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Futurelab is passionate about transforming the way people learn. Tapping into the huge potential offered by digital and other technologies, we develop innovative resources and practices that support new approaches to learning for the 21st century. A not-for-profit organisation, we work in partnership with others to: * incubate new ideas, taking them from the lab to the classroom share hard evidence and practical advice to support the design and use of innovative learning tools * communicate the latest thinking and practice in educational ICT * provide the space for experimentation and the exchange of ideas between the creative, technology and education sectors. .
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  • Games and Learning Poster by futurelab

    Most Popular

    Posters and displays

    Games and Learning Poster. A full colour poster on using computer games in the classroom. Possibilities for learning with computer games These scenarios have been developed to illustrate just some of the ways in which computer games can su…

  • Develop & Accredit Personal Skills/Competencies by futurelab

    Pupil assessment

    Develop & Accredit Personal Skills/Competencies. The report draws together current projects and initiatives which provide insights into different approaches into developing young people's skills and competencies. It makes recommendations a…

  • Digital literacy across the curriculum by futurelab


    Digital literacy across the curriculum. This handbook aims to introduce educational practitioners to the concepts and contexts of digital literacy and to support them in developing their own practice aimed at fostering the components of…

  • Curriculum Teaching and Innovation by futurelab


    Curriculum Teaching and Innovation. Handbook for those interested in exploring the potential of personalisation to transform curriculum design and teaching practices. Curriculum and teaching innovation Transforming classroom practice and

  • Reimagining Outdoor Learning Spaces by futurelab


    Reimagining Outdoor Learning Spaces. This handbook is aimed primarily at education leaders involved in the redesign of educational learning spaces. Reimagining outdoor learning spaces Primary capital, co-design and educational transformati…

  • Learner Voice by futurelab


    Learner Voice. A handbook on learner voice. It highlights the need for chnage in order to ensure that the views and requirements of learners are better accounted for. a handbook from Futurelab Learner voice Learner voice A handbook from Fu…

  • Enquiring Minds by futurelab


    Enquiring Minds. A personalised approach to the curriculum, Enquiring Minds. This guide seeks to present a vision of how learning might be, and at the same time provide ideas about how that vision might be realised in practice. “ We want t…

  • Infocow - social search for young people by futurelab


    Infocow - social search for young people. Infocow connects you with useful stuff to help take control of life - sites, stories, information and inspiration. It’s made for and created by young people, aged around 14-19. It links to hundreds…

  • Curriculum Teaching and Innovation by futurelab


    Curriculum Teaching and Innovation. A handbook on curriculum and teaching innovation - Transforming classroom practice and personalisation. Curriculum and teaching innovation Transforming classroom practice and personalisation a Futurelab …

  • Digital literacy in practice by futurelab


    Digital literacy in practice. These case studies are published alongside a Futurelab handbook for teachers which explores the importance of digital literacy and suggests some pedagogical techniques for fostering digital literacy at the sam…

  • Developing the home-school relationship by futurelab


    Developing the home-school relationship. Developing the home-school relationship using digital technologies. This handbook introduces key issues around home-school relationships to provide schools with a framework in which to consider how …

  • Exploratree by futurelab

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Exploratree. An online tool that provides Key Stage 2-4 pupils with ready-made interactive ‘thinking guides’ or frameworks to support their own enquiry and research. These thinking guides help students to work through an issue, topic or qu…

  • Thinking Guides by futurelab


    Thinking Guides. A free web resource which can be used for downloading, using and making interactive thinking guides.

  • Podcast Series 1 by futurelab

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Podcast Series 1. A series of resources intended to disseminate some of the ideas and research presented by Futurelab at external events (supported by Becta). Eight podcasts - released monthly until April 2009 - are available to downloa…

  • Possibilities for learning with computer games by futurelab

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Possibilities for learning with computer games. Games and Learning is a programme of research, events and publications. Building on earlier research and development carried out by Futurelab, and on a survey of recent games and learning dev…

  • Vision Mapper by futurelab

    Termly planning

    Vision Mapper. Vision Mapper is a free web resource to support long-term planning and decision making in education. The resources provided are designed to support education leadership, including head teachers, department heads, local autho…

  • Digital Participation, Digital Literacy by futurelab

    Pupil assessment

    Digital Participation, Digital Literacy. A literature review on using digital media in the classroom. The review aims to provide a critical introduction to the policies and research on the subjects of digital literacy and digital participa…

  • Vision Magazine by futurelab


    Vision Magazine. A free magazine to inspire innovation in education (Jan 10) January-June 2010 FREE Looking at the future of learning Getting creative with curriculum What students think about new…

  • Education Eye by futurelab


    Education Eye. Education Eye is a free, engaging and easy-to-use online space that gives access to a wide range of useful and relevant innovations across educations’ varied communities. Connecting people with innovative uses of digital tec…