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  • British History Timeline by Keighleigh

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    British History Timeline. Timeline for the children to cut out and order and then add dates. Hopefully it is accurate, welcome any feedback. K British History Timeline Roman Britain Victorian Britain Tudor Britain Viking Britain Geo…

  • Anglo-Saxon runes alphabet sheet by ringley


    Anglo-Saxon runes alphabet sheet. This is a Publisher document with a futhark runes alphabet on one page, and a message written in runes on the other page. We do Anglo-Saxons as a topic, and as part of it we have children write their own r…

  • Websites for Vikings by cherriness


    Websites for Vikings. This is a list of websites passed onto me by a colleague. Visit for more details. To read about the start of the Viking era go to…

  • The Tomb of Tutankhamun by NuffieldHistory

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    The Tomb of Tutankhamun. How was Tutankhamun's tomb discovered? I decided to investigate how to use a picture or photograph to develop the historical understanding of my pupils. TUTANKHAMUN’S TOMB • TN • PAGE 2 © in this format Nuffield Pr…

  • The Vikings, Runes by pwilloughby3

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    The Vikings, Runes. Comprehensive Power Point charting the origins of Viking writing, the high regard they held it in and how it was used in an everyday manner. When we write music, we use notes. What do we use to write words? 4 Why do you…

  • Year 3 Vikings Planning by jacksos2

    Lesson plan

    Year 3 Vikings Planning. Here are my year 3 Viking lesson plans Parkside Primary School Cross –Curricular Short term Planning S Morgan and S Scott 10/11 Session/ Date Lesson Objective (Programme of Study) (WALT) Context of lesson (To which…

  • Powerpoint presentations on the Vikings by Miss Glover


    Powerpoint presentations on the Vikings. Just a few power point presentations I made for my class while teaching the Vikings. This starts at 9pm and ends at 8am the next day! They looked after the children, made the family's clothes and co…

  • The Vikings Song" Literally" - Horrible Histories by pwilloughby3


    The Vikings Song" Literally" - Horrible Histories. References made to the Raids on Lindisfarne SOUND HEARD ONLY IN SLIDE MODE.If you just want to read the lyrics have PowerPoint in normal mode 1 link to video A song from Horrible Histories…

  • Useful Resources for KS2 by JU3fromLeics


    Useful Resources for KS2. A collection of ideas for resources and starting points including LITERACY TEXTS AND POEMS. 1 Useful resources For KS2 part 1 2 Hello… The following are intended as suggestions. 3 Useful interactive history sites …

  • The Vikings by MrsBourdon

    Guide, Worksheet, Activity, Cards and flashcards

    The Vikings. Clothes, Runes, alphabet, Viking writing template and Viking warrior colouring activity plus material activity for female/male costume and Information Sheets about Viking Costume, information/colouring sheets and a Viking Long…

  • Thor's Hammer by RogerHurn


    Thor's Hammer. This play is based on a traditional Scandinavian folk tale. The veil should also be copious and easily attachable. Narrator 5: When bad seasons left them with nothing to carry in their ships to trade, they would raid the coa…

  • THINKERS KEYS hist/geog/science by krisha


    THINKERS KEYS hist/geog/science. These are powerpoints with a series of Thinkers Keys for each topic based on Michael Pohls Thinkers Keys. (Bigger, Add, Remove) 6 The Inventions Design a plant with a special power. 11 What if: What if y…