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  • The real Uncle Ben's contribution to rice growing by rzrzneck34a

    Worksheet, Activity, Tutorial

    The real Uncle Ben's contribution to rice growing. Rice is not usually associated with Africa. However, there is a history of rice growing in certain countries on this vast continent. South Carolina is about the same size as Sierra Leone a…

  • Lesson ppt for Emu study by ltyolive

    Lesson plan

    Lesson ppt for Emu study. This lesson was planning for students to know more about emu and to write an information report on emu. Emu 5 Emu Fact Tallest bird in Australia 2nd Tallest in the world Emu Fact They have long legs for running up…

  • Walk to School letter to Prime Minister by Living Streets

    Lesson plan

    Walk to School letter to Prime Minister. Living Streets has developed a set of template letters for use in the classroom to enable pupils to write to David Cameron to tell him what they think needs to be done to make the walk to school saf…

  • Endless Ocean: Under the Sea Literacy 2 weeks by thedeadpixels

    Lesson plan, Other

    Endless Ocean: Under the Sea Literacy 2 weeks. Enjoy! Teacher Topic Beside the Sea- Endless Ocean Class Week Beginning Literacy Plan Homework/Take home task Visits/Visitors/Experts: Teaching Sequence Unit resources including key texts: Dou…

  • Nouns and Verbs by KristopherC


    Nouns and Verbs. A simple SMARTnotebook file based around nouns and verbs. Teacher shares idea of nouns and verbs, and then children try to spot nouns and verbs in the sentences. I used this with my class following lessons on nouns and ver…

  • Report Writing - Space by KristopherC

    Other, Worksheet

    Report Writing - Space. A SMARTnotebook file designed to walk children through report writing for Space. Learning Outcome: We are learning how to write an opening sentence. I can say something about planet Earth. I can say something about …

  • Differentiated Reading Comprehension Year 2-4 by joelroutledge

    Worksheet, Activity

    Differentiated Reading Comprehension Year 2-4. Independent reading comprehension for last week of term. To sound out unfamiliar words. To comment on the author’s choice of language. _________________________________________________________…

  • Grace Darling recount by Millzymoo


    Grace Darling recount. Used for Pie Corbett style recount unit. When I had finished, I began lighting the fire. Finally, it was time to light the flame. People were clinging to the rocks as the storm raged on. We helped five into the boat …

  • Frog non-fiction book by Chrissiek


    Frog non-fiction book. nonfiction text with content, index & glossary Edit as you wish 1 All About Frogs 2 Contents What do they look like? 3 Frog Picture Frogs are excellent swimmers. They use their webbed feet to help them swim. 6 5 Life…

  • Nocturnal animal by Chrissiek


    Nocturnal animal. Simple PPT - nonfiction book with contents, index & glossary pages. Badgers have five toes and powerful, long claws on their front paws. 5 Badgers use their good sense of smell to sniff out food. When they are first born …

  • spider non-fiction book by Chrissiek


    spider non-fiction book. Simple non-fiction book with index, contents and glossary Edit as you wish 1 All About Spiders 2 Contents What do they look like? The spinnerets are used to produce silk, which spiders use to spin a web. Then they …

  • How to make a poster by amy.mcglade


    Lesson plan

    How to make a poster. A short power point on what the key features of a poster are to explain to my reception class, ahead of 'industry day' selling ice cream. (persuasive, poster, advert, ice cream, sale, stall, selling) How to make a pos…

  • World Cup Reading Comprehension 3 by joelroutledge


    World Cup Reading Comprehension 3. Reading comprehension about four men who have walked 2000km across South America to watch the World Cup. Trek This Out! For the last three months, four brave (and perhaps crazy) friends have been walking …

  • World Cup Reading Comprehension 2 by joelroutledge


    World Cup Reading Comprehension 2. Match report and differentiated questions from England v Uruguay. After a sensational season for his club, Liverpool, Suarez’s tournament was in doubt after having surgery a month ago. 27 year Suarez prov…

  • Features of a Holiday Brochure by AnnisRose


    Features of a Holiday Brochure. I used this activity with my children as an introduction to holiday brochures. We made a list of the main features and I showed the children the booklet. L.O = I can identify features of a holiday brochure. …

  • World Cup 2014 Web Quest by guilder

    Worksheet, Activity

    World Cup 2014 Web Quest. A webquest with links to information on each of the countries participating in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Can be used by pupils to research their country for non-chronological reports and information writing. There …

  • World Cup Data Interpretation by joelroutledge

    Worksheet, Game, puzzle, quiz

    World Cup Data Interpretation. Maths style reading comprehension. Children need to refer to the final tables from the group stage at the last World Cup to answer the questions. Work is differentiated to three different levels but is very e…

  • How to be a Pirate by mseren93


    How to be a Pirate. This is the warm up activity for my low-ability Y1 children. True or false? Pirates are smelly. True! False! Pirates have a pet monkey or parrot. Ooh arr! True! Pirates clean their teeth. True!

  • Make your own non-fiction country book by choralsongster


    Make your own non-fiction country book. A writing frame/book for researching and writing about a country. Includes space for illustrations/sticking in pictures and space to write basic information on the country (currency, continent, capit…

  • World Cup Reading Comprehension by joelroutledge


    World Cup Reading Comprehension. Word comprehension for higher ability year 2 or for lower KS2. England Suffer Disappointing Defeat England’s World Cup campaign got off to a disappointing start as they were beaten 2-1 by Italy. The lead di…