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Gruffalo missing words worksheet

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Last updated 03 May 2011, created 07 June 2009, viewed 48,790

A worksheet asking KS1 children to fill in the missing words, describing Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’. My lower ability Year 2 children managed this with support.

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Thank you I will be using it as my starter for tomorrow with Year 2 with a little twist. Shoukd be fun as they worked on Julia Donaldson's books earlier this year with their teacher. (I'm student teacher on teaching practice)

from Ophelie Chauveau, 03 May 2011
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describing?. It's a useful template, but it might work better if the child had to think more about the adjectives rather than the nouns.

The Gruffalo has terrible ..... OR

The Gruffalo has ........ teeth. ?

from Tom Craven, 25 March 2010
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a great timesaver. thank you for your lovely contribution.

from 3209suzanne, 12 July 2009
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many thanks. Thanks for this, I've just translated it into French & German so I can adapt it for MFL too- Spanish will have to wait!

from Lara mfl 05, 10 June 2009
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