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Easter: how and why it is celebrated?

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Unit taken from Leicester City SACRE RE Syllabus for KS1 on Who celebrates what and why? This unit is in two halves and only Easter is covered in these lessons. PowerPoint lesson plan, alongside activity resources. Set of 4 lessons have been designed for a mixed class of Reception, Year 1 and Yea More…r 2. Easily amended to suit the needs of any KS1 class. Lesson 1: what do you celebrate and why? Lesson 2: why do Christians celebrate Easter? Lesson 3: how do Christians celebrate Easter? Lesson 4: Easter celebrations around the world. If this is useful, please rate and leave comments.

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Absolutely superb! Thank you for sharing.

from lucyesol, 15 April 2014
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This is a brilliant resource. Many thanks.

from theducklady, 09 April 2014
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A fantastic resource, thank you!

from LouisaAnn, 09 April 2014
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Super resource, thank you.

from adtqlc, 07 April 2014
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Great resources, thank you for sharing them!

from hltastic, 27 March 2014
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