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  • Nocturnal animals power point presentation /fsks1 by callygillespie

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    Lesson plan, Other, Tutorial

    Nocturnal animals power point presentation /fsks1. A power point resource all about nocturnal animals, filled with photos and facts. 7 Where do badgers live? Badgers live in 'setts' which are a series of underground chambers and tunnels…

  • Waterproof experiment by ruthbentham

    Worksheet, Tutorial

    Waterproof experiment. Resources to carry out an experiment to find a waterproof material for Winnie the Pooh's umbrella. How do we make this a fair test? 6 Which of these materials do you think will be waterproof? 10 Test the materials an…

  • Space by outonthewolds


    Space. We explored space from the starting point of Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear. 5 Venus has more volcanoes than any other planet in our system. 11 Pluto is furthest away from the sun and known as a dwarf planet because it is small. He sa…

  • Key fact 1-all foods come from plants or animals by foodafactoflife

    Worksheet, Activity, Cards and flashcards, Posters and displays

    Key fact 1-all foods come from plants or animals. Can they name the foods? Do they know whether they are from plants or animals? Discuss their decisions. Continue until all the cards have been used. - bread, pasta and noodles are made from…

  • For kids!: Keeping Healthy by oceanic-dolphin


    For kids!: Keeping Healthy. An interactive PPT which goes through what we need to do to stay healthy. Talk about what you think ‘healthy’ means? 4 Exercising When you exercise, you can feel your heart beating faster, and your breathing bec…

  • Teachers TV: Earth in Space 1 by Teachers TV

    Lesson plan, Tutorial

    Teachers TV: Earth in Space 1. In KS1/2 Science, teacher, Adrienne Bullen, tackles the topic of the Earth in space, using activities as well as a night-time trip to an observatory. At Ponsbourne St Mary's Primary School, Hertford…

  • Parts of a plant and their function by luciesmith1984


    Parts of a plant and their function. A PowerPoint presentation to teach children how to label a plant and identify the function of each part of a plant. leaf flower roots stem Each part of a plant has a special job. Flower The job of the f…

  • KS1/2 Materials & Forces - Build & Test a Sailboat by technologyforfun

    Lesson plan, Guide, Worksheet, Tutorial

    KS1/2 Materials & Forces - Build & Test a Sailboat. Instructions for pupils: 1. Divide all the items into two piles – one pile of objects you think will float, and the other of objects you think will sink. Were there were any objects which…

  • floating and sinking by aliciac86

    Activity, Tutorial

    floating and sinking. basic introduction to floating and sinking explained through animated power point. 1 What are the words we use to talk about when things are held up in water or fall to the bottom? float sink ‘Will it Float?’ (Sung to…

  • Creatures that live in, on, & around the sea shore by outonthewolds


    Creatures that live in, on, & around the sea shore. 2 Diving bells 3 Very old diving suits 4 Snorkling 5 Glass bottom boat 6 Scuba diving 7 Submarines 8 Underwater rovers 9 Diving deeper 10 1 Birds that live on and near the sea. 2 Sea Otte…

  • For Kids: Human Life Cycle by oceanic-dolphin


    For Kids: Human Life Cycle. A very simple PPT that goes through the stages of life. 3 At the hospital, mummy can get an ultrasound scan to see a picture of the baby inside her tummy. 6 As babies grow, they are able to start doing things th…

  • Cooking: Key fact 4 - Food safety and hygiene by foodafactoflife

    Guide, Worksheet, Activity, Cards and flashcards

    Cooking: Key fact 4 - Food safety and hygiene. Discuss how packaging also helps keep food safe to eat. Onions can be stored in either place. If the cake was a fresh cream cake, it would be stored in the fridge. For example: Make sure the c…

  • Wolves by choralsongster


    Wolves. A non-fiction book on wolves. Designed to support child initiated learning to go alongside topics on forests, animals and traditional tales (red riding hood, three little pigs) Wolves What is a wolf? • They also have ruffs of long …