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  • Science Investigation Cards by jlo

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    Lesson plan

    Science Investigation Cards. Science investigation teaching resources for Primary KS1 and KS2 Ideas for fun challenges and investigations for primary age children. Set the challenge of making them speed up, change direction and travel u…

  • Electricity display banner by v3884

    Posters and displays

    Electricity display banner. name says it all really Brenden has kindly converted the documents to .pdf as I couldn't download the publisher version

  • Y3/4 Circuits and Conductors MT plan & resources by Lulatroll

    Termly planning, Worksheet, Activity, Posters and displays

    Y3/4 Circuits and Conductors MT plan & resources. Know that electrical energy is converted into heat, light, sound, movement. In pairs – “Electric or not?” sheet– which things are powered by electricity and which are not?…

  • I'm A Detective by National Schools Partnership

    Other, Activity

    I'm A Detective. These resources will encourage pupils to use a detective’s thinking skills to solve problems and unravel mysteries. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 17. Themes covered in this pack are: Light & Sha…

  • Switches by HamiltonTrust

    Lesson plan

    Switches. Discover that switches are used to break an electrical circuit & that switches are used to stop and start an electrical appliance or to change how it works. Sc4 1a Construct circuits, incorporating a battery and a range of switch…

  • Electricity Venn Diagram by christina123


    Electricity Venn Diagram. A Venn Diagram to sort photos into things that use electricity and things that use batteries. Two files - one with Venn diagram and other with accompanying photos of objects. Batteries Electricity