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Post-threshold pay scale

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All teacher pay scales in full

(Unchanged from 2010)

Qualified teachers who reach the top of the main pay scale can apply to be assessed against eight national standards and if they meet the standards, cross More…the ‘threshold’ to the upper pay scale. The threshold provides an opportunity for good classroom teachers to progress from M6 to a higher salary range.

Teachers on the upper pay scale receive the usual salary rise when the pay scales are up-rated. However, progression on the upper pay scale is performance based and governing bodies make the decisions on progression, based on recommendations from heads. Teachers don’t normally move through the upper pay scale more frequently than every two years.

Pay scale for post-threshold teachers

Scale pointAnnual salary England and Wales excluding London
(band D)
Annual salary inner London area
(band A)
Annual salary outer London area
(band B)
Annual salary Fringe area
(band C)

Source: School Teachers’ Review Body

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I am currently on UPS2. I am thinking of applying for a post which is one term temporary with maximum pay of M6. Does this mean I lose my UPS altogether or would I be able to renegotiate it for the in any future post?

from arlene61, 10 July 2014
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Hi, recent changes in legislation mean that a new employer does not necessarily have to match your previous main scale pay point. Many new starters on the upper payscale are being offered m6 by their new schools. You will have to meet performance management criteria before being eligible to progress up to UPS. Thanks Mr Gove.

from ameena, 01 July 2014
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i was on U1 but left teaching for 18 months. i am now looking for permanent positions again - do I automatically go back on U1, or do I have to go through the threshold process again?

from scurtis23, 19 May 2014
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I am a US teacher looking to teach in the Hednesford area. I have a Master's degree and 11 years experience teaching Primary-year 3. Can anyone advise me on what Spine point I would expect to start in?

from Ginana7, 01 May 2014
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Does one get paid for mentoring trainee teachers I have done about 40 in my career, BT`s, NQT`s, `GTP`s, Teach First etc. I heard recently that I should be paid from the payments Universities make to the school. Is that the case?
I have responsibility as ks 3 coordinator and I would like to know what my teaching hours should be. I presently do 38h in two weeks

from blwilliams, 02 March 2014
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Most school's put their pay review to governors around December time and once all are approved you should receive an annual pay statement signed by the head on behalf of the governors.
For your colleague, he/she needs to complete the post threshold form and usually the head should organise an interview with the member of staff to discuss why they are eligible to move onto the upper pay spine. The forms say they should be submitted by 31st Oct however if submitted after there shouldn't be a problem and pay is always back-dated.
If you haven't had your annual pay statement I wouldn't worry and give it another month before chasing it. However, if your colleague hasn't completed any forms, they should definitely follow this up.

It is all at the discretion of the Head so unfortunately the LA can't help.

from babybird, 03 January 2014
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Can anyone help me?

We have an acting head and I have put in my application to go from ups1 to ups2. I done this back in September 2013, after my old head had informed me he would recommend I moved up. I have met all of my targets however I have not heard anything back from my head. I have spoken to my line manager and I am being told I have to wait for the whole school to put their performance management reviews in and he will look at them all together. Is this right? It's now December, how long should I wait for an answer?

I have spoken to my local education authority and the department for education however neither can help?

On another note I have carried out a member of my teams performance management review and recommended he goes from main scale to ups1. We submitted the application in writing (i am unsure what round it was) but again he has heard nothing back. Is this right ??

I feel we are being pushed from pillow to post.

from kevin1980, 17 December 2013
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I live and work in the west country as a teacher lecturer. there are no transport links between my place of work and home. it costs me over £5500 per year (that’s after tax) to simply get to work. I have no car share opportunities either.
cost of living is high across the board in the uk and the pay benefits should be means tested rather than simply applied to The city of London PLC and fringe

from MrPGP, 07 October 2013
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i am on UPS1 I am looking to change jobs if I get a post advertised as main scale will I still get UPS1?

from geg1077, 25 September 2013
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Iam on UPS3 and have the minimum TLR (£2535). Iam a classroom teacher teaching two subjects. I have been told that because of the UPS3 and TLR I have the extra responsibility of being head of science and all that entails, I am responsible for day to day running of the school Which is quite a big job and also for assessment of all subjects across the secondary phase of the school. I also have to mentor an unqualified teacher. I have to report on progress across the key stages also
I am told that I am part of the management team (not leadership) but I am not paid on the management scale. Can you tell me if this is correct or should I be on another scale.

from smcnamara7, 16 July 2013
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Hi I am on UPS1 and due for UPS 2 in September. I know with M6-UPS1 I had to submit paperwork (form) but my understanding is I don't have to do anything for UPS2 (it just happens?) My performance management is good. However how do I know it has been submitted and when will I find out. I only worry as we have a new headteacher next year, do I just send an email to my current head and ask?!?!

from victoriajacksonz, 23 June 2013
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No you have will need to wait a year. You have to prove that you can fulfil the post threshold standards...It takes time...and costs the school money. So they will want you to wait! The academies have to work to same rules as other schools.

from paulaturner, 11 June 2013
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I have read all the comments but can't seem to find an answer to my query. I am going onto M6 in September and wondered if I could apply for threshold straight away ( as it probably won't be there next year!), can I do that? I work in an academy so can the head set his own rules?


from yorkshiretyke, 09 June 2013
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Looking at Phllfallout's post perhaps I should say I am in my 9th year of being a qualified teacher. I taught as an unqualified teacher in F.E for two years prior to that - but no one has ever wanted to take that into account... so I won't mention it!

from Mrhiphop, 02 April 2013
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I have been declined my mover to UPS1 as my head said that school A*-C figures were down on the previous year. I met or exceeded all of my Performance management targets and do not teach a core subject nor did i teach exam subjects that year only BTEC. Can he do this??? If so how?

from gingeral, 03 March 2013
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barclaysmithi - All PM reviews should legally be completed and signed off by October 31st.!!

from BWFCDigory, 10 January 2013
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Some advice/information please.
I qualified for UPS1 September 2009. Thus, could have moved to UPS2 September 2011.

Our school holds their performance management meetings in July, but this past year they got postponed to December just gone. Presumably I can ask for a backdating to September 2012 since the school did not hold the PM
meetings when they should have done?

What about backdating from September 2011? Was it my responsiblity to apply for progression to UPS2 and have therefore missed out due to my ignorance, or, as I believe I have read in NUT paperwork, should the head have mentioned it during my PM meetings and automatically put me forward?
Thank you for you facts on statutory law/requirements.

from barclaysmithl, 06 January 2013
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Does anyone know if movement through the upper pay scales contribute to master degree credits? Thanks.

from VHeal, 05 December 2012
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Hi, I applied for threshold in june and have yet to hear anything. Unfortunately I have moved school, LEA and union since then, and both unions are refusing to help me! So can anyone give me an estimated amount of time to wait?

from clairesta, 27 November 2012
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Does anyone know if a teacher can lose their UPS?

from rebecca71, 30 October 2012
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The form is confusing as it seems to say that M6 teachers can apply anytime this academic year and up to October of next. I handed mine in but was told I couldn't apply till next year as I won't have my performance management for years 5 and 6 until then. So why doesn't the form tell us to apply only in the autumn of our 7th year? Philfallout's post seems to make sense - perhaps he could offer his services for writing the next threshold form!

from zooropa44, 13 October 2012
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I have applied to go onto the upper pay scale this year-sep 2012 but there seem doubts around if this still exists and if I can actually be awarded in this way-there are no issues regarding my performance and I want to know if this is still possible. There is no real help regarding this anywhere!

from roshumphris, 21 September 2012
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I forgot to mention that I'm not at work at the moment as I am recovering from an operation.

from ChezzaC, 21 September 2012
(report comment)

To the ladies off on maternity, I have just gone through threshold having been off for 2 years one baby after the other! They are not allowed to penalise for being in maternity. You would be allowed to be assessed on just one pm cycle, or, if like me you have none in previous 2 years, you can revert back to building a portfolio to provide evidence for the standards.
Remember that they have to provide you with a solid reason for not meeting any of the standards, and absence due to maternity is not allowed to be one of the reasons. Good luck!

from kwis345, 15 September 2012
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I'm going to be on m6 in september, can i apply for threshold straight away or do i have to be on it for a year?

from suzismith, 31 March 2012
(report comment)

The second report says p standards are outdated and will be removed. It implies this will have an impact on UPS (As P standards determine whether this is reached) but refuses to comment on teachers pay, there are however a new set of "master level" teacher standards that I presume will be used to decided teacher pay gradings. However there is no set time a teacher has to be teaching to show they are meeting these standards.

from bobscat, 16 March 2012
(report comment) dh said that ups payments were changing ie being stopped...but I can't find anything about this ...anyone know anything?

from aneka, 21 February 2012
(report comment)

Any advice would be much appreciated! I joined a new school in September on M6 as an English Teacher. 7 Weeks in I was promoted to Head of College on L1. I am relocating to Brighton in September and wonder where I stand pay scale wise as I have jumped over Threshold - will I have to go back to M6 or can I apply for L1 roles? Also what is the pay scale for a Head of English?

from Carlia, 14 January 2012
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We are on a forum for issues not writing a CV. So just like your text messages its the content thats important.
Talking of which.. the advise should have been don't worry; the threshold payment will be back dated. Hopefully you have the common sense to be in a Union so contact your regional officer..or better still tell your Headteacher you have done..he will probably react a bit more positively. You have applied before 31st Oct.
btw..l don't care if the semi colon is looks good!!

from geofffewtrell, 07 December 2011
(report comment)

@leroyp - Contact your LEA HR department for guidance, or your Union. Your school have a responsibility to do these things at the appropriate time and may have breached your T&Cs by not doing so.

As a side comment, I'm disgusted by some of the grammar and spelling above; how are children supposed to be able to leave school with a reasonable grasp of English when those teaching them have none!

from HRSpecial, 28 November 2011
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Hello everyone,
I am currently on the M6 pay scale and have applied for post treshold in July 2011. At the time, my head and deputy head said they will look at it "soon". End of September, still no news, I asked them if they looked at it. Answer: we will look at it shortly after half term (October half term...) I still haven't heard anything at all and asked them again this week and was told "we haven't had time to look at it yet but we will do soon".
Should I be worried it is taking that long? I have read somewhere you had to apply before the 31st Oct. 2011. Does that mean I will not be able to go post treshold this year? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

from leroyp, 27 November 2011
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I am a little concerned. I passed the threshold in 2001 and then left the country to teach abroad for a number of years. I have now returned and despite stating this in my application and then confirming at interview, I have been offered a salary M5 plus TLR 2. Will I jeopardize my job offer if I query what I see as an incorrect pay scale for the role : Inclusion Manager- and also part of the SLT? Something just doesn't add up!

from jsrobinson, 16 November 2011
(report comment)

Hi everyone,
I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not it is still possible to apply for Threshold early? I am on M5 at the moment, and I was told that it is possible, but I can't find the information anywhere. I fulfil all the criteria for the post threshold standards and I am currently performing the role of 2nd in charge without holding the post officially. Looks like in the current climate there won't be a possibility of a TLR, so I was looking to try to move up to UPS early. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

from CARRAGHER23, 12 October 2011
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Hi, could somebody please help with my question, I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I will provided as much information as possible. I am currently on UP1, moving to UPS2 this month, I also am KS1 leader and KS1 literacy coordinator (in charge of all areas including teaching and learning, staff training, attainment and data). For these roles I get a TLR2 (approximately worth £7000). My HT has told me the management structure is changing as we are a very large school in London and he would like me to apply for one if the two assistant head posts which will be created next half term. The roles will be similar to what I do now minus the literacy lesson planning and book scrutiny, focusing more on attainment and data. Now for my question! If I accept this new role will I drop in pay when I move over to the leadership pay spine? Does he have to match my UP2 + TLR earnings or just my UP2 wage? I want this role for my own PD but don't want to lose money! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

from leeda99, 18 September 2011
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In the comment above, I forgot to mention the personal allowance and childcare vouchers. The final paragraph should read:

And Tax is 0% up to £7,475, and then 20% on the next £35,000 and then 40% on anything over that (so you won't pay 40% until you hit £42,475) BUT your pension, childcare vouchers & NUT subscription is tax free so e.g. you wouldn't pay 40% tax as a teacher in the pension scheme even if you earned about £45,000 (pension) or £48,000 (pension & childcare vouchers) .Always take the pay rise, you'll never be worse off due to tax (you may lose your child benefit, but that's another story).

from philfallout, 15 September 2011
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Ok the simple version that I think is now the process

There is no formal application process. I believe that you just need to write a letter to your headteacher to say that you wish to apply and that you believe that you are working within the requirements of the professional standards of the UPS. You may be asked to prove this but I believe it is up to your headteacher (who through the last 2 years of performance management and knowing you as a profesional) should be able to recommend you to the govenors that you are suitable to go through the threshold.
It is recommended that your performance mangagment targets for the last two years should reflect the professional standards for UPS so that this makes it evident to the head and govenors.
If your headteacher then decides to make things difficult that you have not specific post threshold targets then this then becomes the fault of the person who conducted your performance management with you as they should have directed you to do so. I think it should be easily sorted although you may need to write a more detailed letter outlining how you have met the criteria for the post threshold standards.

again I hope this helps and please people put me right if this is wrong. It's just what I have been told

from nicktheteacher, 24 August 2011
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Titchfield, i was on MPS6 for a year and successfully applied at the end of that year, so will now start on UPS1 in sept 2011.
It might be a rule your head made up, but surely not the normal practice.
I would ask him about it.

from brosgidi, 17 August 2011
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Hi, all your comments make interesting reading however I don't think I have found the answer to the question I have to ask, so if anyone knows the answer I would really apprieciate it. Thank you.
I have just completed a year on M6. When I spoke to my head about threshold he said that he would totally recommend me for it based on my performance year! He says that I have to be on M6 for 2 years before it would even be considered. Is he right? If not can anyone point me to the paperwork to say I can have it now.

from Titchfield, 16 August 2011
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@Ruthstone your tlr is pro-rata the same as your salary - eg 0.4 timetable = 0.4 of a tlr - the way of the world

from mnicholls10, 12 August 2011
(report comment)

Hi, I reached M6 in Sept 2007 but have done nothing about threshold (focused on getting myself promoted rather than threshold but now realise I should have done both) - should I go for it? I am due to finish working for my present scchool in August this year as I've moved location. Could I complete paperwork and give in before the end of the holidays or should I forget it and just wait until I find a new job and have proved my worth all over again?

from Northernlady, 06 August 2011
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Hi I was wondering if anyone has any advice. I have just finished for the holidays and will be starting on m6 in September 2011, am I eligible to apply for threshold or do I have to complete the year first?

from mandip, 27 July 2011
(report comment)

Was also wondering about losing UPS3. My head 'suggested' that if UPS didnt want the responsibility they could step dowm. Also comments were made about meeting all the Post Threshold requirement even though UPS3 had been reached. Surely UPS3 are not expected to go through Post Threshold requirements every year in perfomance mangement if they have already been awarded UP3??

from ginntonix, 25 July 2011
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I should imagine it would be impossible to lose your UPS3 as the evidence that got you there cannot be erased. These processes are all documented. You cannot lose your UPS3. You can add to it, like for instance applying for TL or ET (Teacher of Excellence) status or even MS (management).

from gloriafarley123xyz, 20 July 2011
(report comment)

Hi can anyone tell me what the pay is for going through threshold. How long can a HT take to say you have been successful? I have just completed my PM so just waiting for assessment to see if I have gone through the threshold.


from skybloo, 14 July 2011
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I ve worked this year on the SLT payscale. If I go back to be a class teacher, where should I be placed, on main scale or upper scale?? Thanks

from ricardodiber, 02 June 2011
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If your on UPS3 can it be taken away from you?

from catharmstead, 22 May 2011
(report comment)

I am eligible to apply for threshold this year and have been told that I just need to submit a letter of application to my head who will then consider my last two year's performance management. Does anyone have a sample letter I can look at or recommend a website/s? Ta very much in advance.

from maesteg, 14 May 2011
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Can anyone help? I am returning to teaching after bringing up children for 5 years. When I left I was on UP1 pay scale. Should I be paid on this scale on my return or not? I can't find out much about it.

from rozzy15, 08 May 2011
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Hi, wonder if anyone could help as I'm really confused! I'm currently on M6 and have just secured a job as key stage leader at another school for September. Does my current head sort out my going through threshold or is it up to my new school? They are both in the same authority. Also what does it involve as my head is a new head and isn't sure what either of us have to do! Thanks for any advice in advance!

from clairebear, 07 May 2011
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I am on m6 at present and when I met with the head regarding threshold, I was told that I should not have a problem. However, since then I have fallen pregnant and will start maternity in October. Can I still apply for threshold even though I am going off for several months?
Thanks for the help

from rachieb1976, 25 April 2011
(report comment)

Hi Ruthie66. TLR 2b is slap bang in the middle.

from musoguitar, 13 April 2011
(report comment)

Can anyone tell me - is TLR 2b the higher end of the TLR 2 scale or the lower? Thanks

from Ruthie66, 04 April 2011
(report comment)

Grammar and spellings are most likely bad due to the time messages were sent and alcohol consumpptiounxx!. Most comments were probably made on a Friday or during the holls.

from suntiger, 31 January 2011
(report comment)

Hi, I may seem a little out of the loop here but I need some advice! I'm in my fifth year of teaching (NQT year 2006-2007), and so I guess I'm on M5? So when do I apply for Threshold? This coming September? I'm also considering moving schools, so would I ask my present head or my possible new head? Also, how do you apply, is it a letter to your head to suggest interest first? Sorry, piling on the questions! Thank you very much for any help.

from maturemac, 31 January 2011
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dont you just hate the school that over ride the ofsted inspectors. My school is a good example. prior to ofsted the keystage leaders have watched only what you call satisfactory lessons but ofsted believe they have been good and outstanding. Now we've been told after key stage leaders have had another shot at watching our lessons we are satisfactory with good elements. What a joke!!!!... They love the POWER!

from amaani, 15 December 2010
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Are these figures minimum pay or average for the country (outside of London accepted)?

from cjadams, 16 November 2010
(report comment)

I have retired. I was on U3. I have just been asked into my "old" school on supply. Will I get paid pro rata as U3 or will I revert back to mainscale as I will not be performing any of the additional responsibilities expected of post threshold holders in my school?

from shrubsall, 18 October 2010
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I am currently on M6 of the main pay spine and I have recently submitted a letter to my headteacher to request assessment against the core and post-threshold standards. You can ask for assessment anytime between the 1st September 2010 and 31st October 2011. You no longer need to complete a portfolio etc as it is now based on your most recent two years performance management. My move onto the upper pay scale was agreed today and hence I will receive pay in light of this from September 2011. You just write to your headteacher informing them of your intention to request an assessment. They advise that you complete your performance management cycle for the this year before requesting assessment as it gives you a cycle where you have more teaching experience, however I submitted early as I knew I would meet the standards and am due to go on maternity leave soon so would not actually fit in a full cyle this year.

from Always Learning, 15 October 2010
(report comment)

I am currently on M6 and am a little confused about threshold. Do I apply this year or do I have to wait until next academic year. How do I go about applying to go through threshold? Thanks

from anniegg, 11 September 2010
(report comment)

God help us all if the level of teaching these days is reflected in the level of grammar in these comments

from francish7, 06 September 2010
(report comment)

Threshold success is now based on two successful performance management reviews. Note, these must be your most recent 2 years.

from biddlerbee, 14 July 2010
(report comment)

Is there any good resources for completing a Threshold application form? I am applying now for september 2010, and don't want to miss anything out!

from manwyll, 30 June 2010
(report comment)

It's the payspine that's been frozen, not the ability to move up it. If you were due to move to UPS1 this September you can still do so.

from joannagb, 30 June 2010
(report comment)

My school is still carrying out the threshold applications this summer - there would be a riot if they didn't. It seems to me that the budget only froze our pay for two years, but did not say that we could still not move up the pay spine - as that has huge implcations for most teachers going both the main and upper pay scale. It seems to me that we will be getting the real bad news after the pay review next year when they will announce cuts to budgets and of course pensions. Though the government will have to change the whole payment structure in order for you not to be able to go through threshold next year and that is not as easy as they might think. If you are worried not speak to your union - while you have them before were all working in academys! Though i imagine no-one really will know what is gonig on. Best of luck with it all.

from Mazzaspazza, 23 June 2010
(report comment)

I want to know that too!

I'm currently on M6 and wanted to hand in my Threshold form this year... but not sure if I can now. Anyone know?

from primteach, 23 June 2010
(report comment)

I'm on M6 NEXT yr but will thresold exist to move up to at the end of next yr or not? After todays budget?

from kaffchick, 22 June 2010
(report comment)

I work 3 days and coordinate Art/Music/DT. Was given only 1/2 of TLR payment as work part time. Is this right? Can I claim the full payment as I do the full job?

from ruthstone, 22 June 2010
(report comment)

TLRs are paid on top of your main scale or upper scale salary. So if you were earning £20,000 for M1 (I know the figures are wrong - just an example!) plus £3,000 TLR, when you go onto upper scale your salary would be £30,000 UPS1 plus the £3,000 TLR.

Please ignore all numbers - just an example!!

from lil miss, 02 June 2010
(report comment)

Can anyone help? What happens if in your 5 years leading up to post threshold status you are already earning equal to or above the U1 pay rate? Through TLRs this could well be me next year. Is that taken into consideration?

from JoelSmith, 08 May 2010
(report comment)

Please understand that only pay above £37k is taxed at 40%.
Tax doesn't just jump up like that.

Your first 5ish grand is tax free,
then up to 10k? 15k? is at 10%
etc etc

from Jummeh, 05 May 2010
(report comment)

I have just started a contract in a inner london primary .I started just after the easter half term from 19th April to July 31st. . The head teacher said come september i will be given a new this i will be missing out on August pay....

from melomcleod, 25 April 2010
(report comment)

your better off in the fringe and outer london zones once you take the 40% tax rate for earning over £37,401. Basically the £40K inner london pay becomes £24k while the same scales on the fringe is £27 after tax (£3k better off ) and £29k after tax for outer london.

I think it is scandalous that fat cats earning £100-£150k are taced the same as people on £37,400 but thats another discussion.

from neswardo, 07 April 2010
(report comment)

i work in a wonderful inner city london school, please ignore such sweeping statements of garbage like the above!

from jchurch, 24 February 2010
(report comment)

No-one in their right mind would teach in inner City London schools without a few more bob for their trouble!

from hoof_hearted, 14 December 2009
(report comment)

I live in Tunbridge Wells which is hideously expensive and we get nothing additional despite it being more expensive than much of London!

from Alex26, 11 December 2009
(report comment)

Very expensive living in Herts too but we only get a tiny fringe payment.

from joannebishop, 09 December 2009
(report comment)

well said!

from surviving, 09 December 2009
(report comment)

Because it is more expensive to live in London, of course

from giraffe, 03 December 2009
(report comment)

why shouldhan the the teachers in London get paided a higher salary than the rest of the country.

from shall1808, 25 November 2009
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