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Pie Corbett KS2 Creative Writing activities

Last updated 09 April 2013, created 01 December 2011, viewed 74,687

These KS2 creative writing resources are designed to supplement and support the Igniting Writing range of materials, although they can be used in their own right too. They feature exclusive Pie Corbett activities based around images from the Igniting Writing CD-ROMs.

Downloads and web links

  • for pupils

  • pdf documentActivity
    Pie Corbett_Magic Bed activity.pdf (170kb, pdf document)
  • Image documentActivity
    Pie Corbett_Magic Bed image.JPG (47kb, Image document)
  • pdf documentActivity
    Pie Corbett_waves activity.pdf (117kb, pdf document)
  • Image documentActivity
    Pie Corbett_Waves Image.JPG (65kb, Image document)
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