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You can keep your gold rings, turtle doves and partridges in a pear tree – here at TES Resources, we have something even better: our contributors. As 2012 winds down, we thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate by thanking some of the people who have done a lot to make teachers’ lives easier this year. They are our very own 12 Stars of Christmas. Each user featured on this page will receive a £25 book token.

TES Christmas Stars

SCC English

Username: SCC English
SCC English has shared more than 70 post-16 English resources that include some truly creative revision podcasts, word clouds and video analyses of exam texts including Macbeth and The Great Gatsby. Their username has become synonymous with top quality resources that are engaging and academically rigorous. Check out his King Macbeth podcast and his Hamlet soliloquies Wordle.


Username: Ross Morrison McGill aka @TeacherToolkit
Award-winning assistant headteacher McGill is a prolific tweeter, who says: “If you can’t tweet about it, don’t teach it!” His most popular resource – the 5 minute lesson plan – has helped some teachers to get their first outstanding grade from Ofsted and has even inspired other teachers to get creative; see Ian McDaid's 5 minute lesson evaluation.


Username: Phallen
With revision booklets, questioning activities and colourful PowerPoints on a range of themes, Phallen’s 90+ resources on religious studies topics from Jewish artefacts to Diwali offer a comprehensive place for teachers to go in times of need.

Gavin Smart

Username: Gavin Smart
TES science adviser Alessio Bernardelli calls Gavin “one of the most innovative and creative science educators” he has ever seen. His resources include a video on collision theory made by year 10 students; licences for Bunsen burner users and an Apprentice style endo or exothermic reactions lesson. He also encourages other teachers to share their resources and embraces feedback. He also invited his grandad, a former hydrologist, to join his class via Skype.
Watch the video here.


Username: gepocock
Gepocock has shared a wide range of resources for primary and SEN. The SEN resources include differentiated board games about shopping, bingo games and a set of low preparation maths activities. There are also resources on limericks, debating and party planning problem solving.


Username: Orion
Orion may have shared a number of animations and tarsias for the science classroom, but it’s in the area of school inspections that their resources have proved most valuable. Their 2012 Ofsted criteria pack is their most prolific resource, and it’s been the number one download at TES Resources for most of the year. It’s packed with tips for the perfect outstanding lesson.

Mr D

Username: Mr D
Mr A, Mr C and Mr D burst onto the TES Resources scene this year with great musical resources to help pupils overcome their mathematical and literacy fears. Their humorous songs support pupils to learn tricky concepts while entertaining them, too. Try their tune on fractions, enjoy a song about prime numbers or join their punctuation nation.


Username: Cariad2
From a superb helpful spelling handbook which includes great techniques to share with students, whatever their level, to resources for popular primary topics such as VCOP and minibeasts, Cariad2 shares a wide range of incredibly useful resources for early years and KS1.


Username: Tafkam
A well-known name on the TES forums, Tafkam has given teachers advice on everything from maternity leave to teacher training courses. He’s also uploaded a number of popular whole school resources including a Facebook template page, 50 ideas for meeting your new class and the reading challenge booklet, which encourages students to get reading with an Olympic-style competition.

Ben Cooper

Username: Ben Cooper
Ben’s “Mega PowerPoint”, with 97 lessons-worth of questions, came to the attention of TES Resources earlier this year and helped him win the Outstanding Resource Contributor of the Year accolade at the TES Awards in July. He’s uploaded more than 280 maths resources including a starter pack and a set of multiple choice questions. His resource collection is irresistible if you’re a secondary maths teacher.

Mike Gershon

Username: Mike Gershon
Mike is a household name to any regular TES user. His starter generator and plenary producer are packed with ideas to start and wrap up lessons and his resources constantly top our download charts. He’s been busy this year compiling some new packs to support teachers with Assessment for Learning, differentiation and feedback. His profile really is a teacher’s toolkit.


Username: Rosaespanola
When we’ve looked for a MFL resource for our newsletter and magazine “resource of the week” spot this year, it’s often Rosaespanola’s content that has caught our eye. She’s shared 700 resources for French, German and Spanish including a French leaflet for Hogwarts School, a Mis Vacaciones chain story task and an entire pack of Olympics resources. There’s also a wide range of resources to support spontaneous speaking.

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