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  • Classification of Vertebrates Card Sort by tafkam

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    Cards and flashcards

    Classification of Vertebrates Card Sort. Simple set of cards showing a number of animals from each of the main vertebrate groups. Feathers Hair or Fur Scales ? ? ? Gills ? ? ? Lungs Live Young? Feathers Hair or Fur Scales Gills Lungs ? ? ?…

  • Variation and Classification Concept Map by aussieaussie

    Revision aid

    Variation and Classification Concept Map. Suitable for Unit 7D - Variation and Classification Classification Species Have segmented bodies Birds Arachnids Myriapods Height Crab Have no back bone. Discontinuous Variation Variation Cr…

  • Classification of vertebrates and invertebrates by greathat


    Classification of vertebrates and invertebrates. Powerpoint with the learning objectives: Be able to classify animals into vertebrates and invertebrates. Be able to classify vertebrates in to the 5 groups 1 Classifying vert…

  • Classification puzzles by Teach_Biology

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Classification puzzles. A worksheet that can be given out to students for revision of invertebrate, vertebrate and plant classification. I can get oxygen into my body using both my lungs and my skin. I can fly. Which group in the animal ki…

  • classification quiz - year 7 by snooz

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    classification quiz - year 7. This is an excel quiz that I used with my year 7 class. It took them about 40 minutes to complete, but there’s a link to a website with some useful educational classifcation games once they finish, which keeps…

  • Vertebrate / Invertebrate Classification Worksheet by Darren Ayling


    Vertebrate / Invertebrate Classification Worksheet. This worksheet sets pupils four tasks based on how both vertebrates and invertebrates are classified into taxonomic groups. Firstly, all animals are split into two large groups.  Have fe…

  • Variation Bingo by rindholwen

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Variation Bingo. This is a set of bingo cards i created for use in 7D of the keywords. Variation The differences between things. Species A group of organisms that can reproduce with each other, producing offspring that can reproduce. Envir…

  • Invertebrate Picture Cards by ew2697

    Cards and flashcards

    Invertebrate Picture Cards. A simple card sort or more complicated activity where particular groups had all definitions but only one picture. Groups sent visitors to collect descriptions and find an example of each invertebrate Crimson Sea…

  • Classification lesson plan by raj.nandhra

    Lesson plan, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Classification lesson plan. A really enjoyable lesson plan, I recieved an outstanding grade for this lesson and the putting the hand in the box worked wonders Inside out banana skin- amphibian sprouting potato- Reptile wet scaly material-f…

  • Classification of Vertebrates and Invertebrates by MarkLindenCole

    Lesson plan, Activity, Revision aid

    Classification of Vertebrates and Invertebrates. Lesson plan for my year 7 development group Tasks include classification of vertebrates and invertebrates. If yes it is Rob If no it is Mark 5. Does it have a star on its If yes it is Victor…

  • Invertebrates by ksmith88

    Worksheet, Activity, Tutorial

    Invertebrates. This lesson follows on from why we classify organisms and the vertebrate groups. Can you justify why? (Level 7) Mata Mata Turtle Reptile Scaly Skin, Breathes using lungs, Eggs have hard shells 5 minutes Invertebrates – What …

  • Classification taboo cards HT by HarrisSchool

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Classification taboo cards HT. template for taboo cards for classification · Fungi · Invertebrates · Non-flowering plants · Bacteria · Flowering plants · Vertebrates · Protists · Viruses · Fungi · Invertebrates · Non-flowering plants · Bac…

  • Introduction to Invertebrates by SMART Exchange

    Other, Activity

    Introduction to Invertebrates. Students define an invertebrate animal, identify which animals are part of the invertebrate group and identify which is the largest group of invertebrate animals.

  • invertebrates spongebob by raj.nandhra


    invertebrates spongebob. All the animals in spongebob except sandy the squirrel are invertebrates. • Every year, new types of sponges are discovered. • Inside a sponge, there are no organs. An interesting fact about the starfish is that it…

  • invertebrate snakes and ladders by JimTitmuss

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    invertebrate snakes and ladders. can be edited and changed to any topic. With several games each having 4 players, prepare for " keep the noise down" on a regular basis. Would appreciate feedback , thanks. 80 81 82 Crustacean small, not in…

  • Who Wants to be a Zoologist? by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Other, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Who Wants to be a Zoologist?. This fun and interactive quiz challenges students to use their knowledge of animal classification and their powers of deduction to identify mystery animals from photos. 4 5 Bongo The correct answer is the Bong…

  • Invertebrates by funforester

    Cards and flashcards

    Invertebrates. Card sort of five common invertebrate groups - students match the group with two examples of that group and two identifying features of that group. Individual students may find this more difficult, so it is more suited for g…

  • Plenary on Invertebrates and Vertebrates by Porcella

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Plenary on Invertebrates and Vertebrates. Quick quiz I have thrown together on some of the key features of invertebrates/ vertebrates. Mammals Question 3 What group of invertebrates have flat bodies made up of many segments? Jellyfish and …