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Classification Keys

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Last updated 23 January 2014, created 09 November 2009, viewed 33,411

These are two worksheets ideal for use in the Year 4 science unit, Habitats. Also good for revision. The first worksheet the children are able to cut the animals out and stick them in the correct place. The second worksheet is taken a step further where the children have to identify the correct q More…uestion to make the key ‘work’. Topics also inlcuded: living things.

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Brilliant! Thanks

from ashli88, 23 January 2014
(report comment) 4 out of 5

Great - thanks!! Love the progression one...

from rachfenwick, 09 October 2013
(report comment) 5 out of 5

Just what I was looking for - thanks

from mf94, 01 August 2013
(report comment) 4 out of 5

Very useful.Thanks.

from Khalouf2, 30 July 2013
(report comment) 4 out of 5

This is a great resource to introduce children to keys and building towards making a branching database.

from cazgil, 29 May 2013
(report comment) 5 out of 5
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