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Shadow investigation

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Last updated 21 July 2014, created 17 August 2010, viewed 17,670

On a sunny day draw around each other to investigate what happens to shadow position and length throughout the day. Begin to try and explain it. Put the findings on a graph. Play some different shadow games. Suitable for Y3 pupils.

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    LKS2_Sc_Y3_SB_Sun_&_Shadows[1].doc (33kb, Word document)
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    ScR_SB_LKS2_Y3_Sun_&_Shadows[1].doc (32kb, Word document)
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Thank you for sharing your resource. This resource has been recommended by the TES Resource Team for its relevance to the 2014 National Curriculum.

from TES Resource Team, 21 July 2014. Member of the TES Panel.
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Thank you, very helpful,

from chocolover, 01 April 2013
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Useful worksheets - thanks.

from historyhero, 31 October 2012
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Useful lesson plan, ideas and resources for teaching about how shadows change.

from lizzhall, 21 February 2012
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