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Last updated 02 September 2014, created 21 January 2008, viewed 21,886

Looks like a blank document but when you right click on the toolbar it has all the P scales for all subjects. For Word 2007 users, once the document opens click the ‘Add-ins’ tab at the top and all the different P scales will appear. Click on each icon to reveal P scale.

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Blank document. Tried to follow the instructions left by another user, but unfortunately, they did not work.

from JEMMASTORY, 02 September 2014
(report comment) 1 out of 5

Initially it opened up as a blank doc as stated above but if you have the newer versions of word the instructions that also go with it don't work. But from scrolling down there is a comment that explains how to get to it. 1. Right click anywhere on the toolbar. 2. Select the option 'Customise Quick Access Toolbar..' 3. On the 'Choose commands from' Select the option 'All Commands' 4. Scroll down and select Auto text and click add (then ok) 5. On the top left hand corner the auto text icon should now appear and you can click on that and you should be able to add in the relevant text. Hope this helps

from RhianAuty, 20 January 2014
(report comment) 4 out of 5

This was a blank document

from henryhoo, 06 December 2013
(report comment) 1 out of 5

What makes it not a Blank Document - when you have tried to find the above add on bit?????

from Drummy, 18 October 2013
(report comment) 1 out of 5

Blank document when opened in Microsoft 2010...

from miss. me, 08 September 2013
(report comment) 1 out of 5
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