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Transitions teaching resources

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Moving to a different school, or even a different class within the same school, can be daunting for pupils, whatever age they are. To support pupils through the transition process, we have this selection of tried and tested TES Connect resources. From whole school policies on managing tr More…ansition to postcards to make connections between students, these resources can be used to help you prepare for the changes your pupils may face.  

Early Years and KS1 to KS2 transitions :

Transition teacher letters

  • Encourage pupils to write to their new teacher with these templates, which include a letter for teachers to reply.

Transition workbook

  • Work through this booklet with pupils who are anxious about moving to a new class next year.

New beginnings: Year 2

  • Prepare for September with this medium term plan for a Year 2 SEAL unit, which includes suggestions for activities and resources.

Welcome letter

  • Make Reception pupils welcome in Year 1 by sending this explanatory letter about the different changes and new routines to expect.

Transition from Primary to Secondary:

Changes: New beginnings presentation

  • Expand on the meaning of change in this positive, reflective PowerPoint, which reflects on experiences at primary before looking forward to secondary.

Starting Secondary

  • Stimulate discussion about different aspects of the transition to secondary with this fun and colourful PowerPoint.

Transition postcards

  • These handy introductory postcard templates for Year 6 and Year 7 pupils can help to build links between primary and secondary.

Question postcards

  • Transition is a time for questions. What better way to put anxious pupils at ease than by giving them the opportunity to ask their questions to a Year 7 student.

Transition from KS2-3

  • An informative report that can be useful for guiding staff training sessions about support for pupils through transition.

Leavers assembly

  • Give your Year 6s the chance to reflect and reminisce about their time at primary school with this entertaining Big Brother-themed assembly script.

Teachers TV resources:

Primary to secondary transition: PE

  • Ensuring positive transitions from primary to secondary is the theme of this PE-focussed video from Teachers TV.

Primary to secondary transition: History

  • Improve the KS2-3 transition in History with this video of a successful workshop.

Primary to Secondary transition: ICT

  • Watch how two schools use ICT projects to ease the transition process to secondary.

A taste of secondary

  • An insight into how three secondary schools manage transition and induction.

Transition from primary

  • See how one head of Year 7 makes transition less daunting by ensuring lots of opportunities for communication and having support in place for vulnerable children.

SEN resources:

Transition toolkit

  • Prepare for change through this practical summary of common issues surrounding transition for young people on the autism spectrum, with helpful links and supporting materials from autismeducationtrust.

Teachers TV: SEN pupils in transition

  • Learn how one secondary school meets the needs of its future SEN pupils in this video from Teachers TV.

Transition preparation activity

  • A resource for children with ASD, this activity covers the main organisational changes pupils face when they move to secondary.

Down’s Syndrome: Experience of transition

  • Useful for SENCos, this resource from the Down’s Syndrome Association reports on the secondary to further education transition experiences of children with Down’s Syndrome.



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