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  • Story Sentence Starters & Openers: writing ideas by bevevans22

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    Story Sentence Starters & Openers: writing ideas. Walking along, Sally saw her friend. She gasped. Short, punchy sentences She was as quick as lightning. Sentences that tell you ‘when…

  • Yr 4 Narrative Unit 2A : Imaginary worlds by HamiltonTrust

    Lesson plan, Activity

    Yr 4 Narrative Unit 2A : Imaginary worlds. Literacy Year 4 New Framework Plan: Aut – Weeks 1-3 Narrative: Unit 2A Stories set in imaginary worlds © Original resource copyright Hamilton Trust, 2007 who give permission for it to be adapted a…

  • Robin Hood Planning Year 5 by chelsey

    Lesson plan

    Robin Hood Planning Year 5. Week 1 of 4 legends block, Robin Hood AYLWARD FIRST AND MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH PLANNING Week commencing 3rd Jan 2008 YEAR GROUP: 5S/5B SEN/EAL Support: MS/SZ Focus: Legends (week 1 of 4) Texts: Robin Hood Outcome…

  • Very Short Stories for Creative Writing by RogerHurn


    Very Short Stories for Creative Writing. In creative writing lessons, children often complain that they can’t think of anything to write. It’s Behind You It’s behind you! He was so lonely he put his head in his hands and cried. Mum, Dad, J…

  • Reading APP toolkit by emcooksgood

    Pupil assessment

    Reading APP toolkit. Reading APP materials - split into each assessment focus to see progression and assist in ‘pitch’ of teaching each element of reading. Topics also included: paperwork; assessment. AF1 – use a range of strategies, inclu…

  • Examples of ways to end narrative by reb1mc


    Examples of ways to end narrative. Does what it says on the tin! “It’s certainly been a busy day.” “It’s not over yet,” Charlie said laughing. Unexpected/Shock endings At last they were free from the evil that had been plaguing them for so…