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Internet safety

Last updated 16 November 2010, created 25 January 2010, viewed 792

Resources and tips to teach children about protecting themselves online

KS1 & KS2

Details, details

A cartoon More… to be shown to pupils to explain the importance of internet safety


It’s a serious game

Hector and his friends learn how to use computers safely


The Info Gang

Another cartoon in the series to be shown to pupils - highlighting how to be careful online



More internet safety tips for pupils, from Hector and his friends


Cyber café

A website for pupils to visit and learn about internet safety with Jason, Sunil and Ali


KS3 & KS4

Where’s Klause?

A video clip aimed at teachers and parents to raise awareness about protecting children when online


Clare thought she knew

A video clip to be shown to pupils about the potential dangers of social networking and instant messaging


Using the internet safely and responsibly

A presentation to be shown to the class to get them thinking about their activities online




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