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"Children need nature and nature needs children"
At the RSPB we are passionate about getting young people outside and experiencing the nature that surrounds them. We believe that every young person should be able to experience the natural world as an essential part of their learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances.
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  • Create a Wildlife Stack by RSPB

    Most Popular

    Guide, Activity

    Create a Wildlife Stack. Easy step by step guidance to making a wildlife stack for minibeasts. Wildlife stacks also provide refuges for frogs, toads and hedgehogs. A good wildlife garden should provide natural places for wild creatures to …

  • Make a recycled birdfeeder by RSPB


    Make a recycled birdfeeder. A child-friendly step by step guide to making a recycled bird feeder for use at school or at home.

  • Rainforest animal activities by RSPB

    Worksheet, Activity

    Rainforest animal activities. A selection of Rainforest 'make and do' activities to download and use with your class. Tropical rainforests are amazing. A whopping 6 million species live in them, including three-quarters of the world's most…

  • Christmas activities using items from nature by RSPB


    Christmas activities using items from nature. Make and do activities for Christmas that (mostly) use natural resources - with a bit of glitter on top!

  • UK Climate Change by RSPB

    Lesson plan, Guide, Worksheet

    UK Climate Change. This resource investigates how climate change affects some of our native UK species. The resource is designed for either off-timetable use or for more in-depth research activity in class. It is designed to encourage coll…

  • Big Schools' Birdwatch 2015 (Early Years) by RSPB


    Guide, Worksheet, Activity, Assembly

    Big Schools' Birdwatch 2015 (Early Years). The Big Schools’ Birdwatch version for Early Years. The Birdwatch is a simple activity that gets you and your class closer to the birds visiting your school grounds. It takes just one hour, and ca…

  • Bird Identification by RSPB

    Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Bird Identification. Use our child friendly bird ID pages to learn about the birds that visit your school grounds, and listen to their song. Test their knowledge with this interactive game.

  • Bug Bingo by RSPB

    Other, Activity

    Bug Bingo. A simple activity designed to get children outdoors and looking for garden minibeasts. Go out into the garden or the park and see how many of these creatures you can tick off. C a t e r p i l l a r W h i t e b u t t e r f l y C …

  • Birds of Prey Factfile by RSPB

    Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz, Cards and flashcards

    Birds of Prey Factfile. Learn about birds of prey with our child-friendly information pages, game and specially designed factsheets. Name: Conservation status The white-tailed eagle is on our RED LIST as we have great concerns about it. La…

  • Barn Owl activies and factsheet by RSPB

    Worksheet, Cards and flashcards

    Barn Owl activies and factsheet. Learn about Barn Owls with this interesting factsheet and supporting activities. B a r n o w l f l y e r RSPB Wildlife Explorers is the junior membership of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Th…

  • Reintroducing White-tailed eagles to Scotland by RSPB

    Lesson plan

    Reintroducing White-tailed eagles to Scotland. This resource has been designed for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. The re-introduction of White-tailed eagles (sea eagles) to Scotland, following their extinction, is a success story.…

  • String birds by RSPB

    Guide, Activity

    String birds. Use these resources to create string birds with your class. Blue tit Blackbird Great tit House sparrow Robin Starling Tawny owl String birds – teachers’ notes Background information Discuss the birds in the silhouettes and fi…

  • Make a speedy birdcake by RSPB


    Make a speedy birdcake. A child-friendly step by step guide to making a birdcake to hang in your school grounds, or garden.

  • Adaptation activities by RSPB

    Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Adaptation activities. Use our child friendly information to learn about adaptation, and then test their knowledge with this game.

  • Nature trail-tastic by RSPB

    Guide, Other

    Nature trail-tastic. When is a walk not a walk? When it’s a hunt! Get your pupils more excited about trips outside with these great ideas to make walks more interesting. Produced in partnership with Sustrans. Nature trail-tastic Play 4 11 …

  • Rainforest guardians by RSPB


    Rainforest guardians. A film about the importance of our rainforests, detailing the regeneration plans for the Harapan Rainforest in Indonesia.