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  • light refraction and reflection by R Dally

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    light refraction and reflection. Powerpoint on light. The hyperlinks no longer go to the exact place because they have changed the site but you will be able to find all sorts of java aplets from the molecular expressions site. The image is…

  • Light and Shadow by philsha

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    Light and Shadow. Lessons following the Light and Shadow unit. Light Sources What light sources can you see here? Could paper be a source of light? Even rock or metal can be a light source if they get hot enough! Opaque Your task: Create a…

  • Light wordsearch by SNH


    Light wordsearch. Simple wordsearch containing keywords associated with light, mirrors and shadows. Light wordsearch Below are some words associated with ‘Light’. Can you find them all? S R A I N B O W B D E H L S A O P R L A F V A M S L R…

  • Year 3 Science planning on Light and Shadow by DavidHowes1977

    Termly planning, Worksheet, Activity, Tutorial

    Year 3 Science planning on Light and Shadow. A complete half term's planning and resources on th QCA topic of light and shadows. 7am: Andy misses the school bus one morning and has to walk to the school 4 7am: One morning, Andy misses the …

  • Full Scheme of Work Light KS2 KS3 DCJSSS by erhgiez

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    Full Scheme of Work Light KS2 KS3 DCJSSS. Dulwich College Junior School Science Scheme A fully comprehensive scheme designed for above national average students. A lot of students instinctively want to draw the light ray travelling from th…

  • I'm A Detective by National Schools Partnership

    Other, Activity

    I'm A Detective. These resources will encourage pupils to use a detective’s thinking skills to solve problems and unravel mysteries. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 17. Themes covered in this pack are: Light & Sha…