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2012 'Development matters' statements for eyfs

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*** EXTRA PAGE ADDED. For completeness, I've added a separate page showing the Characteristics of Learning in the same format.*** This document uses the 'Unique child: observing what a child is learning' statements from the newly published 'Development matters in the eyfs', Mar More…ch 2012. I'm planning to use it for tracking my nursery and reception children from September (alongside whatever e-profile is produced for us to use in Autumn). Hence I've only included ages 22-36 months, 30-50 months, 40-60 moths & ELG.

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    A unique child - observing what a child is learning.doc (117kb, Word document)
  • Word documentPupil assessment
    Characteristics of effective learning.doc (32kb, Word document)
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thank you really helpful for report writing

from ladybird22, 07 June 2014
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Marvellous/great / sooo useful thank you - what more can I say!

from 51strong, 28 April 2014
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Extremely useful!! Thank you!!

from Jend08, 01 April 2014
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Excellent resource. Thanks for sharing...very useful

from lepa, 31 March 2014
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Fantastic! Thank you very much.

from 01gifkinsh, 02 November 2013
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