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November's hot topics

Keep your teaching topical with free teaching resources for events this month. We've got lots of lesson plans, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations for you on a number of November topics, including Bonfire Night and Children in Need.

Diwali (3)

Diwali (3)

Celebrate the Hindu and Sikh festival of light with these classroom activities and assembly presentations.

Try these hand-picked Diwali teaching resources

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National School Meals Week (4-8)

National School Meals Week (4-8)

Enthuse students about food this week and encourage them to ditch sugary snacks in favour of healthier treats.

Try these hand-picked National School Meals Week teaching resources

Or these resources on healthy eating and body image

More National School Meals Week resources

Bonfire Night (5)

Bonfire Night (5)

Remember, remember the 5th of November with these classroom activities on Guy Fawkes and fireworks.

Try these hand-picked fireworks teaching resources

Or these resources on Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot

More Bonfire Night resources

Remembrance Day (11)

Remembrance Day (11)

Commemorate those who died in wars past and present and help pupils understand the importance of the occasion.

Try these hand-picked Remembrance Day teaching resources

War poetry resources

More Remembrance Day resources

Children in Need (15)

Children in Need (15)

Raise awareness and a bit of cash for children who need some support to ensure they are healthy, happy and safe.

Try these hand-picked Children in Need teaching resources

More Children in Need resources

Parliament Week (15-21)

Parliament Week (15-21)

Teach students about democracy and help them get to grips with the UK parliamentary system.

Try these hand-picked UK parliament teaching resources

Or these resources on the history of power and democracy

More Parliament Week resources

Inter-faith Week (17-23)

Inter Faith Week (17-23)

Celebrate the similarities of your students' beliefs and understand the importance of respecting the differences.

Try these hand-picked inter faith teaching resources.

More Inter Faith Week resources

Global Entrepreneurship Week (18-24)

Global Entrepreneurship Week (18-24)

Help budding businessmen and women to harness their talents and creativity and see what business ideas your students have.

Try this collection of hand-picked enterprise teaching resources

More Global Entrepreneurship Week resources

Anti-bullying Week (18-22)

Anti-bullying Week (18-22)

Help students understand why bullying is harmful and encourage them to speak up if they are bullied.

Try this collection of hand-picked anti-bullying teaching resources

More Anti-bullying Week resources

Hanukkah (27 Nov - 5 Dec)

Hanukkah (27 Nov - 5 Dec)

Celebrate the Jewish festival with dreidel games, assemblies and lessons on Hanukkah’s history.

Try this collection of hand-picked Hanukkah teaching resources

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