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  • Day One - What shall we do with them?! by heather james

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    Guide, Activity

    Day One - What shall we do with them?!. A few ideas for jobs we do on the first day. Class setup file – contents Class list: children, date of birth, academic levels (reading, writing, maths and science) Working groups for each subject …

  • emotions flashcrds by groomie

    Cards and flashcards

    emotions flashcrds. set of flashcards which are designed to be used with SEAL. happy afraid thoughtful worried nervous confident unhappy disgusted hot sad tired anxious annoyed friendly ashamed confused cold scared lonely bored proud hungr…

  • SEAL: Good to be Me: Assemblies by Behaviour_NatStrats


    SEAL: Good to be Me: Assemblies. Theme 5 - Good to be Me: Ideas for assemblies on this SEAL topic with additional slides. A flipchart and pens. Write the word ‘Special’ on the chart. Say that each one of them is absolutely special. It isn’…

  • Shield Of Strengths by icklekid

    Posters and displays

    Shield Of Strengths. A resource you can use as you want. I use it as follows: A good start of the year activity children pic for things they are good at to illustrate the shield with.

  • New Beginnings by joxie

    New Beginnings. Power Point - Extract from the Magician's Nephew as used by the SEAL Yellow document New beginnings. 11 What sorts of things do you think would, would make that new world a good and happy pace for those people to live in? W…

  • Factfile for new class by rbecks


    Factfile for new class. Could be used on class swap day when you meet new class or on the first day of new school year. Display in folder for children to browse and find out more about their friends. Get to know your new class. Factfile fo…

  • Sammi's New Beginning by joxie

    Sammi's New Beginning. Power Point - Story of Sammi and his new beginning in England. But things went wrong from the very beginning. He made mistake after mistake. 2 On Tuesday the first lesson was literacy. The teacher asked Sami to read …

  • Happy Harry and his happy bones - behaviour management/targets display resource by dinx67


    Happy Harry and his happy bones - behaviour management/targets display resource. So if they settled quickly on the carpet, or lined up properly to go out of the classroom, had a good playtime, answered questions in class, etc then I would …

  • affirmation labels by cobwebs66


    affirmation labels. table top labels for positive reinforcement /self esteem I choose to be positive. I am safe. I am lovable. I can ask for help. I am happy today. Listen to your heart. Go, go, go! I’m cool and I’m keen!

  • Year 6 PSHE SEAL New Beginnings by mrlyons78

    Year 6 PSHE SEAL New Beginnings. Template of a SMARTboard file with information, links and activities for the Year 6 PSHE SEAL unit New Beginnings. Add your own differentiation and extension activities. No planning included.

  • Teachers TV: KS1/2 PSHE - Beat Bullying by Teachers TV


    Teachers TV: KS1/2 PSHE - Beat Bullying. Year 6 pupils from Hollickwood Primary School in north London, have created an interactive photo-story that follows the thoughts and actions of a bullying victim, the four children who bully him, an…

  • Good To Be Me by ben morgan

    Lesson plan

    Good To Be Me. Outcomes: For children to recognise when it does not feel ‘good to be me’ To explore this theme through humour SEAL ASSEMBLY - Theme 5: ‘Good To Be Me’ Year Group KS1 and 2 Time 20 mins Resources: Poems, Beans and Chips! by …

  • Me and My Feelings - Upper KS2 by GoodMorningChildren

    Me and My Feelings - Upper KS2. The following collection of ten PSHE activities is aimed at years five and six and can be linked with some of the SEAL topics. We are here because our company gmc. I used to do a lot of supply teaching – in …

  • Year Five SEAL -Good To Be Me by BarryP

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity

    Year Five SEAL -Good To Be Me. Here are 5 lesson plans, a Powerpoint to aid delivery of each lesson and a Publisher document with relevant worksheets.Just added a Word document for resources for those who are struggling opening the publish…

  • Listening and Calming " Meditation " by Massenet by pwilloughby3


    Listening and Calming " Meditation " by Massenet. The music is on a loop. I have cut the full performance . The link to RE is "Special Places" and to- P H S E - Music is an incredible way to soothe jagged emotions. Who is playing? Jules (É…

  • The Worm Who Wished... short story with pictures by samdaunt77


    The Worm Who Wished... short story with pictures. © S Daunt 2012 Glancing up at the sky (which didn’t happen very often), the worm noticed a delightful dragonfly fluttering in the wind. “Oh,” he sighed to himself, “how I wish I was beautif…