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St Patrick and Ireland Assembly

Overall rating 2 out of 52.1 (8 ratings)

Last updated 17 March 2014, created 17 March 2010, viewed 23,102

Powerpoint and assembly notes for an assembly based around St. Patrick and Irish traditions and trivia.

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Awful & inappropriate.

from ARTTEACHERLJS, 17 March 2014
(report comment) 1 out of 5

Not a helpful resource and should be edited for inappropriate content

from joanneoloughlin, 10 March 2014
(report comment) 1 out of 5

Please use common sense if using this resource. The last page is an add-on of copied and pasted 'interesting Irish facts' found by my tutor group. The previous 2 pages are the material used for the assembly. I personally would not read out the one about the social gaffe and the excuse at the bottom is intended to be a joke. The assembly went well when my tutor group ran it, using these materials. I hope it saves some people some time.

from mcraven, 18 March 2013
(report comment) 3 out of 5

This isn't appropriate for a school assembly. The comment about the social gaffe with 'Master Bates' is so innappropriate. Who wrote this? It has an excuse at the bottom from a supposed parent as to why their child wasn't in school. What is this doing there?

from jamesmcmanus, 13 March 2013
(report comment) 1 out of 5

This is a nice interactive St Patricks Day assembly with a good powerpoint which could work well with KS2 and particularly KS3.

from bk15, 27 December 2011
(report comment) 3 out of 5
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