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Digital Clock Blank

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Last updated 02 July 2013, created 02 December 2006, viewed 7,616

This is a blank digitalclock that can be used as you like. I am going to laminate it and use it as a m/o starter for my children in Y3 when we do time this week. I will ask them to show me a certain time on their clocks then use this to inform me of who needs consolidation/extension on time.

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This is helpful. thank you. :)

from SarahTeresa, 02 July 2013
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time telling. I was really pleased to see this digital clock and its partner analogue clock. I am giving laminated copies to a small group of year 3 children who are struggling with time telling and I will ask them to set particular times on the clocks and to show me their results

from kate webster, 20 January 2007
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