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  • thinking skills 10min exercises KS2 by danmount

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    thinking skills 10min exercises KS2. A powerpoint containing 14 literacy and 14 numeracy questions, aimed at encouraging children to think creatively and logically. 5 What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an octopus as a life…

  • New Framework Literacy by desdemona

    Lesson plan

    New Framework Literacy. Overview literacy unit plan. Helps make sense of the New Framework Planning of units in literacy at Primary Level. Word Level Objs: Letters and numbers. Staple medium term plan to back for full objective. Develop in…

  • Non-Chronological Reports planning by taw2704

    Termly planning

    Non-Chronological Reports planning. 3 weeks of Non-Chronological Reports planning. To explain ideas and processes using imaginative and adventurous vocabulary and non-verbal gestures to support communication. Sharing information about the …