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follow me @saysMiss for lots of #PoundlandPedagogy and constant babble about doing things differently.
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  • English Glossary Display Kit by Says Miss

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    Posters and displays

    English Glossary Display Kit. PPT with a commonly used English Glossary. Can pick and choose which ones you would make use of, mine is for a KS3/4 room so have tried to include several terms that are already within my planning. If you thin…

  • FAR Marking feedback assessment stickers by Says Miss

    Pupil assessment

    FAR Marking feedback assessment stickers. Stickers that I plan on using for my KS3 marking. Embeds Feedback, Action, Response marking within lessons to set students up for peer assessment, and traffic light can demonstrate to students wher…

  • First Day Back to School Ice Breakers by Says Miss


    First Day Back to School Ice Breakers. a few ways of getting to know your students and putting them at ease. Only a bit at ease mind you... Ice Breakers Ways of tricking kids into thinking you are really fun. Alliteration Game In a circle,…

  • Unseen Poetry Comparison by Says Miss

    Lesson plan

    Unseen Poetry Comparison. For high attainment KS3 group so would be ideal for preparing KS4 for unseen poetry, or revising the skills required. Poetry Comparison Year Nine “What we consume now is not objects or events, but our experience o…

  • KS3 and KS4 Take Away Homework Menu by Says Miss


    KS3 and KS4 Take Away Homework Menu. Take away menus for: y7 intro to drama and Shakespeare y8 non fiction y9 comparison of poetry y10 R&J OCR English Only Homework deadlines allow for demonstration of skills developed as each scheme progr…

  • Checklist to Success Poster by Says Miss

    Posters and displays

    Checklist to Success Poster. Gives a comprehensive checklist for students to follow when proof reading their and improving their work. Quill96 Story Group Class

  • Starter and Plenary ideas by Says Miss


    Starter and Plenary ideas. a little mix of lesson ideas that I have just found from PP1 of my PGCE.. will add to as and when but thought it may come in handy! IDEAS FOR LESSONS Starters, Plenaries and all that is in between… Get students t…

  • Woman in Black Full Scheme by Says Miss

    Lesson plan

    Woman in Black Full Scheme. For use with high attainment KS3 - it uses OCR GCSE mark scheme. Doesn't cover full text- only a selection as controlled assessment was a small number of paragraphs looking at fear. Feedback appreciated- sorry i…

  • Of Mice and Men Crooks Racial Segregation Lesson by Says Miss

    Lesson plan

    Of Mice and Men Crooks Racial Segregation Lesson. lesson using ict (but could be supplemented) to explore the themes of loneliness and segregation within the novella. Year 9 Crooks Lucy Jake Sachin Jaimie Becky Zamir Helen Alex Mollie Jame…

  • Love Or Loathe; persuasive wiritng by Says Miss

    Lesson plan

    Love Or Loathe; persuasive wiritng. Final three lesson ppt prior to Love or Loathe controlled assessment. Persuasive devices in wiriting. Love or loathe Year 10 MONDAY 15TH APRIL Technique bingo! You’re welcome. That is sarcasm. That one d…

  • Y10 Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plans by Says Miss

    Lesson plan

    Y10 Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plans. a series of lessons that worked towards a controlled assessment question to consider the impulsive behaviour of R&J, and the impact of this upon the audience. Romeo and Juliet Year 10 Week One How does Sh…

  • Inspirational Quotes by Says Miss

    Posters and displays

    Inspirational Quotes. a collection of quotations that I plan to use for my classroom. Start with optimism!

  • Presentational Devices lesson by Says Miss

    Lesson plan

    Presentational Devices lesson. This was for a low level catch up class for Language exam skills. Basic, but gets the job done! Connotations from images. Year 11 Presentational Devices SAY WHAT YOU SEE… WHAT DO YOU THINK OF? LEARNING INTENT…

  • Elizabethan Theatre SOW by Says Miss

    Termly planning

    Elizabethan Theatre SOW. A 6 week SOW with summative assessment for KS3 drama. Elizabethan Theatre Background Boys, what do we know? Elizabethan Life LEARNING INTENTION: To explore facts about life within the Elizabethan era. ALL will be a…

  • Plenary Squares by Says Miss

    Pupil assessment

    Plenary Squares. Can be adapted according to intended learning. 1 2 9 8 3 6 5 4 7 What have you learnt this lesson that can be linked to previous lessons? Back 2 What were the key words used in this lesson – can you define them? Back Talk …