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Spanish Pairs Game - Como te llamas?

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Last updated 17 September 2013, created 06 January 2013, viewed 2,748

Card match up game – children have 1 half of a couple eg. Minnie & Mickey. (I cut them out and laminate so they last longer) Children can walk around the class (or sit in a circle) and ask "Como te llamas?" to which another child answers "Me llamo..." and if they match the More…n they check their pair matches with an adult and sit down together. Could also add "Y tu?" if the children are able.

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Great idea & great images - thanks for sharing.

from lisadawneroberts, 17 September 2013
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I like the use of images as well as the written name on these cards as it includes pre-readers. A universal game too that is a great starter for all ages. Additionally, the cards are non-language specific ;o)

from lisilu, 15 January 2013. Member of the TES Panel.
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