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Creative Curriculum Planning Examples

Overall rating 3 out of 53.6 (23 ratings)

Last updated 11 October 2013, created 22 April 2006, viewed 75,857

Some examples of the way we have planned in a more cross curricular way using Success Criteria for foundation subjects. History and Geography Year 5. More available on Topics also included are: Geogrpahical and enquiry skills.

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Great planning frame work. Details are scares but I think that just leaves for more room for the teacher to adjust for the classes aspirations and abilities.

from carlapower, 11 October 2013
(report comment) 2 out of 5

Thanks for sharing, we are just starting a creative approach and this is a useful document to gain ideas from. Like LisaEllis80 states it's a shame other people can only be negative about this resource.

from markbravey, 20 July 2012
(report comment) 3 out of 5

Thank you for your time and effort:)

from MisSain, 10 June 2012
(report comment) 3 out of 5

Really useful - thank-you for sharing. It is a shame that some people have left such harsh reviews. I am surprised that they even had time to look at it, considering how amazing their own plans must be. I wonder how many of them will share their outstanding lesson plans - that would be interesting, seems the extent of their brilliant creativity is to look on here to use the work of other people. Keep up the good work, and once again, thank-you for sharing!

from LisaEllis80, 02 April 2012
(report comment) 4 out of 5

This resource is awful. The definition of creativity has become very obscure

from charliechips, 29 January 2011
(report comment) 1 out of 5
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