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Maths Functional Skills Level 1 Learning Resources

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Last updated 06 December 2011, created 12 February 2010, viewed 13,679

Football Crazy is a complete learning challenge for Maths Level 1 Functional Skills from Guroo. It is based around turfing a football pitch with some additional learning tasks based on probability. The challenge can be done on paper using the pdf downloads or using the interactive tasks that link to More… free materials on You'll find that the interactive tasks are slightly different to the pdfs - this is done on purpose to allow for more practice. All materials are free to use in school and colleges but are fully copyright protected with all rights reserved.

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Good functional task. The resource is very thorough, I especially like the interactive whiteboard resources. The lesson plan also takes you through the resources and where to use them within the lesson.

from markhquinn, 06 December 2011
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