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/ / KS3 Reactions of metals & metal compounds



  • Elements, compounds and mixtures revision by hanmphillips

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    Revision aid

    Elements, compounds and mixtures revision. A worksheet which revises the key areas in this topic, including particle diagrams, and the number of atoms in elements. What contains two or more elements chemically combined? What contains two o…

  • A whole load of SSERC Chemistry Demos by Masfar

    Worksheet, Activity

    A whole load of SSERC Chemistry Demos. I found these hiding away on my laptop and thought I should share All credit to SSERC for these resources Construction of a Sparker from an Empty Piezoelectric Lighter Figure A An extremely useful spa…

  • Reactions of acids by hanmphillips


    Reactions of acids. A worksheet desgined for my low ability, EAL KS3 class, but could aslo be used for KS4. Reactions of metals and acids The acid which reacts to forms Nitrate salts Copper sulphate The types of salt Hydrochloric acid form…

  • Reacting acids with bases by fiendishlyclever


    Reacting acids with bases. Worksheet looking at how metal oxides react with acid and what is formed. Metal oxides are also bases. Let’s look at how metal oxides react with acid and what is formed. What colour is the solution now? Sulphuric…

  • Play Your Reactivity Cards Right by russellarnott

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Play Your Reactivity Cards Right. A bit of fun with Brucie popping in and out - powerpoint of the game show but using metals from the reactivity series. Pupils have to guess whether the next element is going to be "higher!" or "lower!" on …

  • Reaction metals, carbonates, oxides acid worksheet by Gerwyn Bish


    Reaction metals, carbonates, oxides acid worksheet. Three for metals with acids, one of rmetal oxides and the other metal carbonates with acids...some symbol equations included to extend. Useful homework or plenary. Reacti…

  • The thermal decomposition of Limestone by jechr


    The thermal decomposition of Limestone. Activity and worksheet to go with an experiment for the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate and the reaction between calcium oxide and water. Animals, Rock, Calcium Carbonate, Limestone, Quarr…