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  • Invitation Writing by kizzy2801

    Lesson plan

    Invitation Writing. Powerpoint guiding students through writing an invitation. Explain your answer. What punctuation is used in a invitation? Whoever gets the most points wins. 3 Method… First, think of a historic event Where is it? The an…

  • Poster Design and Evaluation by kizzy2801

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Cards and flashcards

    Poster Design and Evaluation. Poster design work, complete with a worksheet and images to be printed as a handout for students' homework. Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Starter Which of the following have good designs, and which have bad ones…

  • Kirstie's letter by rabiathorn


    Kirstie's letter. This is an informal letter based on a fiction book, 'the water horse'. This could be for years 3, 4 or 5. The children could then try to write a letter from Grumble's point of view which is similar to Kirstie's one. You a…

  • The Blitz English Plan by krcsprimary

    Lesson plan, Other, Activity

    The Blitz English Plan. One-week World War 2 English plan based on research and retrieval of information about the Blitz from both fiction and non-fiction texts. Holmbush Primary School Short Term English Plan Year: 5/6 Teacher: Miss Shepp…

  • Argument and Debate by j.wyatt


    Argument and Debate. Notebook: Success criteria to match to given examples of useful words and phrases - whole class starter/plenary or can be printed out as individual/paired activity. Publisher document: 4 debate cards with some ideas gi…

  • Instructions For Pancakes - very muddled. by j.wyatt


    Instructions For Pancakes - very muddled.. Complex reading and instructional writing activity; muddled piece of informal narrative text to comprehend, sort out and re-write as formal instructions/recipe. Quill96 Story Group Class

  • Newspaper headlines activity. Template for article by j.wyatt

    Worksheet, Activity

    Newspaper headlines activity. Template for article. Class starter/plenary to discover key features of great headlines by moving the "magic magnifying glass". Then an activity to explain the puns in the headlines given and a set of headline…

  • Kensuke's Kingdom Lesson Plans by daniel130103

    Lesson plan

    Kensuke's Kingdom Lesson Plans. 10 Lessons for The Book Kensuke's Kingdom © The Primary Teacher Resource Centre 2012 Written by Frances Laird GUIDED READING PLAN Date Text: Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo Chapter 2 Reading age Approx…

  • Images for comparison by MissAshley

    Cards and flashcards

    Images for comparison. Use these pictures to help children with the language of comparison. I gave each group a different pair of pictures and they had to compare and contrast them. Hopefully it will save you a bit of time looking for imag…

  • Planning for using A Drove of Bullocks by nixiepixie

    Lesson plan

    Planning for using A Drove of Bullocks. A series of lesson for using this text as inspiration for creating a class book. Resources and points to remember Introduction/ Warm-up Spelling test Play the noun game in pairs. Differentiation (Obj…

  • The Demon Headmaster Lesson 1 by daniel130103

    Lesson plan

    The Demon Headmaster Lesson 1. A Lesson Plan to The Demon Headmaster Chapter 1 READ AND RESPOND NEEDED FOR THIS LESSON PLAN 1 The Demon Headmaster Chapter 1 2 Introduction Read the Blurb Discuss with a Partner Discuss the Front Cover List …

  • Yr5 Reading Comprehension: How to build a wormery by blackjuni

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Posters and displays

    Yr5 Reading Comprehension: How to build a wormery. Explain your answer with evidence from the text. What do you think is the most important thing that someone who wants to set up a wormery in their classroom should know? Explain your answe…

  • Oxford Reading Tree Fireflies Stage 7 -Sport Then by gailelder

    Guide, Worksheet

    Oxford Reading Tree Fireflies Stage 7 -Sport Then. I can find words which have a hyphen. I can find words which have a hyphen. I can predict what the book is about from the cover. Page ____ Lines 3-4 Sport – Then and Now Sport – Then and N…

  • Persuasive Egyptian leaflet by ROSO28

    Worksheet, Activity, Tutorial

    Persuasive Egyptian leaflet. IWB file on producing a persuasive leaflet to persuade children to visit the British Museum. Part of our Egyptian topic and persuasive writing. Tuesday 23rd September LI – To be able to draft non-narrative mate…

  • Roald Dahl Newspaper template by TCCoup


    Roald Dahl Newspaper template. Built newspaper template 1st and 2nd page to go with the Enormous Crocodile. Can be revised for different books. Boxes on the bottom of the front page is for a comic script. Quill96 Story Group Class

  • Biography Writing by lincolnp


    Biography Writing. A resource for students to use that contains prompting questions for students to answer to find out information on different aspects of a persons life. Page 1 Early Life Required questions: Where was your subject born? _…

  • Writing Newspaper Reports - planner with activity by Rowen Pickavance


    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity

    Writing Newspaper Reports - planner with activity. Activities relating to features of newspaper reports - children move on to reading through several first hand accounts of a robbery - they use this information to plan out their report of …

  • Combining Text and Graphics by thedeadpixels

    Lesson plan, Other, Activity

    Combining Text and Graphics. A sequence of lesson plans on combining text and graphics. To navigate and recognise features of an online newspaper For the duration of this half-term get the chdn to practice their typing skills at the beginn…

  • Upper Class Victorians by TheResourceCupboard

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Upper Class Victorians. Take your class on a journey back in time to look at what life was like for children growing up in a wealthy Victorian home. If they fell over and hurt themselves it was ____________ who would give them a big hug an…

  • Scottish Independence - Y6 persuasive writing by wjmsmith888


    Scottish Independence - Y6 persuasive writing. This is basic information for a year 6 class to prepare for a class debate on Scottish independence. England and Scotland were joined politically in 1607 to form the Kingdom of Great Britain. …