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 Behaviour Management

TES classroom behaviour

'Behaviour guru' Tom Bennett discusses classroom management in his 'Behaviour Top Tips' and provides answers to the ten most common behaviour problems from the archives. Meanwhile, in the forum, you can join the debate about current issues relating to behaviour. Get involved by posting your problems to hear Tom's advice. More about Tom...

Behaviour management resources. Hand-picked resources from TES.

Top Tips

'Top Tips from Tom' has the best advice and tips on behaviour and classroom management.

Tom's Top Tips are here to help get you through the week.

Conversation and advice in the TES behaviour forum

Dear Tom…

Any questions for Tom just type Dear Tom in the subject line, and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Answers to the ten most common problems

1. I'm new and they hate me!

Being the new kid on the block isn't easy.

2. How do I build up 'presence' with my classes?

Have you ever been told you need to have more presence? Ever wondered what it was? Have a think about this.

3. What happens if kids kick off in my classroom?

Every teacher's darkest fear- carnage. Here are some tips on dealing with with the worst.

4. How do I create rules in the classroom?

Exploring the nuts and bolts of good behaviour management.

5. Low level disruption

The Kryptonite in your classroom. Here's how to stop it cooking your noodle.

6. I've got them behaving OK, but not brilliantly....

How to revisit your standards, if the behaviour isn't ideal.

7. Senior staff don't do anything about a really difficult pupil

Before you abandon ship - and you should consider it- have a think about what you can do to improve the situation. THEN abandon ship.

8. How do I plan lesson for a difficult class?

A good lesson plan won't stop them mucking about, no matter what your tutor told you. If they want to misbehave they will. But you can plan a lesson for a difficult class that will at least allow you to focus on behaviour.

9. Should I have a seating plan?

Yes. NEXT!

10. What do I do about mobile phones?

Unless you teach in a hollowed-out volcano, these things are ubiquitous. Here's how you can jam their signals.

Teachers TV

Behaviour videos from Teachers TV

The Top Tip's archive

Find all Tom's top tips here

Tom Bennett's TES page

What is Tom sharing on TES?

The Behaviour Guru

Read Tom's personal Tom Bennett Blog

Tom Bennett

About Tom

Tom is a full-time teacher in inner-city schools. He is on a mission to deliver practical guidance for helping teachers take charge and get their pupils learning. He runs the TES behaviour advice forum, writes for the TES regularly and trains teachers across the UK. He makes regular appearances on TV, in newspapers and at universities and is also the author of The Behaviour Guru and Not Quite a Teacher. Whether you are new to the profession or a horny-handed veteran, Tom believes it is possible for you to create a structured space where students are safe, focussed and working together. His straightforward advice is the perfect tool to pack in your school bag for Monday!

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