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National Curriculum: Arts Council of England

Althea Efunshile and Laura Gander-Howe talk about the role the Arts Council of England has to play in delivery of the new national curriculum.

Statutory guidance

Schools causing concern - guidance for local authorities

This is statutory guidance given by the Department for Education, on behalf of the Secretary of State, relating to schools causing concern.

Guidance for governing bodies on behaviour and discipline

This statutory guidance explains why maintained schools must have a behaviour policy, what it must cover and the role of the governing body and headteachers in shaping their school's behaviour policy.

Dealing with allegations of abuse

Guidance for local authorities, headteachers, school staff, governing bodies and proprietors of independent schools on dealing with allegations of abuse against teachers and other staff.

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National Curriculum reform 2014

Find free National Curriculum teaching resources, blogs, videos and live chats related to National Curriculum reform in England at primary and secondary level.

View our related National Curriculum Blog.

Resources from the DfE

KS2 Nato lesson

Lesson resources from DfE to help pupils understand the history and modern aims of NATO ahead of September’s summit.

KS3 Nato lesson

Lesson resources from DfE to help pupils understand the history and modern aims of NATO ahead of September’s summit.

KS4 Nato lesson

Develop students’ understanding of Nato and encourage them to think critically using these DfE resources.

Bite the ballot - registration forms

Use these to complete your registration in time for National Voter Registration Day 5th Feb.

Bite the ballot – the basics

Help your students learn all about voting and the enormous power young people have.

Rock Enrol

Aimed at inspiring young people to discuss and debate what they care about, whilst considering why they should register to vote.

Poetry by Heart

Launch of national poetry anthology for teenagers.

The King James Bible

More information on why the DfE sent out a copy of the King James Bible to every state-funded school in England.

Purchasing guide for schools

Everything you need to know about procuring services and equipment.

Pensions calculators

Calculators to help find out how much your pension could be worth and to understand the effect of the tiered contribution rates that will be implemented from April 2012.

Charlie Taylor's behaviour checklists

How to develop the essential actions to promote good behaviour.

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Latest blogs

Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys

Transition Summer School 2013

Music hub goes from strength to strength

There's a buzz about the Greater Manchester music education hub as schools start to access partners'expertise

What does your school Need to Know?

Need to Know timelines broken down by term, to help schools see at a glance what's coming up and plan accordingly.

Innovative ICT teaching

Katrina Smith is head of ICT at The Priory; a school which converted to an academy in June 2012. Katrina discusses the innovative teaching of computer science.

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