St. Paul’s is a traditional, yet forward-looking school which seeks to nurture excellence.  It aims to provide a high quality, holistic education which allows for the academic and personal development of children, within a framework of a caring community which shares a common set of core values.  Children are encouraged to become independent, open-minded, well rounded individuals who embrace life-long learning; they will develop both the skills and the sense of responsibility to enable them to make a positive difference to the globalised world in which they live.


The School aims to achieve its purpose by:

Ensuring pupils encounter and master the core and relevant foundation subjects and skills of the Brazilian and British National Curricula and the IB Diploma Programme;

Preparing pupils for the successful completion of their academic studies for the award of the Certificado do Ensino Fundamental and the Certificado do Ensino Médio, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma;

Developing pupils as individuals and enabling them to fulfil their academic, artistic and sporting potential;

Providing all pupils with the enriching experiences of field courses, the Extra-curricular Activities Programme and Community Service;

Providing all pupils with possibilities for personal moral development, opportunities for individual growth and responsibility, and enabling pupils to emerge as well balanced and law-abiding citizens;

Providing a supportive and sympathetic pastoral care system looking to the needs and potential of each pupil as an individual. 


The School aims to instil:

A balanced set of values in pupils, so that by the time they leave the School they recognise and accept their responsibilities to the society in which they live;

The virtues of discipline, honesty, loyalty, co-operation and hard work, encouraging perseverance and patient study, a sense of pride in achievement, of self worth and respect for and the valuing of others;

A proper appreciation of the customs and traditions of Brazil and Britain and the virtues of cultural diversity. 


A St. Paul’s School education is a collaborative exercise between School and Parents and to this end the School regards:

The commitment, dedication and loyalty of a well trained, involved and hardworking Common Room as a first priority in the meeting of the School’s purpose;

The active support of parents for the education of their children to be a fundamental ingredient in their relationship with the School;

The partnership of the Governing Body and the Headmaster as paramount in:

Establishing the objectives, policies and overall direction of the School to ensure the adherence to, and effective implementation of, these policies;

Ensuring the long term financial security and stability of the School;

Ensuring that the appropriate resources, human and physical (within the norms of financial prudence), are available for the continuous and planned development of the School.

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