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  • Equal Groups animal grouping and counting by StefanThomson

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Equal Groups animal grouping and counting. I laminate these sheets and set them out as a station in a numeracy rotation. Hope these are useful. S Thomson I can put the pandas into groups of 1 How many groups of 1 are there altogether? S Th…

  • Doubling fruit smoothie activity by hjayne15


    Doubling fruit smoothie activity. This can be done practically with YR and they could record it pictorially. Fruit Smoothie Recipe For 1 person 2 strawberries 1 banana 3 blueberries 1 glass of milk You want to make this smoothie for you an…

  • A Doubling Game for EYFS by Alicebeth

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    A Doubling Game for EYFS. I have created this game to see if my children really understood the concept of doubling. I cut out all of the pieces and laminated them. 1 cat. They must then work out the answer, double one, how many cats do the…

  • PPT Are the teams fair? by seancorra

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    PPT Are the teams fair?. Sharing activity ideal for a football theme - are the teams equal/the same? Are the teams fair?

  • Doubling Apple Trees by harrypotterfan

    Worksheet, Activity

    Doubling Apple Trees. Use like doubling ladybirds etc. Created because I wanted to link in with a farming topic. Paper activity to support whiteboard activity Doubling Apples Name…………………… Draw the same number of apples on the other side of…

  • A really simple doubling activity for the EY. by katie0612


    A really simple doubling activity for the EY.. Our topic is Jack and the Beanstalk and we have been doing lots of growing and planting, hence the link to this. It can be easily changed to suit a different topic though. I have used it as a …

  • Jack and the Beanstalk Playdough Mats by katie0612


    Jack and the Beanstalk Playdough Mats. A really simple resource I have used for my enhanced activities around the classroom. The children have loved this one and allows them to make it as easy or as difficult as they like. Can you double t…

  • Butterfly Doubles by kermit222


    Butterfly Doubles. Counting the spots on butterflies to solve simple addition problems Butterfly Doubles 1 + 1 = 1 + 1 = 2 3 + 3 = 3 + 3 = 6 2 + 2 = 2 + 2 = 4 5 + 5 = 5 + 5 = 10 4 + 4 = 4 + 4 = 8

  • Doubling Rabbits by alisswarb


    Doubling Rabbits. a simple interactive PowerPoint story developing the concept of doubling. I put a rabbit in my magic hat.. And then there were….. 2 I put 2 rabbits in the hat… And then there were…. 4 I put 4 rabbits in the hat… And then …

  • Superheroes Doubling Game by emmie85


    Superheroes Doubling Game. A game that can be used within your teaching or independently! If they select the incorrect answer it will take them back to the question to allow them to find out the correct answer. Here is our doubling machine…

  • Doubling Superheros by dal82


    Doubling Superheros. Jill the superhero needs help counting the doubling stars in the sky. Jill the Superhero girl has a problem. Each time she flies through the sky the stars keep doubling. Can you help Jill count the stars? double 1 2 do…

  • batman learns how to share by dal82


    batman learns how to share. batman learns how to share! Superhero Maths Halving Problem This is Batman and this is his friend Ironman They are going to do some superhero sharing! Half of2? 1 Half of4? 2 Half of6? 3 Half of8? 4 Half of10? 5

  • Mr Men Counting and Doubling by Joanne Jones


    Mr Men Counting and Doubling. A powerpoint document linked to Mr Men to encourage pupils to count the Mr Men and double the number. How many? Double it How many? Double it How many? Double it How many? Double it

  • Doubling activity with Ladybirds by gjpacker84


    Doubling activity with Ladybirds. Simple double the number of spots and write the number sentence activity for 40-60 / ELG children Double the number of spots on the ladybirds by copying the same number of spots as the left hand side onto …

  • Aliens love underpants doubling activity by Buddhagirl1990

    Worksheet, Activity

    Aliens love underpants doubling activity. A PowerPoint and worksheet I made for my year 1 class for doubling! He wondered if Frooby could help get them back? “One and one = two presents!” Now we’ll just keep on doubling! 8 presents….so dou…

  • Halving shapes by MK S


    Halving shapes. A simple, printable worksheet to introduce the concept and fraction of half. Name: Date: Halves of shapes Can you colour in one half of the following shapes: ½ Colour in ½ of these shapes: Write half in the spaces below. Ho…

  • Halving Mat or Sharing Mat Groups of 2 by HarrietandViolet


    Halving Mat or Sharing Mat Groups of 2. A simple halving mat to support sharing into 2 groups. A mat to be printed then laminated to be used in either an EYFS or KS1 classroom. A free resource from Follow us on the TES…

  • Autumn Cards by Sara Carroll

    Cards and flashcards

    Autumn Cards. Sheets of autumn fruits and seeds (blackberries, apples, pine cones and chestnuts) to cut up and use as stimulus for counting, matching and sharing. For sharing, there are 2 squirrels who would like equal shares of the autumn…

  • Space Doubles to 20 by kegan9


    Space Doubles to 20. Space theme, Doubles to 20, Planets Name___________________ I can double to 20

  • TES Early Years: Newsletter 1 July 2013 by TESEarlyYears

    Termly planning

    TES Early Years: Newsletter 1 July 2013. In this week’s newsletter, we have recommended resources for circle time, doubling & halving and Dear Zoo. Our top 10 showcases the most popular early years CPD videos. Plus you’ll find links to the…