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ARKive is a not-for-profit initiative of the charity Wildscreen. ARKive is the ultimate multimedia guide to the world's endangered species. Includes endangered species videos, photos, facts and education resources.
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  • Nocturnal Animals by ARKive

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    Lesson plan, Guide, Other, Worksheet

    Nocturnal Animals. This hands-on activity is designed to teach students about nocturnal animals and the senses they employ to navigate life in the dark. NOCTURNAL ANIMALS – Teachers’ Notes Who is it for? 5-7 year olds How long will it take…

  • Biodiversity & Evolution: Darwin's Finches (16-18) by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Guide, Activity

    Biodiversity & Evolution: Darwin's Finches (16-18). Students will discover the importance of biodiversity and will explore how observing variation in the beak shape of Galapagos finches helped Darwin to formulate his theory of natural sele…

  • Spooky symmetry by ARKive


    Spooky symmetry. Nature is full of creepy creatures that are sure to send a chill up your spine... Develop students' understanding of reflective symmetry while they practice their drawing skills to complete the reflections of these spooky …

  • Species Discovery - Keys and Classification by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Other, Worksheet

    Species Discovery - Keys and Classification. Explore some of the world’s newly discovered species and introduce students to the concepts of classification, using keys, variation and biodiversity. Challenge students’ understanding of

  • Guess Zoo by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Other, Activity

    Guess Zoo. Guess Zoo is fun animal guessing game that can be used to introduce or support several lesson themes, for example species diversity, adaptations, habitats and classification. Guess Zoo Activity 1: Guess Zoo Get into groups of 6 …

  • Who Wants to be a Zoologist? by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Other, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Who Wants to be a Zoologist?. This fun and interactive quiz challenges students to use their knowledge of animal classification and their powers of deduction to identify mystery animals from photos. 1 Welcome to ‘Who wants to be a Zoologis…

  • ARKive News: Galapagos Conservation by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity

    ARKive News: Galapagos Conservation. By researching, scripting and presenting their own news bulletin students learn about species and conservation issues in the Galapagos Islands. Conservation in the Galapagos Islands With kind support fr…

  • Design a Conservation Programme by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Other, Activity

    Design a Conservation Programme. In this activity students research and design their own conservation programme to learn about the importance of biodiversity as well as the economic benefits and services ecosystems provide. Using examples …

  • Classification - Guess Zoo & Insect Classification by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Guide, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Classification - Guess Zoo & Insect Classification. Students learn about why we classify species, the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates and the key characteristics of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects.

  • Web of Wildlife - Food chains by ARKive


    Lesson plan, Guide, Worksheet

    Web of Wildlife - Food chains. Do you know what links a lion, an orca and a barn owl? Test your knowledge with ARKive’s Web of Wildlife and discover what eats what in the natural world. Explore food chains and feeding relationships in a va…

  • Penguin Diversity – Mask Making by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Guide, Worksheet, Activity

    Penguin Diversity – Mask Making. Through this fun and creative mask making activity, students learn about the different types of penguin species and how they are adapted to live in different environments. PENGUIN DIVERSITY: MASK MAKING ACT…

  • Plants by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Guide, Other, Worksheet

    Plants. Students will learn about different plant parts and their functions, as well as about seeds and their different dispersal methods. They will learn what a plant needs in order to grow, and how to test the effects of food, light and …

  • Species Discovery - Keys & Classification (11-14) by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Other, Worksheet, Activity

    Species Discovery - Keys & Classification (11-14). Explore the world’s newly discovered species and challenge students’ understanding of how scientists discover and classify species previously unknown to science. Students will further thei…