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Schonell Graded Spelling test

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I have compiled the 100 words for the Schonell graded spelling test, for those that know; the tests will give you the student’s spelling age. What I have done is narrate the 100 words and saved them as mp3 audio files. The rar file below has all of the resources. spelling words.rar

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Thanks. I am looking for tests that allow me to group pupils for teaching purposes and then re-test them later to check how effective the teaching has been. Hope this will do the job.

from suencfc1, 14 July 2014
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Thank you for sharing.

from fatemehhoushang, 13 March 2014
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Very valuable, thanks for sharing much appreciated.

from costa12333, 19 January 2014
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Thanks. I will be able to use this to provide feedback to parents, as well as to plan for my 1:1 pupils.

from sjcaec, 22 June 2013
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I am looking for resources on what to do with the results of the Schonell test. How does one analyze the results of the misspelled words on this test? For example, if a student misspelled 'net' by spelling it 'nit', what does this tell me? How do I use the results from the Schonell to inform my instruction? Does this student have difficulty differentiating the short 'e' sound? I am presuming that the words selected for the Schonell pinpoint specific spelling patterns. So, where does one go with the results of the test? I'd LOVE to hear back from anyone on this ;) Thanks!

from champiol, 07 October 2012
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