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Minibeast Lotto Games

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Last updated 31 March 2013, created 03 May 2009, viewed 15,029

Minibeast Lotto: 4 boards showing a variety of insects and 4 boards with the insect name on. Can be used as a lotto game or simple matching activity for younger children. Minibeast Description Lotto: Same as the above except this resource includes 4 boards with simple descriptions of the minibeasts More…. Children listen to the details and attempt to guess which minibeast it sounds like.

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    Minibeast Description Lotto.doc (2mb, Word document)
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    Minibeast Lotto.doc (2mb, Word document)
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this is a great resourse thanks so much !!!!!!

from blueblaze76, 20 May 2012
(report comment) 5 out of 5

Thanks this is great!

from lbrowne, 23 December 2011
(report comment) 5 out of 5

5 star performance. superb!!! thank you

from ksharks11, 02 June 2010
(report comment) 5 out of 5

thanks. Thank you! Like that you used photographs rather than clip art.

from nicbrooks, 02 June 2010
(report comment) 5 out of 5

Great. Thanks for this lotto game, not only are the pictures clear the descriptions are a wonderful resource to extend learning.

from hilljo, 17 April 2010
(report comment) 5 out of 5
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