting at my computer feeling frustrated! Thanks!

from Rosg, 15 February 2012
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from perkypie, 20 August 2011
(report comment) 5 out of 5

feedback. Glad to see that the scheme of work has been well received - I have been really pleased with it and feel it has worked well. I appreciate the SCH comments below and totally agree - I have been threading it throughout the scheme the more we have explored the text but it is always something that I struggle with - anyone got any strong ideas about how to deliver SCH aspects more practically...?
Also, as for timed essays - i have been setting work as we have gone through- essay Q's set to link with the practical work but I have made up a lot more and been building in structured lessons modeling and doing paired intros etc. Lots of repetition and am now getting the students to lead rehearsals on aspects of the text they are unsure about....So far so good...just waiting for the exam and the results now!! arghhh!
Good luck all!

from hannahd2, 20 May 2010
(report comment) 4 out of 5
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