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  • Y2 SPACE topic based planning by Shakhah

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    Termly planning, Other

    Y2 SPACE topic based planning. 'Up and Away' - cross curricular planning linked to the space topic. Thanks and enjoy! Feedback/ suggestions are welcome. Forces and movement To know that the push that makes rockets fly is a force. Geography…

  • The Sahara Desert by Shelly8a

    Lesson plan

    The Sahara Desert. Information about the Sahara Desert for children in year 1 and 2 1 The Sahara Desert 2 The Sahara Desert is the second largest desert in the world. Some of it is rocks and there are small pools of water. There is a dange…

  • How to build an igloo 2 by stuconey


    How to build an igloo 2. 2 of 3. Sequence sheet for how to build an igloo. Step 2. Form a circle with blocks around the hole created where you cut the blocks. Step 4. The last block must initially be larger than the hole. It is essential t…

  • Volcanos PowerPoint by pwild1


    Volcanos PowerPoint. Part of our topic on Japan focusing on what volcanos are, where they are found and why. As they move they push against each other. As we have seen before when these ‘slip’ they cause earthquakes. The ring of fire is an…

  • Japan Flag Themed Lined paper and Pageborders by Jinky Dabon


    Japan Flag Themed Lined paper and Pageborders. A set of lined paper and page borders for your Japanese writing composition or history writing activity. jinky_dabon ___________________________________________________________________________…

  • Y2 WILD AFRICA topic plannig by Shakhah


    Y2 WILD AFRICA topic plannig. My very first cross curricular planning linked to the Wild Africa topic. I am going to use each of my 6 topics to put together medium term plans. Thanks and enjoy! Numeracy Units A2 B2 C2 Counting, partitionin…

  • Summer topic plans Year1 by rcp

    Termly planning

    Summer topic plans Year1. topic plan for year 1 the whole summer term. Sc2 4b -to care for the environment Sc2 5c -differences and similarities in the work of artists (sculptors) Art 4c - visual and tactile elements inc colour pattern text…

  • Natural Wonders of Africa by jules156


    Natural Wonders of Africa. Seven of Africa's natural wonders with maps showing where they are. To be able to find Africa on a World map. 13 14 The oldest person ever to climb to the top of Mt. Join with another pair – Do you all agree?

  • How to build an igloo 3 by stuconey


    How to build an igloo 3. 3 of 3. sequencing sheet for how to build an igloo

  • Using Google Earth in Primary Geography by becktonboy


    Using Google Earth in Primary Geography. A list of ideas of ways to incorporate Google Earth into primary Geography lessons. Where are you? Follow rivers to their source and mouth – can you find them? settlements …… Zoom in on your localit…

  • India Landscapes by gld202


    India Landscapes. This is a simple powerpoint I made to look at the different areas of India and the landscapes. They bathe in the water to wash away their sins. 7 Thar desert wildlife Animals that live here have to adapt by drinking very …

  • Volcanoes mind mapping by lbrowne

    Revision aid

    Volcanoes mind mapping. Mind map what you recall about this topic. Geography Mind Mapping Volcanoes

  • The Earth by EduArrow

    Other, Tutorial

    The Earth. eduarrow Video Presentation: In this video we learn about the physical features of the earth.