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Post-threshold pay scale

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All teacher pay scales in full

(Unchanged from 2010)

Qualified teachers who reach the top of the main pay scale can apply to be assessed against eight national standards and if they meet the standards, cross More…the ‘threshold’ to the upper pay scale. The threshold provides an opportunity for good classroom teachers to progress from M6 to a higher salary range.

Teachers on the upper pay scale receive the usual salary rise when the pay scales are up-rated. However, progression on the upper pay scale is performance based and governing bodies make the decisions on progression, based on recommendations from heads. Teachers don’t normally move through the upper pay scale more frequently than every two years.

Pay scale for post-threshold teachers

Scale pointAnnual salary England and Wales excluding London
(band D)
Annual salary inner London area
(band A)
Annual salary outer London area
(band B)
Annual salary Fringe area
(band C)

Source: School Teachers’ Review Body

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I am currently on UPS2. I am thinking of applying for a post which is one term temporary with maximum pay of M6. Does this mean I lose my UPS altogether or would I be able to renegotiate it for the in any future post?

from arlene61, 10 July 2014
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Hi, recent changes in legislation mean that a new employer does not necessarily have to match your previous main scale pay point. Many new starters on the upper payscale are being offered m6 by their new schools. You will have to meet performance management criteria before being eligible to progress up to UPS. Thanks Mr Gove.

from ameena, 01 July 2014
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i was on U1 but left teaching for 18 months. i am now looking for permanent positions again - do I automatically go back on U1, or do I have to go through the threshold process again?

from scurtis23, 19 May 2014
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I am a US teacher looking to teach in the Hednesford area. I have a Master's degree and 11 years experience teaching Primary-year 3. Can anyone advise me on what Spine point I would expect to start in?

from Ginana7, 01 May 2014
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Does one get paid for mentoring trainee teachers I have done about 40 in my career, BT`s, NQT`s, `GTP`s, Teach First etc. I heard recently that I should be paid from the payments Universities make to the school. Is that the case?
I have responsibility as ks 3 coordinator and I would like to know what my teaching hours should be. I presently do 38h in two weeks

from blwilliams, 02 March 2014
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