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Private Tutor

Posted 23/09/2013

Private Tutor in Costa Rica
Students: Two girls (17 and 12) and two boys (15 and 10)

Two Tutors are required to work with four children ranging in age from 10 to 17 for 3 months from January 6th to April 5th 2014.  Although this is a short-term contract, it is likely to repeat annually for several years, preferably with the same Tutors.  This will be the third successive year the family have taken this winter break.

All four children currently attend their local state schools where they are doing well.  They are extremely curious and engaging with a wide range of interests and talents.  Between them they play several instruments including piano, guitar, drums, and saxophone.  The whole family leads a sporty and physically active lifestyle, and are keen surfers and skiers. 

The children enjoy working with teachers that are organised, calm, have a sense of humour, and who deserve respect because they are knowledgeable and interesting.  Specifically, the oldest girl is diligent and eager to do well at school.  Like her siblings she enjoys many sports and is keen to improve her Spanish.  The oldest boy is top of his class and likes to be challenged.  He particularly enjoys practical Science, and is passionate about food and cooking as well as sport and music.

The younger girl is a visual learner, arty, and fun.  She is quiet at school but gregarious at home, and while there is clearly some auditory processing disorder and associated attention deficit, adjustments to teaching styles have, so far, provided sufficient compensation to keep her on a par with her peers.  She can be easily distracted and struggles with Literacy.  Although still young, the 10 year old boy is a keen reader and enjoys most subjects.  He will be taking SATs soon after the family return to England; while his scores are not of high importance to the family he will be keen to make a good showing.

Role of the Tutors

There are two Tutors being sought for this role.  Both Tutors will work with all four children five days a week, typically Monday-Friday, to maintain their progress relative to their peers while the family are in Costa Rica.  The children's schools have given the family consent to be away and have agreed to provide the Tutors with accurate descriptions of the material to be covered by each of their respective subject teachers.

As the older boy will have started his GCSEs, and the older girl her A levels, it imperative that the Tutors can cover a wide range of subjects.  Alongside the core subjects of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English, GCSE options include Geography, Spanish, IT, Music, Digital Application, and Film Studies. Selected A levels are Geography, Media Studies, Art/Textiles, and Photography. Between them, the Tutors will need to understand appropriate learning targets across all required key stages and subjects from the school curricula from the end of KS2 to the start of KS5.  It is envisaged that one of the Tutors will mainly be responsible for A levels, with coverage of some of the GCSE subjects.  Both Tutors will be responsible for working with the younger siblings.  At least one of the Tutors should be fluent or very strong in Spanish and able to support it at GCSE level.

For subjects such as Science and Geography, the Tutors will need to get many of their resources from the local environment, and they will need to have the personal credibility to establish a good working relationship with the teachers at home.  It is essential that the tutors and school teachers share progress, disseminate information (such as changes to programmes of study) and address any questions that arise, for each of the children.

The successful candidates for this role will need to be upbeat and have plenty of energy.  Ideally they will be highly competent with Spanish, enjoy a wide range of beach and water sports, play musical instruments or sing, be creative and imaginative. Although the children's schools largely govern the content of the curriculum, the Tutors should use the local environment as a resource wherever possible.

The Tutors will need to be well organised, flexible and adaptable.  Although the family will try to maintain a routine there may be occasion where the surf is particularly good one morning, or a volcano is worth a visit, and the decision is made to adjust plans at short notice.  It is important to roll with these occasional interruptions and not to complain.  Equally important is the need to remember that the role is based in a fairly remote location which can make technology unreliable.  There will be times when the printer breaks, or there's a power cut, or the Internet goes down.  The Tutors need to be able to take these events in their stride and make allowance for them rather than getting frustrated.

Clearly, this role requires resourceful, intelligent and knowledgeable educators who are sensitive to the unusual circumstances of the position, relaxed and easy-going with a sunny disposition on the one hand while firm, encouraging and directed on the other.  It is important that the Tutors remember that although the working environment is relaxed compared to formal schooling in England, it is essential they remain professional at all times and respectful of the family's privacy.

The Tutors should expect to work an average of about 30 hours a week, five days a week.  Preparation time is in addition to this.  A private schoolroom with two classrooms (one open air) is provided. The Tutors are responsible for their own meals.

The Client will provide separate, furnished accommodation with Internet for the Tutors, near the family home and schoolrooms.  This accommodation is suitable for a man or woman for either role.  The Client will be responsible for all bills on this property with the exception of any private phone calls.

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