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Religious experience: moses, st paul, modern

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Leveled LOs - what is a rel exp.? Can we accept things we haven't experienced ourselves? Explain what a rel. exp. is with ref to examples. Hyperlink to moon landings (prev. HWk) Why do people disbelieve it DESPITE different types of evidence? What does that say about belief + evidence we'll accept More…? Ref to moses & st paul from prev. lesson + a research task on one of : Cat Stevens, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Cash or George Foreman. I'm trying to build in key skills such as 'explain' in year 9 to prep for GCSE - hence the time given to this skill in last few slides. Feel free to adapt. :-)

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Great! Thanks - some excellent ideas here. I'll tweak it a little for my year 10 class but so helpful!

from Shelley78, 07 October 2013
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I love the task involving eating the sweet - I am definitley going to use this the next time I cover religious experiences. It is something that should really help the pupils remember! The rest of the pp is clear and concise and full of AFL

from JodiP, 10 February 2012
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