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  • Practical Prep Posters by Bubbahopete

    Posters and displays

    Practical Prep Posters. This is a series of 3 posters we have prominent in each of our workshops to remind pupils of the preparations required before practical can begin. Are Stools Stacked? Check before every practical lesson! Is Your Apr…

  • Exam by h0sny


    Exam. Term 1 to term 2 | Page D&T E1 2014 SMTM SECTION A MCQ Answer all in this section by circle the correct. Meranti and holly. This one of the following best describes of Softwood… Have very thick needle like leaves that stay on the tre…

  • Introduction to health & safety by garymcdevitt


    Introduction to health & safety. Introduction to health & safety ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! W hat am I learning today? Lets take a look at some of the rules, which should be followed when working in the school workshop. Usin…

  • Workshop Licence Health and Safety by kquinton


    Workshop Licence Health and Safety. Used to introduce the workshop to Year 7 to the workshop. Read carefully through them and fill in the missing words listed below. I must not ……..…. or throw anything in the workshop and have sensible beh…

  • Workshop Licence and Rules by kquinton

    Activity, Posters and displays

    Workshop Licence and Rules. A post to display the basic rules of the workshop (and food room). With an added workshop licence - fill the gaps exercise about the rules and signing sheet for individual machines/equipment. I must not ……..…. o…



    D&T KS3 H&S STARTER BINGO ACTIVITY. Hi all, Here is a great little health and safety starter for your KS3 learners. In the box/rack - What do you do with your stool when carrying out practical work? Ask the teacher - Do noise levels need t…

  • Engineers Can Save Lives by IETFaraday


    Engineers Can Save Lives. This starter activity provides a quick, engaging introduction to a lesson focusing on the link between water and health. Engineers Can Save Lives To consider the wide range of areas in which engineers might work w…

  • Spreading Disease by IETFaraday


    Spreading Disease. This team-work based activity provides a quick, engaging introduction to a teacher-led discussion focusing on the spread of disease and the importance of water treatment in preventing epidemics. Poor facilities for the d…

  • Mobiles and Tissues by IETFaraday


    Mobiles and Tissues. This engaging activity allows students to explore the hazards and risks associated with exposure to microwaves. There is still a significant debate about the safety of holding even a low power microwave transmitter nex…

  • Mobile Phones and Health by IETFaraday


    Mobile Phones and Health. An engaging activity in which students will investigate the potential effects to health of the use of mobile phones and their transmitters, which use radio waves and microwaves to transmit information. time: 2 x 6…

  • Workshop Training Record by jrb87uk

    Pupil assessment

    Workshop Training Record. An A5 booklet used to track students ability to safely use workshop tools/machinery. Key Stage 3: Record of Student Training - Machinery and Handtools Student Name: Design and Technology Class: About: By signing t…

  • H&S home work sheet. by Lesley_G


    H&S home work sheet.. Safety symbols and workshop safety What do these health and safety symbols mean? Name............................................ Form Group.................................. What is Ed doing wrong now? How should you…

  • Testing toys for safety by BBC Class Clips - Design & Technology


    Testing toys for safety. All toys must go through a strict testing process to make sure they are safe for children to play with. At the Intertek testing facility, the laboratory manager explains the various 'use and abuse' tests they do, d…

  • Food Safety Puzzles by janharper

    Test, Worksheet, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Food Safety Puzzles. These were downloaded from the foodlink website which is no longer available. Web: .......................................................................................... Food safety cross…

  • Aliens in our Food by janharper


    Aliens in our Food. An interactive activity that could be used as a starter/plenary on the IWB. There is also a glossary produced in 14 different languages. It used to be easily found on the Food Standards Agency website, but is now hidden…

  • Soldering safety wordsearch by rbond


    Soldering safety wordsearch. soldering safety wordsearch SOLDERING SAFETY WORDSEARCH Carefully highlight the hidden words and secret message Y T I C I R T C E L E T E Y R T E C H N O L O G Y R M A R E L L W D A R H Y S A I W E E D E X A C …

  • SEN Food Tech On health and safety by Kermit2000


    SEN Food Tech On health and safety. SEN, Special Needs. 1. I always make sure I use equipment correctly. 4. I always listen to what Mr. Jenkins asks me to do. Use these words and pictures to help you; DON’T No Always Never Run Listen Silly…

  • Soldering Safety Task by g_clark_uk


    Soldering Safety Task. A quick worksheet that assesses a pupils knowledge and understanding of safety when soldering. Name: 1. When I am not using the soldering iron, I should return it to the holder because________ _______________________…

  • Health and safety cartoon by Joanna Tyrrell-Baldwin


    Health and safety cartoon. Quick starter task or review with older year groups. 14 problems to find . What is going wrong here? There are 14 to find. What is going wrong here? There are 14 to find.