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Qualified teachers' pay scales

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All teacher pay scales in full

(Unchanged from 2010)

Classroom teachers start on the main pay scale, usually on point M1 although other teaching experience may push them higher up the scale. Schools may also More…award discretionary points for other relevant experience. Each school’s pay policy should explain how these points are awarded.

Teachers are awarded a pay rise when the pay scales and allowances are updated. Each September, teachers on the main pay scale move to the next point on the scale, subject to satisfactory performance, and may even advance by two points if their performance is excellent.

Qualified teachers who reach the top of the main pay scale can apply to be assessed against eight national standards and if they meet the standards, cross the ‘threshold’ to the upper pay scale. The threshold provides an opportunity for good classroom teachers to progress from M6 to a higher salary range.

Teachers on the upper pay scale receive the usual salary rise when the pay scales are up-rated. However, progression on the upper pay scale is performance based and governing bodies make the decisions on progression, based on recommendations from heads. Teachers don’t normally move through the upper pay scale more frequently than every two years.

The ATL union has produced a PDF factsheet about threshold and upper pay scale progression, with answers to many common queries on when and how to apply.

Classroom teachers may also be eligible for other payments including Teaching and Learning Responsibilities (TLR) payments and special needs allowances.


Scale pointAnnual salary England and Wales excluding  London
(band D)
Annual salary inner London area
(band A)
Annual salary outer London area
(band B)
Annual salary Fringe area
(band C)

Source: School Teachers’ Review Body

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I have 9 years of experience as a government permanent Mathematics teacher in university entrances classes and secondary grades. I am interested in teaching in UK.I have BSc degree with second class(upper division). And i have postgraduate diploma in education with merit.I have completed Master in Science ( sp. Mathematics Education).
Can i work as a teacher in uk? What should i do?

from sumuduabeysinghe, 27 August 2014
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I really need some advice!

I have been teaching at the same school for 8 years and have been on a permanent full time contract. However, I arrived off my holiday today to find a temporary teacher contract until 31st August 2015! I had no idea my contract was changing or my job as I have been given my class for next year as well as literacy lead. Also, what's panicking me more is I am pregnant due to go on Mat leave in Nov.

What should do? Is this normal? Do I contact my LA? Sorry for all the questions but I am alittle bit worried about what's going on.

from Becci84, 23 August 2014
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I qualified overseas in 2008 and I was excempt from my NQT year as I did it overseas. I then worked for 3 years as a Nursery Nurse, and then Teacher for the last 3 years. What point should I be on? Could I ask point 5?

from lacris, 13 July 2014
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I finished my NQT year in May, as I started it in May last year (a year after graduating). Despite this, I am still being paid as an NQT. Am I entitled to be paid more? If so, how can I prove this? As I have been told my pay will only go up in September.

from efullwood, 08 July 2014
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If per example i have master´s degree can i have in my first year contracts above M1 pay scale in a school??

from alfredo silva, 18 May 2014
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Hi - have looked for the answer to this before I came here, but to no avail... I have taught sporadically since 2004 - was 2 weeks shy ( started on a temporary contract when a staff member was ill) of 3 years , I have since done 4 terms of supply ( 2 terms at the same school) which is the same I have also taught on a contract for 2 terms) I have now been remployed by this same school and wondering what scale I should be on? I have taught on contract for 3 years and 2 terms. Does this mean I will be on MS4 until September ( 1 term )and then go up to MS5 or will I go on MS5 now as been at the school 2 terms on supply? I also have recently completed a PGDiploma.
Hope that waffle makes sense? Anyhelp would be great.

Many thanks

from arpresu8, 01 April 2014
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Hi all,

Does anyone know what salary I would start on as a transfer after 7 years in FE with a post complsory PGCE in innner London to a school sixth form? The job ofers MPS +TLR 2b (£4,270 have no understanding at all of the Teachers' Salary Scale and I am about to go onto the final year of my own scale in FE,

Thanks in advance for any kindy volunteered illumination (possibly I should contact the school HR dept?)

from Arkady, 21 March 2014
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Hi, appreciate any advice.

8 years ago I worked at an inner London pupil referral unit for 3 years teaching Citizenship and PSHE to 11-16 year olds as an unqualified teacher.
I am currently taking a Citizenship PGCE,and the school where I am taking my SE B have asked me to apply for a vacancy. They are impressed with the work I am doing, and I believe this is in no small part due to my previous experience.
The school is an outer London school and has offered outer London M pay scale to successful applicants.

Regarding my starting salary as an NQT, how much negotiating power does my previous experience give me?

Many thanks.

from Tonysap, 19 March 2014
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New teachers can earn around £16,000 for training on the governments new School Direct Salaried training option. All other routes, undergraduate or postgraduate, do not pay anything and they require you to pay fees - but you can get a grant or bursary to help cover the costs.

It is such a shame that every reform seems to be aimed at stitching teachers up and there never seems to be a new initiative that will actually benefit us. However at least there are criteria that, if we meet, we should go up a pay grade automatically. At least there seems to be a way that you can progress regularly still (looking on the Brightside) as long as you make sure that you are fulfilling the pay point responsibilities for the school you work in.

from The Future Teacher, 06 March 2014
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I was on m6 with a TLR 2a in 2011, just about to apply for threshold. I then got cancer and left the job, taking a year to recover. I spent late 2012/13 doing supply, with the agency recognising my experience with higher pay after 13 weeks in any long term jobs I did. I just got appointed at an academy last month and they have put me on m5. Is this fair? Can I dispute it, and if so, how?

from Strangeo, 01 March 2014
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Are the pay scales the same for primary and secondary?

from woolly56, 01 March 2014
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hi, i have a degree in Speech and Language Therapy and a degree in Audiology. In addition to that I have a teachers' degree and teaching experience of 4 years. All degrees and experience I obtained in Belgium.
I'm looking into teaching jobs in London and was wondering what pay scale I can expect to start with?

from malkiabrams, 28 November 2013
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My husband has a degree in Business and Engineering and is thinking about training to become a Maths teacher. Are there any free training + bursary or evening training so that he can stay on his job until the training is completed? Otherwise we can't afford as we have a baby.

Also he earns around 30k per year. After training, would he earn at least 27k? Scale 4 - M4 band? We are in Bournemouth, Dorset. Thanks

from AndreaSelby81, 07 October 2013
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I completed my NQT year in July 2012 paid at scale point 1. I then completed 1 further year of teaching as a supply teacher. I am now looking for a permanent job. When I get a permanent job will I be on scale point 3? Do you still move up the point scales even if you are working on supply?

(Sept 2011 - July 2012: NQT year - Scale point 1)
(Sept 2012 - July 2013: on supply - Scale point 2)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

from katie1988, 03 September 2013
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I've been told by the head of my school that I would be progressing from M2 to M4 next year after a very successful year. However, the finance department have told me that this is in breech of the teachers terms & conditions. Is this correct?
I have been offered a retention payment for next year but I'm worried that this will conveniently disappear next year - I'd rather be on M4 and not have to worry about it.
Can someone tell me if moving up 2 points on the main scale is in breech of the teachers terms & conditions. Thanks :)

from ChemPixie, 23 July 2013
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Payscales are only there for reference now. Your pay will be dependent on your performance and will be done by the head teacher so you can start on m1 and end up on m6 in a year but is unlikely

from Alitheman99, 03 July 2013
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Hi, I am currently on M3, but with the changes to teacher's pay planned for the next few years, will I still move point by point through to M6 automatically as I have done the past few years? The new plans seem to be quite complex!

from andyatm, 26 June 2013
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Hi, I am due to start as an NQT in September as M1. Do I automatically move up the pay scale each academic year? So September 2014, would I be on M2? Do I have to show evidence that I deserve to be moved up the pay scale or is it automatic? Thank you!

from Charlotte Cummins, 23 June 2013
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Having experience in another country as Qualified Teacher does it count on the pay scale?

from Christina_1789, 23 June 2013
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No you can't skip NQT year. This means Newly Qualified Teacher and grants you additional PPA and CPD time as well as time for NQT training and access to a learning mentor to check that your practice is cohesive. QTS just means Qualified Teacher Status which you must have to be a qualified teacher.

from Della1986, 18 June 2013
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There are no firm answers to any pay scale questions because the pay scale is a guideline only. Your salary depends on your negotiating skills and how valuable you are, or can convince your school you are.

Obviously evidence helps enormously. A fistful of outstanding observations and references from previous tutors, teachers or employers will make your bargaining position far stronger. However if you haven't been bothered previously to apply for UPS you will be unlikely to be given UPS3 with no supporting evidence or proof that you can meet the professional standards required.

MathsBR and kwanjara are correct, it is possible for an NQT to start anywhere on the scale, and to progress at two points per year. I have even previously negotiated pay at 0.95 of a higher point in order to take the higher point to my next school. I have also been offered UPS before crossing threshold by a disorganised senior leadership team.

Anything is possible if you have confidence and don't believe the hyperbole, however the time to do this is when you are accepting the position, not months after your salary has been agreed, for obvious reasons.

from pugwashedcelica, 12 June 2013
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I have a tlr 2.7 attached to my new position...what would this be? Thank you

from hmclean, 27 May 2013
(report comment)

Holy smokes, this page is daunting: reams of questions, very few answers. Looks like TES need to design clear threads to make and follow responses?

from kh29, 23 May 2013
(report comment)

I am studying a BSc with QTS and this has placements on it so I skip NQT and go straight to QTS - will I then start out on M1 or go straight to M2?

from kpmarshall, 06 May 2013
(report comment)

Zoeylong, unless they have told you otherwise i would say you will be on M1 with extra pay for maths co-ordinator.

from jennywhitelam, 29 April 2013
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Can anyone help? I finish my NQT year in July - I've already been given a perminate contract and asked to be KS1 math coordinator - what will my pay be? Will it be m2 plus a TLR?

from zoeylong, 21 April 2013
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Can any one tell me what the TMS range means? (regarding salary)

Thank you

from Tabbatha, 14 April 2013
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I would like to relocate to the UK, am a USA-trained teacher with a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in my field and 18 years of K-12 public school teaching and 6 years in higher education. Could someone tell me where I would fall on the pay scale??

Thank you in advance.

from houstondma2013, 17 March 2013
(report comment)

Hoping someone can help...

I'm a qualified teacher
Taught in uk 4 years
1 year abroad

Where does this put me on pay scale?

from rabya, 11 March 2013
(report comment)

I taught on M1 i Scotland for a full year. I moved back to NI and have been subbing from Sept 2012 - Feb 2012 full time at one school. I noticed that despite moving up the payscale to M2 I am being paid at M1. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this would be? Thanks!

from Ruth Christie, 05 March 2013
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What If you have been working in a private school which pays staff a wage which is just under the main teaching pay scale. If I move to state school, would I be paid on the next pay scale up?

from zm2010, 02 December 2012
(report comment)

Just got on MP 6 can I apply for threshold or do I have to wait until I have been on MP6 for a year.

from lynnehoyle, 22 October 2012
(report comment)

Your pay go up every September only.

from emadoslo, 14 October 2012
(report comment)

I'm due to finish my NQT year in December, does my pay then go up straightaway.

from teacherW1983, 07 October 2012
(report comment)

I became a fully qualified teacher in 2009 and worked for a year in Scotland then moved down south where I have worked steadily ever since. A year and a half in Essex and since then in east London (six months) Islington (six weeks) and now in Leyton where I am going to enter into a perm contract. I cannot for the life of me work out what pay scale I should be! Can anyone help?!


from cracka, 26 September 2012
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Hi all
You only move up the pay scale when you have worked 26 weeks of the previous academic year. The increase only happens on 1st September each year and not at other times. It should happen automatically however on ocassion when moving schools to a different council you may need to provide evidence of employment history to your current council.
Having completed your NQT doesnt really come in to it, it is generally based on weeks of service. It is important that those with queries speak to their union reps (its what we pay them for after all).
Also do not expect to start on a higher pay grade if you haven't got paid qualified teaching time just because you have a masters or other relevant experience as many schools just cant afford to give you more than you are actually entitled to.
I would be glad to be paid M1 as an NQT on a permanent contract - I am now on M2 having done maternity covers and am on another maternity cover which should take me to M3 next year. However it is unlikely I will get a permanent job next year as most jobs will go to NQT's as they are cheaper. It seems 2 years experience is not a big difference to schools but a couple of grand in pay is.

I hope this was helpful and I urge anyone with questions regarding pay scales to speak to their union - they filled me in very well.

from kirstyhuff, 24 September 2012
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I started work at my school in jan 2011 and was paid long term supply rates but completed 2 terms of my NQT year. i then started a full contract in sept 2011 with 1 term of my nqt year left to do and was paid M1. my nqt year officially finished in jan 2012 but i stayed on m1, should this have gone up to M2 in jan 2012 after finishing my nqt year even though i was not paid m1 for the 1st 2 terms?

When i was put onto M1 with 1 term of my nqt year left to go i was also put onto full timetable, not that of an nqt.

any help would be much appreciated

from Luke Walker, 20 September 2012
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Hi, I have a BSc in Computing, PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector) and studied PGCE although did not quite completed. In terms of experience I have three years of permanent part-time teaching and three months of full time supply teaching.

I am now starting some supply teaching again and although I was paid £25 an hour previously this time the agency want to paid me £15 an hour. Is this fair pay for someone with my qualifications and experience.

from abdirahim, 13 September 2012
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I have an MA and three years experience as an unqualified teacher, it made no difference to my pay, I started on M1. However, I do think it varies from school to school so it may be worth asking.

from Lisa1809, 09 September 2012
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Expect to be on M1 starting salary. Most schools will only pay M1 for NQT's regardless of prior experience in the current climate, unless circumstances are truly exceptional.

It's not worth risking pricing yourself out the market by asking for more.

from TomAWood, 15 August 2012
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I am just wondering so I thought I would ask this question. I am moving to the UK (Hayes/Uxbridge area) spring/summer of 2013. I will have a masters degree in English and a TESOL cert (first thing I do when I get to UK is enroll in PCGE program), would I start at the 1 level or having a Masters degree will I start a little higher?

from amajamus, 23 July 2012
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Hi, I have just got a new job. In my last job I was post-threshold and was being paid on the upper payscale. I presume that I will be paid M6 in my new school (I have no extra responsibilities as I did in my old job) and that I will have to reapply to be post-threshold when I have worked there for a while. Is being post-threshold particular to the job that you are in or does it follow you from one job to the next automatically?

from katiecrunch1, 13 July 2012
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I have been Head of department for 1 year and have also completed 2 terms as head of department previously due to maternity leave. I have 6 full years teaching experience however only 1 year as a 'qualified' teacher. I was working for 5 years as an unqualified teacher. Which pay scale and at what level should I expect to receive? I am currently MPS + TLR. Many thanks

from younan melko, 13 July 2012
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I use to work in a college and since I have baby I decided I was going to apply with the agency for jobs in school. I worked in the college for 4 years, I have a PGCE in post 16 and I have been teaching as unqualified teacher for 4 years prior. However, I also have a joint degree in ICT and Education studies. Since my PGCE was in post 16 I decided to do the QTLS of which I am now qualified to teach in school. I got a temporary post in the school to cover someone who is off; for 3 days per week which is a part time contract, they sent me the contract that I will be paid unqualified teacher Point 5. Do you think that is correct? As I really do not understand it much, but I just dont want to ask them the questions and it affect me in any ways. Can you advise me please. Thanks.

from maxine73, 02 July 2012
(report comment)

I was wondering if I could have some advice. I have been on supply now for 3 years and now I have completed my NQT I hope I stand a better chance of gaining a permnanet position. I have an interview on Tuesday and if sucessful I was wondering what pay scale point to ask for. The job I have at, at the moment is a tempoary one on M1 as I complete my NQT. However with 3 years supply behind me I was wondering should I ask to be on M4?

from johndbell, 01 July 2012
(report comment)

wondering if someone can give me some advice. I work in the private sector in a psot 16 linked to a school. When I started I had a PGCE (FE) and was M6. There was a pay freeze which I have excepted for the last 5 years. The school
wanted me to convert to KS 3/4, which I have successfully passed and I now start teaching across the school in September. Contract has arrived and I am now an M3. feel like I am going backwards, and am wondering if this is legal.

from jules5, 30 June 2012
(report comment)

I am starting a Primary School Teaching Degree at MMU next year to become a Primary School Teacher.
I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a way around doing this degree, if there is a quicker option, and if there is a better option than this?
Thank you!

from pomfretkatie, 30 June 2012
(report comment)

Hi I have a question - I'm coming to the end of my GTP year in science. I have a PhD and about 8 years experience teaching another subject but not in state schools. I've been looking for jobs since January and had about 5 interviews, coming a close second every time (it appears). I've another next week... At the beginning of my job hunt I was told I could ask for M2 or even M3 but I don't know if I could do that at this point in the year; isn't it slim pickings now?! Thanks

from Emily T, 17 June 2012
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Hi. I qualified my ITT in 2010 and stayed on at my school part time (half a week- full week) doing PPA and other cover. I have moved up the payscale as a supply teacher. I was wondering, when I start in September ( I have been given a temporary full time contract at the school and this will be my official NQT year ) will I still start on M1? Thanks :-)

from josieharris, 16 June 2012
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Hi I just wanted to check something with you lovely lot.....I am currently working on main pay scale 6 and want to go through the threshold but have been told I need to work at MPS6 for 2 years-is this the case? As I'm not sure!
I should say my school is now an academy, could this have an effect?

Advice needed, thanks :)

from Blond_e82, 12 June 2012
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Hi, I am an Overseas Qualified Teacher with 5 years experience abroad. In London I have been working as a T.A. but doing much more than that. I teach Maths on a daily basis in Reception and participate in assessments, reports, weekly planning and so on.
I am now applying for Teaching positions.
Am I in M1 scale?
Are my years of experience taken into account?

I am in the process now of interviews and I would love to know more before I am surprised by some other information.

Please help!

from lemanata, 02 June 2012
(report comment)

Hi I was paid M1 during my NQT year last year but on sixth form college's pay scale. This year I am also on M1 in an academy. Should I be on M2? I didnt bring it up at interview as I thought the pay freeze meant I cant move up the scale at all. Please help, thanks.

from muslfc, 29 May 2012
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Hi I have been working on supply since Sep 2011. I will not complete my NQT induction until Feb 2013. I have worked on supply all of this year which is more than 26 weeks so in Sep should my pay automatically move up to M2 or will it stay at M1 until I have finished my NQT induction?

from khenerty, 29 May 2012
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I am qualified teacher (BA primary education with QTS achieved in 2004) and have been working as a qualified teacher for 8 years, but have not completed my NQT induction period formally. When I qualified, I moved to SPain and have been working in a British school here, where I was told I could complete my NQT year but this wasn't so. I have now been offered a job in the Uk (Leicester - public school) and I don't know what scale I would be on. So i would have to complete my NQT year but I have 8 years of qualified teaching experience. Please help.

from jennyhs00, 24 May 2012
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I am on M5 currently but have been asked to work 4 days next year. Is working out salary as simple as decucting a fifth of pay, or is there a scale somewhere to look at?

from eleanormperkins, 07 May 2012
(report comment)

I'm a newly qualified Australian teacher with five years training and one year experience. Does anyone know which point on the pay scale I'll enter when I start a job in Suffolk in September? Has anyone has this experience - does my year of teaching in Australia count in the UK?

from rosannacsugden, 05 May 2012
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Hi I am currently doing my NQT and was part time over two terms but the thrid term will be full time so will finish it by Christmas as im now in a full time job. As i will not have finished my nqt by sept but will have worked a full academic year will my salary go to M2 in september or will i have to wait until the following september when i will then have worked for 2 academic years in order to go up the scale. please help as im so confused. thanks

from Rhi. Kitch, 03 May 2012
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Hi. I am about to start my NQT year, but was wondering as I have a PhD, and two years of industry experience would I be starting on M1??

from Felix81, 23 April 2012
(report comment)

Hi There,

I have been teaching for 7 years. I started in State and then the last 4 years I have worked in Private.

I am looking to go back into state do I come in on M6?

from mistyhomes, 20 April 2012
(report comment)

In response to chantellegoff. You will always begin on Mainscale 1 regardless of extra experience/supply years. I found this out a few years ago. This is because you will need to complete an induction year. So M1 is the most relevant to this.

from ab2lgr, 15 April 2012
(report comment)

I'm on M5 at the moment and due to go on to M6 in sept, do I have to do a year on M6 or can I apply for ups straight away? xxx

from suzismith, 09 April 2012
(report comment)

Really confused. Just been offered a job in an inner london school. I will complete my PGCE in June and they have asked me to start in July but it will be unqualified teacher pay.
How much does that work out to be for the month?

from kiran zhn, 29 March 2012
(report comment)

i completed my PGCE in 2008 but i didnt complete my NQT until 2012.

i did supply work from 2008.

what pay scale should i be on?

from chantellegoff, 17 March 2012
(report comment)




from subhan03, 10 March 2012
(report comment)

I have over 10 years experience teaching EFL/ EAP and the odd bit of content. I am going to do a PGCE and move into R.E. I want to know what point of the scale I would likely start on once qualified. My highest annual salary to date was £26K at a university in the UK.

from Adam490, 10 March 2012
(report comment)

I am returning to work after a break for children, and the last post I had I was paid at M3 - in the November of that year I went on maternity and did not return. Does this year count - i.e. should I be paid at M4 in my next role or should I carry on at M3? Many thanks

from Jessie Watts, 08 March 2012
(report comment)

Please could anyone advise me. I am considering returning to teaching having left 15 years ago to bring up my children. I taught for 5 years as a classroom teacher and five years as the deputy head of an infant school. It was before the threshold was brought in so I didn't achieve that. Will I have to start again at the bottom of the pay scale, or will I be entitled to some experience points?

from FMM2, 02 March 2012
(report comment)

Shame on both counts then!! Thank you very much for the quick reply, it's good to know there are people out there willing to help those starting out in their career! J

from thetenthJ, 27 February 2012
(report comment)

Depends on the school, but given that redundancies and cuts are becoming ever more prevalent, I wouldn't hold my breath. Sorry to be pessimistic - we've just had our departments reshuffled and redundancies announced for the 2nd year running!

from johnodriscoll, 23 February 2012
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In answer to the question at the top of the page;

There are seperate pay spines for schools and FE colleges.

The pay spine above is for schools only.

M1 is the salary for the first year of a qualified teacher, M2 for the second year, and so on, for 6 years.

The pay spine for FE teachers can be viewed here:

In answer to another question, all amounts are before tax.

from tammiewhite, 13 February 2012
(report comment)

Are the Pay Scales before or after tax?

from ELMorrow, 17 January 2012
(report comment)

I am an NQT working in inner London area (band A) on M1. I am considering moving schools and one of the schools I am looking at is in Fringe area (band C). If I do move, I will actually drop almost £3000 in salary, compared to now, and will be earning over £4000 less than if I were to stay at my current school.

Could I skip to M3 so I would be earning only £1000 less than my current job, and £2000 less than what I would earn in my current job next year.

If I can't the move doesn't seem worth it, the drop in salary is too big, and I would be travelling further and paying more for transport.

from stressedsciencetrainee, 13 January 2012
(report comment)

Have a look at this web page it will tell you what you need to know! :O)

from sharon240375, 27 December 2011
(report comment)

Anyone know how long you need to be on MS6 before you can apply for UPS1 or is it automatic now? Also what evidence do I need to gather for this as I would like to get started on collecting this if possible? I was told it is less than it used to be. Has anyone out there been through this already?


from teatime23, 11 December 2011
(report comment)

Are management taking liberties? THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

'Classroom teachers start on the main pay scale, usually on point M1 although other teaching experience may push them higher up the scale.'

I started at my school on 1st January 2011. I am 28 years old and having 5 years experience as a chartered accountant with professional membership to CIMA. I was placed on M1. Fair enough I thought... at least I have a job and can pay the mortgage.

Come September 2011 I was not moved up a scale. "You need a years experience". I was told.

On 1st of January 2012 I will have worked at my school for a year. I have since been told I will not be moved up a pay scale in this date as this is only reviewed in September of 2012.

My temporary contract ends at the end of Easter 2012. I will still be on M1 according to what they have told me. Where will this leave me in terms of my next job? Will I start on M1 for another Year? Can anyone advise me?

Thank you!

from latics56, 25 November 2011
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With reference to Gail's article: 'Classroom teachers start on the main pay scale, usually on point M1 although other teaching experience may push them higher up the scale.' I'm about to finish my GTP year and become a NQT. How/where can I find out if my Master's degree, previous years of teaching experience etc will enable me to start higher up the pay scale than M1? Is it entirely at the school's discretion or are there Govt guidelines about what exactly counts as relevant experience/qualifications?

from ndrink16, 26 October 2011
(report comment)


I was on M5 when I was made redundant and now have not worked for 3 years. I am hoping to go back to work next September after completing a return to teaching cours. Will I then be on M6 and also would I be eligible for the Upper threashold application or would I have to wait for a few years?

from whyme, 22 October 2011
(report comment)

Can someone just clarify for me: i completed a full year as nqt last academic year on m1, now in septembers wage slip i am still on m1...i thought as its now my 2nd year id be on m2??? is this automatically the case? ive already queried it but the office werent aware of any rules??

from alicio, 01 October 2011
(report comment)

It sounds as though you should be on M2. You don't have to do a whole year on each point. There is a minimum number of weeks - not sure what the number is but apparently I exceeded it and it sounds as though you did more than me.

from beechbark, 28 September 2011
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I think that my pay has gone up to M2 when I should still be on M1!

I did supply (which doesn't count as it was just the odd day?) for one term, then had my own class full time for 2 terms - and my pay has gone up already! Shouldn't it be going up in January for me? Any response would be really helpful thanks!

from k8te008, 26 September 2011
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How long after completing M6 do I have to wait before applying for UPS1 ?

from oscullion, 22 September 2011
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I gained QTS in October 2003 coming into teaching via the Registered Teacher Scheme after taking and passing a Degree in Finance while I taught in a brilliant Primary School - I have since left that school.
However, I have been stuck at M6 for the last four years as I didn't apply for UPS at my previous school - four years there as PE and School Sport/Residential Visits Co-ordinator and I have not asked at my new school (been there since June 2010) where I am teaching with a Lower SEN allowance as I teach children excluded from mainstream school in a PRU attached to a school. What can I do, if anything to get myself onto UPS?

from Alf Ayed, 07 September 2011
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I am going into my final year of training this year, and so will be starting my NQT next academic year (Sept 2012). Do all NQT's start on M1 , or is the salary lower during your NQT year?
Thanks very much. RS

from RebeccaSnowdon, 07 September 2011
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I have been teaching supply for the past three years. September I will be doing my induction year; I have signed my contract and it stated that my payment would be m3. Is this correct? Can they change my contract althought I have signed it? I worry that they will say a few months down the line that I have been over payed. Any comments welcomed.

from catrinmali, 05 September 2011
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NQTs will generally start on M1, but a jump up the scale can be negotiated, dependent on experience. I've just finished my NQT year as a secondary physics teacher, and I got advanced up the scale on the basis of PhD and postdoctoral experience in my subject area. They offered M3 and I took it. Perhaps could have negotiated M4.

A colleage with a master's degree and further research experience in her field (chem) managed to renegotiate up to M2 after the start of the year, which was good news.

In short, nobody is promised anything more than M1; whether you can do better generally depends on you, but, perhaps moreover, on the school

from che.gannarelli, 22 August 2011
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Hello everyone just wondering if any of you knowledgable people might be able to help me. Ive been teaching for 10 year (4 full time, 5 the odd days of supply and 1 year of regular long term supply) Ive just been offered a regular 2 day a week job but have also just been sent a letter telling me I may be eligible to apply to cross the Threshold. Surely Im not after 6 years of bitty supply. I havent planned properly in 6 years. What do you think. Any suggestions?

from StrongLucy, 20 August 2011
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I'm a 51 year old MFL (French) teacher. I qualified as a mature student in 2006 but only achieved my induction in 2009 due to not being able to find full time work only contracts here and there. Since 2009 I've been working on and off as a supply teacher usually with the council, at times an agency.
Can I still move up the pay scale if i have not taught constantly for the whole year. I am starting a part time maternity cover (6months) again as i just cannot find permanent work and they have asked me to teach Spanish year 7 as well as French. What pay scale should I be on?
Thanks for any advice :)

from loamiral, 19 August 2011
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Hi I was wondering if anyone has any advice. I have just finished for the holidays and will be starting on m6 in September 2011, am I eligible to apply for threshold or do I have to complete the year first?

from mandip, 27 July 2011
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Does anyone know if i will receive my M6 pay increase if i am also going to be a TLR 2? Silly question but i wasnt sure!

from shoe, 16 July 2011
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Silly question that needs an answer: How do I know which scale point I am on? Someone told me to look on my P60, but I can`t find the information anywhere... and I really need to check in case I need to fill in forms to go through the threshold.

from seeker1, 09 July 2011
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Anybody know when pay scales for 2011 are released?

from misskoala, 08 July 2011
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Faithgoverner - " I have left the profession and contract and consult independently" - what do you do?

from harriet_fb, 30 June 2011
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I am PGCE student finshing this year still looking for a job and was wondering does the salary change for being 0.6 Fte?

from mrlloyd1, 19 June 2011
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I was wondering if there is anyone on M3 who works 2 days a week and what their take home salary is. I am at risk of having to leave teaching as I am unsuccessful in finding a job (over 50 applications sent - no interviews).

I may be able to secure a year long contract at my current school (currently temp term by term) but only for 2 days, unlikely that i can get three out of the school.

Wondering what my take home is on M3 with the taxable amounts raised I may be ok but does anyone have an actual answer. Thanks

from MissAimeeC, 17 June 2011
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I'm starting an NQT in september as an English teacher and I have an MA. Is it normal practice for people with MAs to start on M2, or even M3?


from PhillyB29, 11 June 2011
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Does anyone know whether TRL 2.1 is the same as 2b?

from thomasbug, 29 May 2011
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I have verbally agreed to take up a teaching post. Having now received the contract, I recognise the salary is below my current salary. I am preparing to contact the school and decline the offer. What do you think the outcome will be?

from beautyqueen, 07 May 2011
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i completed my NQT year last year but in Scotland where the pay scale is different. Now that I am working in England I have been put back to point 1 when if I had completed my NQT year here I would be on point 2. Does anyone have any information or advice about this?

from millian50, 04 May 2011
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Do I have to go up to M6 before taking on leadership or upper pay scales or a route where I can earn more? I am currently on M3 and co-ordinate 2 subjects, not English or Maths though

from Teacher Teaching, 01 March 2011
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I have a PGCE and PS level from teaching at a sixth form college. I'm now at a school (somewhat masquerading as a SFC but still a school.) I'm finding problems getting through threshold thinking my GCSE maths D is holding me back. I'm on M6, met all my PM targets for the last three years. Am I right in thinking my Professional Standard Payment from when I was teaching 6th form allows me to progress onto Threshold? There's no way out or up the ladder. I'm a good teacher giving my all for the students I feel in limbo. Please help!

from Thoreaumealifeline, 13 February 2011
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I am doing PGCE with Primary MFL, does that mean I will go in as NQT plus PMFL co-ordinator so I would go in straight at M2 or does it depend on the school?

from supjimmy, 26 January 2011
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Hi im an NQT and started my teaching contract on the 1st January. Will i be paid at the end of January or will i have to wait until February to be paid. Any answers would help or who to ask. Thanks

from hasim9, 15 January 2011
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Fact is that a school can pay a teacher at whatever scale they see fit so you should negotiate based on your merits as a teacher, not a rigid pay scale that see lesser teachers getting pay parity. SMTs will make up all manner of fictional barriers but they are under no obligation, statutory or otherwise, to pay a person according to sequential progression up any scale. And yes, this goes for threshold too. Oh, and RnR (Recruitment and Retention), this can be worth a few £k at least (I got £6k RnR for each year in my last (and final) position. For example, I moved to a new school in 2002 and negotiatied a from M2 to M5 + £6k RnR - Yes, thats a good hike but considering being grossly undervalued in the previous schools and the value that I added to the new school this was money well spent, hence the RnR continued as did annual progression through the M and threshold scales. Pay for good teachers is poor (36k! What is that for the effort involved?!), this is one reason I have left the profession and contract and consult independently earning almost three times that amount. NEGOTIATE based on your worth and dont hear a word of it from the Head or SMT - if you're as good as you think you are and have evidence to demonstrate this, go for it, and Good Luck!

from Faithgoverner, 13 January 2011
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Hi! I'm a qualified teacher in Portugal, working at the same school since 1998 (September). I would like to have a teaching experience in London, UK, but need some advice on the subject, specially about the best way to apply for a teaching job and also about salary (how much would I earn on a full-time position? - I teach Science/Biology since September 1998, with no interruptions).

Thank you for your help!

from biosuta, 05 December 2010
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i qualified as a teacher 12 years ago. I did a six month part time supply followed by a further 18 month part time supply at a different school. Four children later I have just finished a 1 day aweek supply (Lasted about 18 months) I am about to start a 1 day a week contract. Does anybody know what pay scale I should be on?
I started on point 12 years ago
thank you.

from pillingcrescent, 24 November 2010
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I have a BScEd, an MSc and a Phd. I will be teaching in a school in Band A (inner London) in the new year. Aside from 18 weeks teaching practise during my training I have no formal experience. What pay rate should I expect?

from Edu11, 24 November 2010
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I am currently working in a outer london school on a maternity contract, my first job (completed pgce last year). I haven't been registered to start induction and have to decide if would like start by January. How would pay be affected if i choose not to start induction this year and wait to secure a permanent contract?

from a551a, 21 November 2010
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I am a NQT who is just about to start a maternity acting head post. Can i expect anything extra on my payscale due to the acting head of department role?

from seekyronan, 18 November 2010
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I am a NQT who has been doing short term supply for 2 years, this is my 3rd year. I'm starting a job in January and was wondering what pay scale I should be on? Would it be m1 (as I am a NQT) or m3 because this is my 3rd year teaching?

from jay2603, 02 November 2010
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I have been teaching in FE for nearly 20 years but was made redundant recently. I was offered a post in a school recently but was told that I would start at the bottom of the scale! I have a PGCE and am qualified to teach pupils aged 14 and over. The post I have been offered is in a 6th form so I don't see the need to have me on what would be a reduction of £15,000 in pay.

from lenny59, 01 November 2010
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I have recently retuned to the Uk after 5 years teaching in the Bahamas as Head of Year 6. This position was a very demanding job and has given me a lot of experience in many areas. I had to oversee 120 pupils, which involved a recent trip to the United States, organising the end of year assessments and undertaking the Year 6 Graduation service.

I came back to the UK in 2005 and did a few days of Supply teaching. Prior to leaving the UK i taught at a school for 3 years.

With all my experiences I am a little unsure where i would be on the payscale. I have been applying for those few jobs but nothing at the moment appears to happen. Where have all the jobs gone?
Your help will be greatly received.

from Dynamic Teacher, 01 November 2010
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Hi I will be starting my NQT year in Sept2011, does anyone know in which month I will receive my first wage? thanks

from loz1989, 29 October 2010
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I am a 50 year old female former modern languages teacher and live in an outer London borough. For past 20 years I have run my own (limited) language consultancy company, then moved into property development in a fairly successful way, but have always been working my own business even whilst bringing up my son. Nonetheless, I have always thought maybe I'd like to return to the teaching profession even as occasional supply teacher, though had only four years' teaching experience when I quit in 1990.
So could someone let me know: IF I managed to get past hurdle number 1 (interview, though I do have BEd and post-grad qualification too) I am wondering what to expect pay-wise. The above table seems to imply a ceiling of around £35k which does seem low (sorry, I'm used to private sector these days).
Is this true or could it be more like £45k as a teacher friend of mine has suggested.

from LynseyinLondon, 28 September 2010
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I started my NQT year in November last year so haven't worked for a full year yet. I was under the impression though that even if you hadn't done a full year, you still moved up from M1 to M2. However, this hasn't happened. Is this right and does this mean I will spend another year on M1 pay? I'm confused!

from lulu8273, 28 September 2010
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I'm so confused! This is my fourth year of teaching now. I finished my NQT year officially in October half term 2008. The previous head teacher messed up my application and I received a letter in February 2010 to say congratulations on completing my induction year. I do seem to be paid very little but what should I actually be on? I'm guessing M2 or 3 am I right? Not sure how to sort this mess out!

from carolinerose, 25 September 2010
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when i left my full time teaching job i was mp3, ive been doing supply for 2 years. Does that i mean I'm mp5 or still mp3?

from wilbobaggins, 02 September 2010
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@ Nicole: Alas, there is no entitlement to going up an increment or getting a TLR, it is completely at the Head's discretion as to whether you can get rewarded for more experience. The only time I heard of it, was when someone had switched from primary to sec teaching so was put in M3 sec to start as they had in effect gone through the primary payscale - and that was a rare case. A friend was given a TLR (Which had been given as a Recruitment and retention incentive) but this again was rare. I guess you can talk to your Head and see what they say... otherwise, keep an eye out for other TLRs coming up in your area :) In my school only UPS people are given core areas, as it is thought it is a lot for someone on MPS to do... I guess it's the luck of the draw.

@Rhona: M1 is indeed the rate for NQTs :)

from Ella F, 30 August 2010
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I have recently moved to Leeds from Scotland and I am about to start a full time position. I was told that I would be M1 on the pay scale. Is this the pay of an NQT? I completed my NQT year in Scotland last year and was awarded QTS in July.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

from Rhona Craig, 30 August 2010
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I have been teaching for 2 and a half years(half a year supply). I started as an NQT in 2008/9 on M1 and in September I will be on M3. In addition to my PGCE, I have a degree and a Masters degree in subjects which now help me to do my job better. I am also an ICT Coordinator without a TLR. Am I entitled to move up to a higher payscale? Am I qualified long enough to ask for a TLR? I don't want to ask for an increase in pay until I am sure that I am actually in some way entitled to it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)

from nic 27, 18 August 2010
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I am wondering when the first pay day will be for NQT's starting in sep 2010

from dan_thorne, 17 August 2010
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I am wondering what happens if you have done a year part-time (I have been working 4 days a week). Do you move up to M2 when you complete 195 days (ie one full academic year), which will happen for me sometime in the autumn term 2010? Or do you stay on M1 for that whole academic year? If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!! :)

from pmg101, 16 August 2010
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I was wondering if anyone can help?? I am starting my NQT year in Sept and did my GTP year at my current employment. I'm currently on the 2009 M1 and for my NQT year will be put on the 2010 M1. Is this correct or should I be on M2? Whilst doing my GTP I was employed as a full time teacher and full responsibility for my (full) timetable Any advice would be great! Thanks!

from j.brooks1, 11 August 2010
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s245uag - yes, you move up automatically.

The best place to ask questions about pay is on the TES Pay forum:

from tafkam, 07 August 2010
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Hi There can any one clear something up for me? I am an NQT and will be going into into my second year. Will I be going onto M2 this year? Will it happen automatically or wil i have to apply for the increased pay scale?

from s245uag, 06 August 2010
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Hi Im starting my NQT in the North, I passed my pgce teaching ICT however Ive been given my timetable where Ill be teaching Maths and General Studies also including 6th form where I was told id be teaching 11-16 which my pgce had specialised in.

Are you allowed to request more in your salary teaching subjects Ive never taught before? And where I hold a Masters In Finance (Hence why I feel ive been asked to teach Maths)?

from Jampot85, 04 August 2010
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<a href=></a>

from anneta56, 03 August 2010
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I dont know if any of you can help - I have just finished my NQT year (a one year contract starting september 2009). When will my final pay day be?

from joannap1, 23 July 2010
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Does anybody know if this pay scale is definite? Is the freeze not affecting the pay scale this year?

from kitikat83, 22 July 2010
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In a tricky situation. I am currrently on M6 and have applied to go through threshold, however I will be starting at a new school (new council) in Sept. Will I still be eligible to go through threshold? Also, I put my application into the head at my current school 6 weeks ago and have been told it will not be assessed until Oct (by which time I will have moved schools). Don't want to puch my current head (as she is the one who decides whether I go through or not) but not sure if I can apply through my new school. Any advice?

from slcrighton, 18 June 2010
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are school under any obligation to award TLR points for co-ordinators (SENCo)

from srycroft, 12 June 2010
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I am currently teaching at an international school and am in my 6th year of teaching. If I came back to the UK, how long would it be before I could go for threshold?

from whitbye, 04 June 2010
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I have been working part time (only one afternoon a week) at a school as PPA cover and the odd supply here and there for a year. The school has now offered me maternity over full time for a year in which I can complete my NQT year. I was just wondering whether I would stay on M1 or move to M2 when my new contract starts? and how I would go about ensuring this if that is the case. Any insight greatly appreciated.

from sparkle_gremlin, 29 May 2010
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I have been offeed a position starting in June in a new school on M5, my querry is will I be on M5 for the new academic year starting in September or will i be placed on M6 automatically?

from anelsona, 21 May 2010
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I have been invited to apply for the role of 'lead teacher', supporting Literacy at a number of loacl schools, but on extra pay is offered. I have just applied to go onto UP1 for my teaching and also responsibilities I am already undertaking. The 'lead teacher' role is a separate issue. Has anyone else had this role and did they receive any payment for it?

from pigh, 21 May 2010
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Hi, please can you help to shine some light onto my situation?

I have just finished my NQT induction period (In Feb 2010) and have been told that my salary won't increase until this right?
I have a friend who is also a teacher and upon the completion of her NQT period in April last year, received her increased salary as of May, the following month.
I appreciate your comments!

from normoss, 05 May 2010
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Hi, (Help needed on TAX CODE!!!)

I am currently an NQT coming to the end of my first year of teaching. I am working in Berkshire so I'm on the fringe area on the pay scale. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what tax code I should be on as it has changed 3 times in the last few months on my pay slip! I feel I am paying too much Income Tax. I have a friend working as an NQT who told me how much she is being taxed and it is different to mine? we both started of the same time and both don't have any extra responsibilites...can anyone shed any light??

Any support would be greatly appreciated guys!
Thank you :)

from Marifah, 05 May 2010
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Please help. I qualified from my PGCE July 2009 and have been doing some day to day supply work (independantly, not through an agency). Does anyone know how my pay should be calculated??

The teachers pay document says it should be pro-rata of my pay scale, which would be £21,102 /195 (number of days taught in a year) / 5 (hours in a day) = £21.64. But I have just got my wage slip and the local authority are paying my £16. This can't be right can it??

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you

from WelshJessiB, 28 April 2010
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I am a OTT from the US. I am currently getting my qualifications here in England and am currently in my third year teaching as an unqualified teacher. I had 11 years experience in the states with a Master's Degree in Education. That qualification has been recognised by NARIC as equivalent to a Master's Degree here. Should I be starting next year on an M1 or does my education and relevant experience count toward any points on the scale?

from 77pippen, 21 April 2010
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I am currently on UP1 and applying for UP2,
I head the Foundation English Dept in secondary school, but do not get any extra TLR payments, let alone a SEN payment.
(all of the other staff e.g. head of maths etc.. get a TLR) I have been told I will not receive a TLR, even though I have written the MTPs for the entire school let alone just my department.
Does anybody have any ideas if I have a case to receive a TLR and if I do how I go about this, or who I should talk to?

from the mad scientist, 13 April 2010
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I have just returned to teaching in the UK after 4 years working in a British International School. My contract has come through from the local council putting me on pay scale 3, which is what I was about to go onto when I left the UK. I should be on pay scale 6 - I expected to take a drop due to working abroad, but didn't expect this much. My husband, who worked abroad with me, has a new position and gone in straight on pay scale 6.
Do I query this with the school or the council? Do you think I am able to negotiate with them? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

from bmc81, 10 April 2010
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I did QTS in 2007. I am an Overseas Trained Teacher. I read somewhere I dont need to do NQT. I already taught 11 years in India.

from brajesh, 20 March 2010
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Can anyone please help. I'm halfway through my PGCE. I've had a total career change as I worked for a Pharma Company for 14 years but due to 'downsizing' I decided to take my redundnacy and go into teaching. I have a BSc and MSc, I'm also a qualified Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist. Can anyone please tell me what pay scale I should aim for when I begin my NQT. I;'e been told due to my chosen subject, my qualifications and experience I should ask for at least MS3 - do you agree with this? Don't want to make a fool of myself asking for something out of reach. Thanks in advance.

from tiredmumof2, 26 February 2010
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To Mary Smith,
There is no need to be so rude. Some peple just have no idea about the pay scales etc...a simple answer could have been, " no unfortunately this figure is before tax has been taken out!" See, answer given and no rudeness!

from ani84, 23 February 2010
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I am NQT and working on MS1 but have 3 yearsof experience as OTT teacher in UK, still on MS1 can anyone suggest something what i need to do if i need to moVe to higher scale.and is this right to discuss this in the middle of year or shall i wait for sept 2010!

from G J, 27 January 2010
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to the person who asked if the pay scale is "pre-having tax deducted" you need to go back to college as you are not ready for the real world. OF COURSE IT IS!! It is called your gross wage. Once tax etc has been taken off it is called net wagw. This is basic stuff. You're in for a shock if you think that the gross is what you get...

from Mary Smith, 22 January 2010
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I have a masters and I was wondering what the leverage for negotiating starting on a higher point than M1 would be once I qualify in July.

from vivavoice, 13 January 2010
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I reached QTS in July 2007, then moved abroad, where (after teaching for a year year as a volunteer) I began teaching part-time in a Secondary Grammar school (EFL & English Lit / Grammar) with a mixture of native and non-native English speakers. In addition I teach groups of adults for NAMA (NATO Airlift Management Agency). I will be finishing my time abroad this summer and would like any advice and/or information about where I can expect to find myself on the pay scale when I return to the UK.

from sarahjhaynes, 05 January 2010
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I have been qualified for 3 years and have been working on supply. Each year I have been put up a pay scale so I am currently on m4 although I am still an NQT. I have completed 1 term of my induction. I have just been offered a permamant position in a different county and when I told the head I was currently on m4 he seemed shocked that I could be on m4 while still a NQT. Does he have to match my current wage or can they put me down to m1?

from Rhi84, 17 December 2009
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I am currently an unqualified teacher but have progressed to point 3 since starting my post at a sixth form college. I will qualify next year in July and be an NQT, what point should I expect to be on as a qualified teacher? Should I expect point 4 providing I meet expectations or point 1?

Please help

from worldofdelight, 10 December 2009
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I started my NQT year in March 2007, I was paid on the M1 scale for a full year and 6 months until September 2008. I had thought my wages would increase in September 2007 but this was not the case. I was disappointed, as primary school teaching was my second career and I had experience of teaching abroad and supply teaching in the UK since I qualified in 2004. None of this helped me to move up the scale points any quicker. Also I am the co-ordinator of 2 subjects and receive no extra pay for this. After speaking to my union and other teachers I believe this is common place. PS I also have a younger colleague who started at the same time as me and was mistakenly paid a scale point higher at the beginning. Very frustrating!

from Daisy17, 08 December 2009
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I taught for 3 years at a private school after qualifying. I left for 10 years to have my family. I have been doing very casual supply teaching for the past 3 years. If I took up a full time job where would I be on the pay scale? I am very confused!

from chicken775, 18 November 2009
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Wondering if anyone can help. I start my NQT year in January. Will I therefore move onto the M2 scale in Sep 2010, even though I will have 1 term of my NQT year left, or will I have to wait until the following Sep (2011), as I

from njakers21, 06 November 2009
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I was in the same situation. My colleague, a science teacher started at M3. Don't bother to complain. Understandably, some departments have serious shortage and high pay scale is one way of recruiting

from kwanjara, 03 November 2009
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I have a tricky situation at work. I am an NQT starting on M1 this year. Another NQT is starting on M2. I have been told that this was a mistake, but work is honouring it. I feel this unfair but do not know where I stand legally. I have not yet signed a contract. Does anyone have any advice?

from dazed1, 04 October 2009
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I am a qualified teacher who was on M3 in a state school before july 2007. i then left and worked full time on a very low wage in a private school for two years .am i ok to consider myself as eligible for m6 if i now return to a state school job (september 2009)?

from samera_79, 23 September 2009
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Re: laurajharris
I have been ina similar situation having taken up a post PGCE place in Canada teaching on a university programme. When I returned I did supply from Feb of that year and as a result my pay is up for review every february. Having only done temporary 1 year average posts I am perhaps not able to fully answer your post but I think you are owed and should defo check with payrol. I think it doesn't matter when in the year you start your teaching career you still are eligible to move up. Hope this helps, it has always been the way wherever I have worked!!
Good luck!!

from debskapick, 15 September 2009
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I have been teaching for 10 years and I have been on M6 for the past 4 years. It's entirely my fault that I didn't apply to move up to upper pay scale at my last post, no good reason, just didn't get round to it. If I now apply, can I start at the top end of the upper pay scale which is where I would be had I done the paper work? Is it the schools discretion?

from lats, 13 September 2009
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Reply to Laura above.

I completed my NQT year over a year and a term also. For the last term of my 1 st year I was not class based but covered PPA so moved around. My NQT year was extended because of this! I finished at the school in July and did supply until the xmas on M2 as it was my 2nd year teaching. I started at a school in the January and completed my NQT 4th term and I was on M2. So every year I have taught I have moved up the payscale automatically. I am starting my 4th year teaching and I am on M4 regardless of my extended NQT year.

Basically Laura I think you shoul now be starting on M3 as it is your 3rd year of teaching! You should speak to your headteacher about this and if they cannot help speak to someone at your payrole office. They MIGHT be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck!!

from m bop, 04 September 2009
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I qualified 2 years ago and Im just about to start my 3rd year of teaching. I compleated my NQT year over a year and a term due to my contracted hours and was paid on M1 for all of last year even though this was my 2nd yr of teaching. I presumed this was because I was still an NQT when I started and would recieve back pay to when I fully qualified this year. No one in work seems able to tell me if this is correct! Also, if you move up a point each academic year then sould I be on M3 this year? Any help would be great thanks.

from laurajharris, 01 September 2009
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Hi, I'm just about to start my nqt year on m1. I am a qualified solicitor and changed professions, would I be able to request to start on m2? Please help, many thanks

from rkba, 30 August 2009
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how do I claim a point? I have recetly been asked to head of sixth form art with no extra point and also another resposibilty with no extra money...surely i can claim evidence to gain a point

from raegannewc, 28 August 2009
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can anyone tell me how I know if the school I am going to in sept qualifys me for london fringe???

from emmam25, 28 August 2009
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Hi, I am just about to start my NQT year and I was just the pay scale pre- having tax deducted or not??

from Pocathomas, 25 August 2009
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Hi All

I have moved from secondary to fe and took on a leadership role, however the college have said because I had not gone through threshold I do not get the full L1 pay for a 12 month probationary? is that correct?

from lion782, 23 August 2009
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As above with cmiller22, i am a nqt and will be on m1. my contract states my salary will be 20,600 too. Will this automatically be changed at our LEA wage dpmt?

from SJH0604, 21 August 2009
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Hi there, i'm just starting out life as a NQT in worcestershire, and i'll be on m1. However they've told me that my salary will be 20,600, and I noticed on your table above it states that the salary scale from september 2009 (when I start) should be on 21,102. Should I approach them about this?

from cmiller22, 15 August 2009
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I am an NQT who has recently started at an academy in June, I was placed on M2 although I did not get a chance to negotiate my salary. I was informed that my M2 salary will commnece as of 1st September 2009 and until then I have been placed on UQT M4. I have a Masters degree in my trained subject (RE) and I have also taught 1 year as an unqualified teacher. I also have 1 year experience as a youth project co-ordinator. I would like to negotiate my salary to M3 as I was informed with my Masters it is common practice. Is it too late for me to negotiate?

from ness adjei, 11 August 2009
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Can someone please help!!
I am a qualified teacher, who is will be starting my 4th year when I return in september. My school is in the process of amalgamating and we have a new head who started in July as a designated head and is due to start officially in September. I have just been given a permanent contract which is what I hoped for but the contract I received in the post from my borough (Saturday Morning) states that I will still be on M3 (which is what I am on now!) not M4 and the pay will remain the same as what I am on now, not the new 2009 M3 wage. Is this right? Can a new head who has not seen you perform keep you on the same pay scale for another year? Furthermore. Can it be at the previous years salary even though that payscale has increased for 2009. I don't know what to do as I don't want to rock the boat as a few people have not had their contracts renewed!! I'm really praying that it is an admin error with the borough. Where do I start???
Please advise - Thanks!!

from cj1smith, 09 August 2009
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Hi dmthroup
i just found the answer to the question

' If you're in a state school - which I assume you are - you will receive the 'new' salary. It's just standard practice to tell you the 'current' rate in the contract.'

was posted in a different forum answering the same question about pay and rises. i assume it also applies to us.
have a nice holiday

from traceywithane, 04 August 2009
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I also am in a similar situation as traceywithane above - I have signed my contract at last years payrate - do I automatically get the 2009 rate when I start in September?Thanks

from dmthroup, 03 August 2009
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In paragraph 2 above it says that excellent teachers can advance 2 points up the pay scale. Does anybody know how I go about applying for this.

Would it be a letter to the head and governers stating why I think I should move up or is there an application form?

By the way I am due to go to M5 this september.

Thanks in advance.

from bluebaton, 01 August 2009
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I have been working for 5 years as unqualified teacher and have now qualified. What paypoint should I expect to be put on? I was on point 3 on the 'new 6 point unqualified scale' and received extra allowances. I am hoping for M4 but we have broken up for the summer without the school bothering to sort out my pay despite asking several times.

from sonicstage, 27 July 2009
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I wonder if someone can help?

I have completed my NQT year on M1 and have taken a year out to teach in Oz. now i'm back will i go straight on to M2?

Also if you do a years supply, does this stop you progressing up the pay scale?

Hope someone can put me straight?

from cazd23, 23 July 2009
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I am not sure if I am being paid the correct wage. I have TLR on my payslip and am on M4. I am now head of department and have been teaching for 4 years. Can anyone help?

from raven30, 17 July 2009
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No reason you should start on M1 if you can offer extra qualifications or experience. With a second degree, try for M3 or M4, especially if you teach a "shortage" subject such as Maths.

Likewise, you can (exceptionally) progress at more than one point per year.

from MathsBR, 14 July 2009
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I have been working as an EMTAS teacher/cordinator since 1987
now new head teacher is trying to get rid of me asking me to resign NUT asked me to resign because powewrs are given to head teacher

my life is going to be difficult
pl help

from taru0354, 12 July 2009
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Extra money for subject leader.....I wish!
Just part and parcel of our school without any extra cash for the pleasure.

from pinkflipflop, 10 July 2009
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jnw2009, no you will start on M1. Even though you have had a full time table of classes this was your training year not a qualified teaching year. You were contracted and paid as an unqualified teacher and therefore will be paid on M1 as an NQT when you begin work. Sorry! Hope this helps.

from klwgirl, 08 July 2009
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For the EU qualified teachers - does this scale start from the year you have got your QTS from the GTC for England or do the years of teaching in EU count? e.g.Qualified June 2003,but QTS in Dec 2005Do years of day2day supply teaching for agencies count as well?I am keen to find out!

from janca.ol, 08 July 2009
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I have been made redundant after 10 years teaching. All the jobs I have had interviews for, have gone to NQT's, presumably because they are cheaper. What would the procedure be to inform a headteacher and the school governors that I am prepared to start on a lower pay scale to be able to continue teaching. Not something I want to do, but I am the breadwinner in my family and am desperate now.

from antheaj, 29 June 2009
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I'm an Australian trained teacher looking for permanent work in the UK. This will be my 4th year of teaching. What rate of pay will i start on?
Thanks Michelle

from meshellie, 15 June 2009
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I am a GTP student and have been offered a job at my placement school. I have full responsability for my full time table of classes. Should I therefore start on the payscale at M2 rather than M1 beings I have a full one year experience at this school? Many thanksJohn

from jnw2009, 03 June 2009
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A colleague's question above hasn't been responded as yet regarding the announcement of our pay for the new academic year ('09-'10). Why is there such a delay? Is it true we are only going to be awarded with a 2.3% pay rise?Is that the reason why it has taken to whomever responsible so long to reveal those figures?
Many thanks, Chris

from chris_stavrou, 02 June 2009
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I'm a qualified teacher (post compulasary ed) with a job title as Instructor, based at a satellite site away from main campus, teaching LLDD learners, completely different pay spine from main site staff, and no way of progressing any further up the pay scale as they have no "Boxes" for qualified teaching staff to move into - is this the norm with all FE colleges?

from Ru Barb, 16 May 2009
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Thankyou very much for your advice. Someone also informed me I would move onto M2 but i may be able to ask for M3 if i take on co-ordinators role and because i have been qualified since june 2006, and done Supply, so I am more experienced than someone who normally would have just finished their NQT year??? Not sure how that works though.

from LesleyH26, 12 May 2009
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You should automatically move up the main payscale each academic year i.e. to M2. Extra responsibilities are usually paid on top of your main pay in the form of TLRs which have varying amounts. I suggest that you familiarise yourself with their amounts and ensure you know the demands before agreeing to take on any responsibilities. Good luck

from spicescience, 12 May 2009
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When will 2009-2010 pay scales be announced?

from benjaminjames, 09 May 2009
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Changing Bourogh should not affect your pay. You need to get a letter from your Bourogh to prove that you were on M6, (find out the person who deals with your school, and get in touch with that person) once you have your letter send it to the Borough you currently work for. Good luck.

from alpa, 10 February 2009
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If I was being paid an M6 at a previous job / does the Borough - or moving boroughs mean this can change as I am now being paid as an M3 - below what was suggested in interview and HUGE difficulties to rectify this - in this climate what are my choices? G

from ge0rge, 01 February 2009
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Do salaries vary for lecturers in FE Colleges?

from manjup1, 08 January 2009
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