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Flooding - Persuasive Leaflet Writer

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Last updated 19 July 2012, created 05 July 2011, viewed 5,124

One of a series of TESiboard ( ) leaflet writers on the subject of Water Vulnerability. Use this resource as part of Water Week (July) or as part of any Water or Weather topic. Some of the images in these resources are courtesy of Oxfam Words & Pictures 2011, in partnershi More…p with TES. They may not be reproduced for commercial purposes or for dissemination beyond the educational institution of the person using or downloading the material.

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Producer's Note: Press the "Play" button, above, to get this to play in the page on TES. If you click anywhere else, the file will be offered as a download. Playing it back, after download on your computer, is not impossible but sometimes a bit unpredictable.

from Steve Rawlins, 07 July 2011
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