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  • Planning and teaching about Easter by jecviner

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    Planning and teaching about Easter. My staff reported this as helpful - part of my year’s RE plans. Questions and tasks should be progressively more challenging as pupils move up the school. Pupils can also learn from a study of Easter, by…

  • Christian symbols by jodyo


    Christian symbols. A very simple ppt to provide introduction to symbols, leading to explanation of a few Christian symbols. All of these pictures are ‘symbols’. Symbols are pictures or objects that make you think of something else. The Cro…

  • The Lost Sheep - Animated PowerPoint by kmed2020


    The Lost Sheep - Animated PowerPoint. The story of the Lost Sheep told in Rhyme and with animated images to hold the attention of the youngest in the school :-) The Lost Sheep Jesus told this story of a shepherd and his sheep. It made him …

  • Christianity - Special places and people by kez1985


    Christianity - Special places and people. This is a worksheet which requires children to think of their special place and person and relate that to a Christian's special place and person. A very simple introduction to Christianity and beli…

  • Belonging - we all belong by hannahatkinson


    Belonging - we all belong. how can we make a new child feel like they belong? 3 How does it feel to belong to the group? 5 How could we help a new child in our class feel like they belong? 11

  • Belonging MTP by zoe1003

    Termly planning

    Belonging MTP. 3 lessons introducing the concept of belonging. Discuss the children’s ideas. (5mins) In pairs, children should find out what makes their partner special. Discuss the idea that everyone is important/special to God. Ask the c…

  • Introduction to Baptism in Christianity by MrsDeee

    Other, Worksheet

    Introduction to Baptism in Christianity. Powerpoint leading on from work on Christianity, and introducing the concept of baptism. The Y1 LA did only the drawing and caption. 3 4 Christians meet together in churches to worship God and learn…

  • Christian Prayer by ann.burton

    Lesson plan

    Christian Prayer. A lovely visual presentation on the meaning of Christian Prayer 1 CHRISTIAN PRAYER AND WORSHIP 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 What are all these people doing? 11 Prayer Personal Prayer . Ellie prays in her bedroom. In church, public praye…

  • Belonging Unit by cazzywazzy


    Belonging Unit. IWB for KS1 Christianity Unit (Belonging)

  • RE Christmas by margaretmjj

    Lesson plan

    RE Christmas. Medium Term plan Year group; 1 Teacher; Subject; RE Unit; Why are gifts given at Christmas? Talk about own experiences and feelings in giving and receiving gifts. Children should learn; About a visit of Wise Men to Jesus Abou…

  • Helping Hands by fionacm

    Lesson plan

    Helping Hands. Learn the story of the Good Samaritan and carry out an activity involving helping hands. And Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment,…

  • What a Wonderful World by janbrown129


    What a Wonderful World. Use alongside topics about the world we live in / wonders of nature etc Could be used with transition groups to inspire ideas about the world we live in or would like to live in. 1 What a Wonderful World 2 I see tre…

  • An RE curriculum for global citizenship by christianaid


    An RE curriculum for global citizenship. This pack provides flexible and imaginative ideas for teaching global citizenship within RE classes. Key stage one 5-7 years lian RE curriculum vefor global citizenshiparingly © Christian Aid Educat…

  • How Christians show they belong by missueckermann


    How Christians show they belong. three differentiated worksheets about how Christians show they belong to a faith. Thursday 12th September LO: to give examples of how Christians show they belong to their faith. Wearing a Cross Going to chu…

  • Ten Silver Coins by kmed2020


    Ten Silver Coins. A PowerPoint telling the story of the Ten Silver Coins. Ten Silver Coins Here is a woman who has ten silver coins. Bother! One of them is missing… It can’t have gone far. No coin here Perhaps it rolled into the garden.

  • Teachers TV: The Good Samaritan by Teachers TV


    Teachers TV: The Good Samaritan. The parable of The Good Samaritan comes to life for Jo Bailey and her reception class at Fairlop Primary School, with the help of faith visitor Neil Poole. KS1 RE looks at teaching parables or fai…

  • Unit 1B: Christianity: How do children belong? by QCDA_Resources

    Lesson plan, Termly planning

    Unit 1B: Christianity: How do children belong?. Lesson 3: Children should learn that some Christians baptise babies and about the symbolism of the cross and the candle used in baptism. Talk about the symbolism of the cross that is made on …

  • Unit 1B: Christianity: A sign of belonging by QCDA_Resources

    Lesson plan, Termly planning

    Unit 1B: Christianity: A sign of belonging. Do a class audit of the children's faiths. They could overwrite the given part of the sentence. Each section contains a sequence of activities with related objectives and outcomes. 6. What is spe…

  • Manners and Behaviour by kim.williams


    Manners and Behaviour. A KS1 assembly for primary years, 4 to 11. Child 1 sidles over and says with a miserable face… Why are you all here? We are hoping that at the end of our assembly everyone will have thought about their behaviour and …