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En la ciudad/barrio - ejercicio interactivo

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This is a spelling and vocabulary exercise which allows students to practise vocabulary related to “Mi ciudad/mi barrio”. Students can see each word and listen to the word being spoken. The word is then hidden and the students have to type it into a box (Look-Cover-Write-Check). If they spell the More… word incorrectly, they can see the word and try again until they spell it correctly. Vocabulary included: el aeropuerto la biblioteca el centro comercial el hospital la playa el supermercado el ayuntamiento el castillo la discoteca la iglesia Note that this resource uses standard Argentine pronunciation - this is notable in “ayuntamiento” and “playa” you may wish to highlight this for your students. This resource is fully customisable to work with any vocabulary (you will have to supply the sounds) - follow the instructions in the read_me file in the folder. This was produced using a template from the Barking College content workshop. For additional templates, please contact the content workshop - they are very keen to work with other colleges/providers - see for more details. Objective This will help students improve their knowledge of the sound-spelling relationship in Spanish. It will also consolidate their vocabulary knowledge. Assessment Are the students able to complete the exercise? Prior Knowledge Students should have been taught vocabulary related to places in their town/neighbourhood. Expectations This will help students improve their knowledge of the sound-spelling relationship in Spanish. It will also consolidate their vocabulary knowledge. Hints Help files are available at I am unable to upload zip files here, so I have instead included a link to another teaching resource website where I was able to upload the files. You will have to unzip this file - the students will need to click on the learn_start.html file. I put this on the college’s VLE (Moodle) following these steps: 1) Upload the zipped file to the files area of your course. 2) In the files area, click on “unzip” next to the resource - click “OK” when prompted. 3) The resource will now be in a folder in the files area of your course. 4) Select “link to file or folder” on the main course page - click on “Choose or upload a file” - go into the resource’s folder and choose the learn_start file. There is a read_me file with this resource - it gives instructions on how to edit the template yourself - it is fairly straightforward and not as complicated as it looks. I recommend downloading Audacity (Google it - it’s a free download) to record the sound files for the exercise.

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Really useful. this is a really good resource once you manage to download it!

from travellingfaery, 19 March 2009
(report comment) 3 out of 5
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