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  • Transport Jar by lbrowne

    Most Popular


    Transport Jar. A new approach to sorting transport. Sort the vehicles in the jar. Transport Jar Make a list of all the vehicles shown in the jar Sort the list into air, land and sea transport Draw a jar of your own with your own vehicles

  • Changes in cars/ transport by anoakes1


    Changes in cars/ transport. A spot the difference activity for children to compare similarities and differences between a modern and original car. Includes a list of words for children to join and space for them to add their own labels. Na…

  • Ordering Vehicles by anoakes1


    Ordering Vehicles. A selection of photograph os different types of transport troughout the years- can be cut and used as an ordering activity, inlcuding labeling/ writing about pictures if needed. Interactive whiteboard is a copy of the sa…

  • Bus Border Paper A4 Portrait by HarrietandViolet


    Bus Border Paper A4 Portrait. Lovely bus border paper, A4 portrait, with plain, half lined and lined. Check out other free teaching resources on © © © © ha…

  • Transport used around the world by jrda108

    Worksheet, Assembly

    Transport used around the world. Different ways of traveling T O 44 + 7 = ____ T O 25 + 8 = _____ T O 22 + 9 = _____ T O 38 + 55 = _____ T O 15 +1 7 = _____ T O 18 + 15 = _____ T O 24 + 7 = _____ T O 8 + 16 = _____ Walking     The major me…

  • A Pilot by Sarah Underwood


    A Pilot. Images of planes from different views including cockpit and passengers. Please leave a comment if you have time! 1 2 3 4 5 6

  • Means and Modes of Transport by Make Me Genius


    Means and Modes of Transport. Kids can learn about various modes and means of transport in this cartoon video.

  • Hot Air Balloons by Zanna83

    Worksheet, Tutorial

    Hot Air Balloons. A powerpoint with some history and other information about hot air balloons. Then they put a sheep, Then they put a sheep, a rooster… Then they put a sheep, a rooster and a duck into the basket! There is a basket with a l…

  • Taxi or Car Border A4 Portrait Paper by HarrietandViolet


    Taxi or Car Border A4 Portrait Paper. Taxi border paper, A4 which is plain, half lined and fully lined. A free teaching resource from © © ©

  • Different types of transport by anoakes1


    Different types of transport. 2 sheets for the investigation of transport methods easily adaptable to suit your needs. First page include some pictures of different modes of transport with some words to label them correctly, with some empt…

  • Transport List writing and drawing by lbrowne


    Transport List writing and drawing. Make a list of the three types of transport: Water, Air and Land. Then draw a picture of each. Make a list of each type of Transport. One is done for you. Air Land Water Bi – plane Motorbike Rowing Boat …

  • Thailand Transport by Kate Bowen


    Thailand Transport. I used this PP to intriduce the topic of transport to my class (my school in in Bangkok). I thought it might be useful for other teachers who are exploring transport around the world as it shows real transport that i…

  • Dingding: bus-themed games and activities by renosparks

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Dingding: bus-themed games and activities. A fun, interactive website with a large selection of games and activities on the theme of buses, journeys and travel planning. The games can be used as a starting point for inquiries, teaching too…

  • Amazing Transport by Swite


    Amazing Transport. A collection of some amazing photos I found on the internet showing transport adaptations around the world, both weird and downright amazing. 4 I’m not as slow as I look - and I run on lettuce! 11 One way to solve parkin…

  • Road safety posters / bus ticket proformas by renosparks


    Road safety posters / bus ticket proformas. Some simple resources to support children to create their own posters, promoting road safety and using public transport. Once completed they can be mailed to the dingding website for uploading in…

  • London Underground PowerPoint by Alex T


    London Underground PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentation introducing interesting facts about the London Underground. 3 The London Underground There are 270 stations on the London Underground and 402 kilometres of track. 6 The London Undergro…

  • Transport on the roads of India and Pakistan by yasmin1960


    Transport on the roads of India and Pakistan. I made this P.Point as a boy in my class went to India and bought back a small toy Indian bus. Would you like to ride in a taxi like this? These buses are privately run and there are usually no…