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  • Ca va worksheet Expo 1 Module 1 Metro 1 by ASTWANNABE

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    Ca va worksheet Expo 1 Module 1 Metro 1. This worksheet should help to reinforce basic French emotions! Pas mal. Ça va très bien! Note down Ça va? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Exercice 3-En paires, lis le dialogue et change les détails. *Personne A: …

  • la nourriture - The Hungry Caterpillar by gdendaletche

    Worksheet, Game, puzzle, quiz

    la nourriture - The Hungry Caterpillar. Resources to be used in conjunction with the reading of "la chenille qui fait des trous" - the Hungry caterpillar revision of days and numbers, introduction of food items can also be linked to animal…

  • Mes amis by hmgibson


    Mes amis. French PowerPoint using Winnie the Pooh characters to introduce themselves and say what kind of person they are. 3 Je m’appelle Eeyore. Je suis triste. 6 Je m’appelle Tigger. Je suis branché. 7 Je m’appelle Rabbit. Je suis gen…

  • Nous Allons Au Zoo Song by Bonnie Rafferty

    Cards and flashcards

    Nous Allons Au Zoo Song. I sing this to the tune of "We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo" I hold up the cards as we sing each verse and pupils enjoy guessing which animal will be next. 2 Nous allons au zoo , zoo, zoo, Pour voir les animaux, m…

  • Animals colouring in by salmon79uk


    Animals colouring in. This worksheet contains 4 pictures along with sentences describing what colour the pictures should be. Students colour them in to show they have understood the sentences. Un chat blanc et noir Un oiseau rouge, jaune e…

  • Poussin piou,a ridiculously infectious little song by Carlav


    Poussin piou,a ridiculously infectious little song. Thanks to MFL Resources, I discovered this clip last night. A bit like a pop version of "Old MacDonald had a farm", it will work with young children and teenagers. Please, if they do, let…

  • Au zoo by rshs


    Au zoo. Crossword using wild animals vocabulary. Au Zoo Manger : to eat il mange: he eats Gros: big Pics: pikes Horizontal 2. Il a des rayures 6. Il a une corne sur le nez. 3. Il a une trompe et deux cornes. 7. Il mange du bambou. 1…

  • Resources for expo 1 module 2 by anon1

    Resources for expo 1 module 2. Tu as des frères ou des soeurs? __________________ _____________________ €û ________________ ƒû __________________ __________________ ____________________ je suis fils unique je n’ai pas de frères je suis fi…

  • As-tu un animal? by lynds88


    As-tu un animal?. I have put together this simple power point to introduce animals in french. Along side this power point you could use actions; chien - paws up panting, chat - lick paw and rub ear, lapin - floppy rabbit ears, poisson - ha…

  • À la ferme (Farm animals in French) by shropshire14

    Worksheet, Cards and flashcards, Tutorial

    À la ferme (Farm animals in French). Intro to farm animals in French, with flashcards and worksheets. À la ferme LO: to understand/say some farm animals in French Nom: _______________________ Date: _______________________ Draw a line from …

  • Farm animals by Bonnie Rafferty

    Worksheet, Cards and flashcards

    Farm animals. Word and pictiure flash cards for introducing and revising ten farm animals: dog, cat, sheep, pig, duck, hen, cow, goat, horse, rabbit. Worksheet for practising these together with colours, including adjectival agreement. 1 C…

  • KS1 French story: The little chick lost its mother by veroniquesampson


    KS1 French story: The little chick lost its mother. Maman! Où es-tu? Ouaf Ouaf! Meuh-meuh! Pas ici! Hi Hi! Pas ici! Maman! Où es-tu? Groin-groin!

  • Widgit - French: animals by Mrs_Moonstone


    Widgit - French: animals. a symbol supported spelling worksheet for children to complete (with answers) based on the animal vocabulary of unit 11- le carnaval des animaux. p _ _ _ _ k _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ l _ _ _ p _ _ _ _ _ _ t _ _ _ _ _ é _ _…

  • Tu as un animal? by enyanyo


    Tu as un animal?. Animals in French Tu as un animal? VOCABULAIRE FRENCH - un cochon d’Inde - un chat - un lapin - un chien - un poisson - un serpent - un oiseau - un hamster - une souris - une tortue - une araignée - Je n’ai pas d’animal. …

  • Les animaux by stefanieh

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Les animaux. Powerpoint presentation to revise/introduce animal names. Write your answer on a mini whiteboard and hold it up. Il est très intelligent et aussi très aimable. Elle est blanche et elle mange du fromage. Quelle vache est-ce? Il…

  • The Tortoise and the Hare (French) by BBC Class Clips - MFL


    The Tortoise and the Hare (French). The hare bumps into the tortoise and laughs at its slowness. So they have a race to see who is the fastest animal in the forest. But the hare gets distracted on the way to the final flag - who will win? …

  • Cher Zoo Animal Counting Cards by Bonnie Rafferty

    Cards and flashcards

    Cher Zoo Animal Counting Cards. I use these with early years and KS1 for counting practice when we are reading Cher Zoo by Rod Campbell. Put a number on the back and a picture on the front of each card and laminate.…